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Planning an event can be a stressful time. There is so much to do and so much to coordinate in a short time span that it can be overwhelming. This is where a qualified event planner comes in. For those who live in New York City, Twenty Three Layers is one of the best event planning companies in NYC.


Twenty Three Layers has been in business for over ten years, and the founder and CEO is Jessica Boskoff. She has assembled a team of highly experienced professionals who are ready to make an event happen. They pride themselves on bringing a unique touch to each event they work on.


Finding the right event planner can be a long process. Before hiring anyone, have an idea of how you want your event to be and how you want it to come across. Set your budget before talking to any planners.


When you are ready to hire a planner, set up in-person interviews with at least three people. Meeting with them allows you to get to know them a little and explain in detail how you want your event to be. The more details you provide the better idea the planner will have on the vision you want to have. The planner should then explain to you in detail how they will be able to accomplish your vision for your event.


This meeting also lets you have time to ask all of your questions. The planning process, once it gets started, can get chaotic and go by quickly.


There are many benefits to hiring an event planner. They bring a lot of ideas and expertise to the table and may think of things you would not have ever thought of for your event. Twenty Three Layers has a team of elite event planners in New York City and will create an event that is unique and special.

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  1. Be sure to ask any questions you have because they may be forgotten once the planning starts. They have a stellar reputation for taking ideas and making them come to life. The issue of getting the best ultius reviews should not also be over emphasized like they did to them a while back.

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