Malini Saba: Her Life and Career

Malini Saba is a successful and influential businesswoman in the finance world. She has positively influenced women into entrepreneurship through her success and philanthropic actions. Her career kicked off in the Silicon Valley as a venture capitalist during the 1990s. This entrepreneur has experience investing in major technology corporations such as Sycamore Networks Inc., Paypal Inc., and Netscreen Technologies Inc.

Malini Saba is also known for helping at-risk women and children whenever possible. In 2004, she extended a helping hand to the victims of the devastating India and Sri Lanka tsunami. During her visit to these locations, she pledged $10 million to the victims. She has also extended her philanthropic arms to the Hear Research Centre for South Asians in California. She donated $1 million to help fund the facility. She is also a known supporter of the Bill Clinton Foundation.

She is the founder and current chairperson of Saban, a private equity investment group based in California. This firm works with various technology companies in the US, China (oil and gas companies) and real estate companies in Australia and India.

The establishment of Stree

Malini Saba is more concerned about other people’s welfare more than her own welfare. In 2001, she established Stree. This is an investment platform that focuses on helping women who have low incomes to elevate their lives.

More about Malini Saba

Mrs. Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but spent most of her childhood in Australia. Saba relocated to the United States (she was 19 years old at the time) and rented a small apartment outside Stanford University. She has repeatedly said in interviews that it was not easy starting from scratch. Saba says that she had only $200 when she moved to the United States.

She says that living in the apartment was a nightmare; it was near a railway track and each time a train passed, the apartment would shake. Even though her early life in the United States was hard, it provided with the opportunity to shine. She would sneak to finance events where she sought the advice of investment bankers.

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