OSI Group: Food Service at its Finest

OSI Group is a food service company located in Aurora, Illinois. With 20,000 employees and 65 facilities in 17 countries, OSI is a pioneer of fish, pork, and dough products. In 2016, Forbes ranked OSI as the 58th largest private company at a net worth of $6.1 billion. OSI’s presence is felt across the globe; it supplies meat products to famous fast food chains such as Subway, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. In America, OSI’s origin was closely related to McDonalds. The two companies formed a partnership and were one of the first to use cryogenic food processing to maximize the quality of shipping and preservation.

To this day, OSI has been noted for its stellar quality and high standards. Its revolutionary techniques of freezing, storing, and packaging foods have been adopted by other corporations across America. OSI Group is committed to sustainability with an environmental statement that guides all procedures within each factory. In the 21st century, it recognizes the importance of issues such as animal welfare, air emissions, and overall health. Although other similar companies share these principles, production statistics have confirmed that OSI has followed through on their promises to help the environment.

In addition, OSI’s corporate division is widely regarded as professional and well-represented in many aspects. In August, it acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company that specializes in the culinary retail industry. This move was a major step for the economic growth of OSI. By merging with a European powerhouse, OSI is destined for further success in other continents as well. Its CEO, Sheldon Lavin, describes the group as “an entrepreneurial company…but we operate like a family. It was the best way for us to do business.”

By being a massive company with a small-scale attitude toward work ethics and products, OSI has simultaneously impacted both business and customers alike. They have continuously demonstrated that while the raw strength of a company matters, conducting business in a professional manner is just as important. With three time zone offices and a division dedicated to recruitment, OSI is always looking to attract new workers and grow the company into a worldwide powerhouse. In summary, they are a phenomenal company that has state of the art manufacturing facilities. OSI has been, and will continue to be, a leader in America’s food industry.

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