How Thatcher’s legacy endures, 30 years after her dethroning

Wonderful as Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher is in The Crown, I’m not sure even she is able to fully render the way Thatcher dominated politics and indeed most aspects of British life for an entire decade. Or, indeed, how the legacy of a woman who left office 30 years ago and who died in 2013 still hangs over us. I can vividly remember where I was when I heard the news that Thatcher has finally quit. It wasn’t, I’m afraid, a...

UK coronavirus LIVE: Christmas plans being discussed today as London waits to find out post-lockdown tier

London is waiting to find out which tier the city will be put into after lockdown, with the Mayor lobbying for the capital to go into Tier 2. The Government is expected to face a furious backlash from MPs and business chiefs if the capital is hit with draconian Tier 3 restrictions on December 2. It come as ministers from all four UK nations prepare to meet for a Cobra meeting on Tuesday to discuss easing curbs over Christmas. It is unclear when...

People magazine labels Michael B Jordan as sexiest man alive

Michael B Jordan has been named People magazine’s sexiest man alive. The Black Panther actor, 33, was revealed as the winner during Jimmy Kimmel’s US chat show, entering the studio in a pandemic-appropriate yellow hazmat suit. His voice was disguised while he answered a series of questions from fans at home, saying he worked in film, was not an Avenger, he is not married and has also not been in a relationship with Taylor Swift. A viewer then...

Russia says it chased US warship in row over territorial waters

Russia has said it caught and chased off an American warship which was violating its territorial waters in the Sea of Japan - but the US Navy has rejected the claim and denied any wrongdoing.

Covid-19 map: Hull has highest rate in England

Covid-19 map: Hull has highest rate in England

Hancock says Brits should stay off work when they get a cold

Matt Hancock hopes that coronavirus & increased testing capability will put an end to Britons going into work when they've got cold or flu symptoms, even after the pandemic ends. He hopes to use greater testing capacity to diagnose & isolate people.

Brexit news – live: Boris Johnson warned six months of port ‘mayhem’ ahead in 2021, even if trade deal agreed

Boris Johnson’s government has been warned of “mayhem” at Holyhead port when the Brexit transition period ends, even if a UK-EU trade deal is struck. The Irish Road Haulage Association said the first six months of 2021 would be “terrible” due to the lack of preparations. It comes as Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey has said that a no-deal Brexit would cause even more long-term damage to the UK’s economy than the coronavirus pandemic. The...

England star Grealish smelt of ‘intoxicating liquor’ after crash, court told

The footballer, who admitted careless driving, was also said to be ‘unsteady on his feet’ after the incident during the March lockdown.

Militant convicted in fatal Benghazi attack seeks new trial

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawyers for a Libyan militant convicted in the Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans have asked for a new trial, citing what they say is “recently disclosed exculpatory evidence.” Ahmed Abu Khattala is serving a 22-year prison sentence after being convicted of multiple terrorism-related charges in connection with the 2012 attack on diplomatic compounds in Benghazi. The motion filed...

Who’s who in Biden’s Cabinet?

President-elect Joe Biden has started to formally nominate members of his cabinet, as he officially begins the transition to the White House. Mr Biden’s team has been vetting potential candidates for cabinet positions since he was announced the winner of 3 November’s election, despite Donald Trump repeatedly refusing to concede and blocking a transition. President Trump seemed to soften his stance on Monday evening, as he accepted that a formal...

Strike a pose and pour a Rioja: vogue master Jay Jay Revlon's sofa-dancing tips

‘I want you to get out of this quarantine feeling and believe this is a party,” says Jay Jay Revlon, DJ, vogue dancer, father of the House of Revlon, and founder of London ball Let’s Have a Kiki. Revlon’s been running his club for two years and this Friday he’s hosting an online version as the finale to Dance Umbrella’s digital festival. It’s a chance to shake off lockdown malaise, get glammed up and brush up your moves – hands, floor, catwalk,...

Ohio court rules video of judge’s shooting is public record

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Surveillance video showing an Ohio judge being shot and wounded at a courthouse before the assailant was himself shot and killed is a public record that should be released, the Ohio Supreme Court said Tuesday in a case brought by The Associated Press. The court rejected a prosecutor’s arguments that releasing the video could endanger court personnel by revealing details of security protocol. The Jefferson County prosecutor...

US presidential campaign: The divided States of America

After weeks of waiting, President Donald Trump's administration on Monday cleared the way for President-elect Joe Biden to transition to the White House. FRANCE 24's reporter Clovis Casali gives us a closer look at 4 years of Trump's Divided States of America.

Matt Hancock stresses importance of tougher Tier 3 restrictions after lockdown

Matt Hancock has told MPs that the Tier 3 restrictions imposed before the second national lockdown in England were not strong enough. The Prime Minister has since unveiled beefed-up tiered restrictions which are due to come into place next month. Mr Hancock told a joint session of the Health and Social Care Committee and Science and Technology Committee: “The trigger that persuaded me that we needed to go into national lockdown, having been essentially the architect of the tiered system and a big supporter of it, was that we saw case rates going up suddenly and quite sharply in almost every part of England."

