Brad Reifler’s Financial Firm Partners With Easter Seals Dixon Center To Help Veterans

The global financial firm Forefront Capital Advisors declared a new partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center in February 2016. The financial firm also donated funds in the sum of $3 million to Easter Seals Dixon Center.

According to Brad Reifler, his financial firm Forefront Capital Advisors chose the partnership because Easter Seals Dixon Center’s great contribution to the people who have served the United States. The center connects organizations to veterans and military families to help with education, employment, and healthcare. Brad Reifler thinks that the partnership makes good business sense because veterans and their families need financial stability, and the staff and clients of Forefront Capital Advisors can get behind this important cause. Colonel David W. Sutherland, Chairman of Easter Seals Dixon Center, expressed similar emotions pointing out that both organizations have similar goals of helping veterans and military families.

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital Advisors. From 1995 to 2008, he founded and served as the Chairman and CEO of Pali Capital.

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