Magnises Charges A Low Annual Fee For A Membership That Provides A Better Social Life

Magnises created a black card that acts a lot like an American Express card, except the only banking information that it can use is the personal information from the card holder. The black card has become so popular from Magnises that it’s drawn in well over 10,000 members since it launched just over a couple years ago. Billy McFarland, the creator, as well as the CEO of Magnises, he has turned Magnises into an incredibly profitable and very popular movement. Now, instead of Magnises simply being a lot of parties that are held in different places, Magnises is now a club with membership.

Going to the Magnises website will inform a potential member of everything that they’ll get when they choose to become a member, and they can join as a member for the low cost of $250 per year. The cost of membership will cover all the perks that Magnises has to offer, including being able to get into exclusive events, discounts, members events and more. Speaking of which, Magnises is very famous for having all kinds of gatherings for previous and new members to join in the fun.

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Those who choose to attend the events must realize that they cannot bring others unless they are also members, but this is a good reason to tell friends and family members that they should join and become a Magnises member if they are interested in going to these exclusive parties. Another exclusive thing that Magnises has is their clubhouse that has an open invitation to any member of Magnises. At any time of the day when the clubhouse is open, any Magnises member can pay a visit to the clubhouse to have a drink and relax.

It’s very likely that those who go to the clubhouse will end up meeting someone new, which can create some great relationships, whether it’s business or otherwise. Magnises wants to be known as a membership that helps anyone to have a better social life, so they’ve added a few extras to make this a reality. Magnises has added a concierge application, which can be found in an application store, and anyone using the application can always ask about the latest events going on.

If a Magnises member doesn’t know where to go when they want to go out and have fun, the concierge will be more than happy to give suggestions as well as giving information on about the location a person chooses to go to. There are even suggestions about restaurants and bars to visit as well as a way to make reservations at these locations. Anyone who wants to get the most out of their Magnises membership can add a pass or several passes to their account, and information about these passes can all be found on the Magnises website.


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