15 things Obama writes in his new book about some of the world’s most famous people

Last week, Barack Obama released the first volume of his highly anticipated memoir A Promised Land. In a tweet, the former president said that in the book “I try to provide an honest accounting of my presidency, the forces we grapple with as a nation, and how we can heal our divisions and make democracy work for everybody.” The book chronicles Obama’s political career up until the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011. A second volume is expected...

Putin cannot take Russia's 'safe' covid vaccine, Kremlin says

The Kremlin has said that Vladimir Putin cannot yet take Russia's Covid vaccine as it is still uncertified, despite it being deemed 'safe' to use.

Drink-driver filmed swerving dangerously across M25 after downing eight beers

A drink-driver, who was caught on camera driving his white van “extremely erratically” across the M25, has narrowly escaped jail. James Mantel, 44, was three times over the limit as he drove down the motorway in the rain on the afternoon of October 24. He had downed at least eight cans of beer the night before on a fishing trip with friends, Guildford Magistrates Court heard. Shocking footage showed his white van careering through the motorway...

NI records lowest number of new daily infections in months - 11 additional Covid-19 related deaths recorded in last 24 hours

Northern Ireland saw a significant decrease in the number of new daily infections recorded in the last 24 hours.

Trump news – live: President vows ‘big lawsuit’ in bizarre retweet spree as Biden to name cabinet

Donald Trump claims he will soon present evidence of widespread ballot fraud and other wrongdoing in “great detail” in a “big lawsuit”. His tweet announcing the plan did not explain why he had not already presented that evidence in the many lawsuits his team has advanced in recent weeks. The president continued his disinformation campaign on Tuesday by promoting the demands of Randy Quaid, the actor, for a full re-run of the vote – despite his...

US agrees for now to stop deporting women who alleged abuse

HOUSTON (AP) — The U.S. government has agreed temporarily not to deport detained immigrant women who have alleged being abused by a rural Georgia gynecologist, according to court papers filed Tuesday. In a motion that must still be approved by a federal judge, the Justice Department and lawyers for several of the women agreed that immigration authorities would not carry out any deportations until mid-January. Dozens of women have alleged that...

Best electric shavers 2020: Top trimmers and razors for facial hair

Best electric shavers 2020: Top trimmers and razors for facial hair

Ethiopia-Tigray conflict: UN Security council to hold first meeting on crisis

The United Nations Security Council will hold informal talks on Tuesday on the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region, according to a New York-based UN official, in a sign of growing international concern. FRANCE 24's Maria Gerth-Niculescu tells us more.

Swiss on way to halving COVID-19 infections every two weeks

Swiss on way to halving COVID-19 infections every two weeks

Darwin notebooks reported stolen from Cambridge library

LONDON (AP) — Cambridge University launched an appeal Tuesday to find two valuable notebooks written by Charles Darwin after they were reported as stolen from the university’s library. The notebooks, estimated to be worth millions of pounds, include the 19th-century scientist’s famous “Tree of Life” sketch. They haven’t been seen since 2000, and for years staff at the library believed that the manuscripts had probably been misplaced in the vast...

Biden cabinet: Janet Yellen set to become first female treasury secretary

Crises and necessity have forced President-elect Joe Biden to turn to experienced Washington hands as he builds his administration. Enter Janet Yellen, who could soon become the first woman to hold the four most-powerful economic posts in the federal government if the Senate approves her to become treasury secretary. She was Federal Reserve chair under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. She also chaired the influential White House Council...

Playing fowl: US turkeys hope for Thanksgiving pardon

Corn and Cob, a pair of turkeys that will be pardoned by US President Donald Trump, make their debut as this year's presidential turkeys at the Willard InterContinental hotel in Washington, DC. After receiving their pardons, the birds will be kept at Iowa State University to live out the rest of their lives.

Coronavirus: Enough was known about Covid-19 in January to act then, expert claims

Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, said that while information about the virus was "uncertain" in January, action could have been taken

Twin blasts in Afghan province of Bamiyan killed 14 people, injured 45 more - officials

Twin blasts in Afghan province of Bamiyan killed 14 people, injured 45 more - officials

US navy films 'near miss' with Russian warship

A Russian destroyer almost collided with a US guided-missile cruiser in the Philippine Sea. Both sides blame each other for the near miss.

Coronavirus news – live: Christmas rules could be decided today as Cobra meeting convenes

UK residents could soon have a better picture of what the Christmas season will look like, with the UK Government and devolved administrations prepared to come together for a Cobra meeting to hash out a plan that will allow families to reunite ove the holidays. The Government’s meeting with leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will focus on a four-nation approach to relax coronavirus restrictions over the festive period. Meanwhile,...

LATEST: PSNI had ‘bottles’ hurled at them and were ‘subjected to verbal abuse’ during on-street party in Holylands - two arrested and 6 COV4 tickets and 3 COV2 tickets issued - ‘Many of our loved ones are no longer with us. And this is how some people choose to behave?’ - PSNI conf

Images of young people partying on the streets of what appears to be the Holylands in Belfast this morning have been shared online.

