Luxurious Apartment Living In New York City


New York City is known for its diversity in culture and architectural styles. These diversities make it one of the most sought after places to live. This is extremely evident in the recent article published on in September. The article was titled, “NYC Apartment Buildings With Luxury Amenities.”


Town Residential lists, and describes some of the most notorious, and luxurious apartment buildings located in New York City. NYC apartments for sale in these buildings offer residents luxurious homes. These homes are located in fabulous buildings that also offer the top quality amenities you would expect to find in New York City. These amenities include private fitness centers, yoga studios, basketball courts, and lap pools. Some of these NYC apartments for sale also include screening rooms, private pet spas, parks, and art studios.


The base prices for some of the residences in these super modern and luxurious residences was also revealed in this recently published article. Interested home buyers should be expecting to pay over $1,000,000 for a home in one of these buildings. Some of these NYC apartments for sale are available as a rental unit. The monthly cost for these rental units are determined on the size and location of the apartment. Most studio apartments average around $3000 a month in these sought after locations.


One of the best ways to find that perfect home, whether you are renting or purchasing, is to use a real estate agent. This is especially helpful when looking for NYC apartments for sale in the higher end of the residential market in the city. One of the top real estate service firms in the city is Town Residential.


Town Residential is a well established real estate firm located in New York City. They have been a vital part of the real estate market in the city for years. The firm has several offices located throughout New York City. Their agents are professional and have expertise in all sectors of the real estate industry.

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