What time is the Comprehensive Spending Review tomorrow? When to watch Rishi Sunak’s update and what to expect

The Chancellor has ruled out a return to austerity, but is expected to announce a public sector pay freeze

Emergency children’s care rules that removed protections dating back decades declared unlawful

Emergency care rules that snatched away safeguards dating back decades have been declared unlawful, in what has been called “a huge victory for children’s rights”. In a damning verdict on Gavin Williamson, a panel of judges concluded he broke the law in excluding the Children’s Commissioner and other organisations from the rushed decision. The ruling was welcomed by Anne Longfield, the Commissioner, who – The Independent revealed in the summer –...

Best hair dryer 2020: Dry your 'do quickly and easily

Best hair dryer 2020: Dry your 'do quickly and easily

The best Amazon Echo deals for Black Friday 2020

The best Amazon Echo deals for Black Friday 2020

100 applications to cladding removal fund progressed to next stage – minister

The Government was urged by MPs of all parties to act with ‘urgency’ on the matter.

Manslaughter trial: NI driver says it was ‘no coincidence’ migrants ejected from his lorry were among 39 later found dead

A lorry driver has agreed it was no “extraordinary coincidence” that two migrants ejected from his trailer in France turned up among the 39 dead in Essex days later.

Easing restrictions at Christmas will lead to Covid-19 spread – Mark Drakeford

Mr Drakeford said any additional freedoms agreed between the UK Government and devolved administrations must be used responsibly.

Government defeated in Court of Appeal after removing protections for vulnerable kids

The Court of Appeal ruled Gavin Williamson acted unlawfully in the way he introduced a raft of emergency laws to deal with coronavirus

We should be getting back to normality by Easter, says Hancock

There will be a shift to an emphasis on ‘personal responsibility’ rather than social distancing after Easter, the Health Secretary said,

Lockdown tier predictions - which areas are likely to be in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3

Boris Johnson is expected to reveal on Thursday which tiers each part of England will fall into once the current coronavirus lockdown ends on 2 December. Under the government’s tier system, each area is split into medium risk (tier 1), high (tier 2) and very high (tier 3) and given a respective set of social distancing rules to follow. However, each set of restrictions is expected to be tougher this time - and there has been speculation about...

Instant Opinion: tier system will ‘quickly collapse’ if lessons are not learned

Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Tuesday 24 November

Trevor Elliott: We can't stop caring for children because of Covid

Growing up on a south London estate in the early 2000s, Trevor Elliott believed there were just four ways his future was likely to pan out: drugs, prison, gangs or crime. Little did he know that by the age of 25, he would become one of the UK’s youngest foster carers – far below the average age of 45 to 54 – and that just four years later, he would win an MBE for his services to vulnerable children. “Fostering is the best thing I’ve ever done,”...

Pictures from space! Our image of the day

NASA astronaut Shannon Walker gets to work aboard the International Space Station after launching to the orbiting laboratory last Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020.

TikTok adds new feature to allow people to skip videos that induce seizures

TikTok has added a new feature to its app that means people with photosensitive epilepsy can automatically skip videos that might trigger them. With this feature enabled, viewers who come across their first photosensitive video will receive a notification offering them the option to “Skip All” future videos Joshua Goodman, Tiktok’s Director of Product, Trust and Safety said in a blog post. Epilepsy is a disorder in which brain activity becomes...

Andy Burnham Row Brought An End To Tier Negotiations, Suggests Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock has said Andy Burnham’s resistance to a Westminster imposed tier 3 lockdown in Greater Manchester influenced the governments decision not to negotiate with local leaders on future restrictions. England’s four-week national lockdown ends on December 2 and will be replaced by a three-tiered system similar to the one that was in place before. However the new system will involve tougher rules and local leaders will not be consulted....

With U.S. hospitals overrun, surgeon general urges Americans to 'hold on'

With U.S. hospitals overrun, surgeon general urges Americans to 'hold on'

Main Danish news agency offline following hacking attack

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark’s biggest news agency that delivers text and photos to Danish media was knocked offline following a hacking attack Tuesday. "Ritzau has been the target of a hacker attack early this morning. It appears to be a professional attack,” the news agency’s CEO Lars Vesterloekke said. “We have now chosen to shut down all our servers because we were unsure how much damage the attack could cause.” Email and telephones...

Why ‘book exchange’ posts spreading on Facebook and Instagram might not be all they seem

An evergreen post about starting a “book exchange” is circulating on Instagram and Facebook. The post generally starts with some variation on a message that reads: “I’m looking for people to participate in a huge book exchange”. It goes on to tell people that they will be asked only to buy one book, but they might receive as many as 36 in return. The post asks users to reply to the message with the word “in”. If they do, they will receive...

Jailed Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul to stand trial

A prominent jailed Saudi women’s rights activist who recently launched a hunger strike is set to stand trial in the kingdom on Wednesday. Nobel prize-nominated Loujain al-Hathloul, who successfully campaigned to win Saudi women the right to drive, has allegedly been tortured in prison. The campaigner’s younger sister, Lina al-Hathloul, told The Independent the family have just been notified Loujain will be in court tomorrow. Lina, who has been...