Stem Cell Therapy – Effective Treatment For Lung Disorders

Joseph O. was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, At some point, the condition became a daily struggle for him. He was on oxygen every day round the clock, and he experienced difficulties walking up several flights of stairs. Joseph could not hold conversations while standing up. He had reached a point where he needed to be seated when brushing his teeth. At that point, he knew that he needed to find a better option, and that is when he decided to walk into the Lung Institute in March 2015 and check out his chances of recovering through stem cell therapy. Surprisingly, the treatment option worked for Joseph. He got back his original quality life.

Before the stem cell therapy, his oxygen levels were in the 80s. After a successful treatment, they rose to between 98 and 99, and by September 1, 2016 (six months since he was treated), he had not been in a situation where he had to be on oxygen like before. A CT scan at Lung Institute had revealed that the inflammation in his lungs was no longer present. Even his pulmonologist was surprised by the progress he had made in his recovery. This is mainly because the pulmonologist had termed the condition as terminal and as such, he did not have much hope.

The case of disbelief of Joseph’s doctor is common, seeing that many doctors have not placed their full trust on stem cell therapy because the discovery is just recent. However, with testimonies such as Joseph’s, more and more doctor will find it easy to embrace this treatment option, and even use it on their patients.

Located at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, The Lung Institute began its operations in July 2014 with Dr. David Sugarbaker serving as the director. Doctor Sugarbaker is an internationally recognized leader in the pleural mesothelioma care. Besides overseeing the operations of the entire institute, he is specifically responsible for directing the mesothelioma clinical and research programs in the same institute.

According to Supplement Police, the Lung Institute offers diagnostic and treatment services to individuals suffering from malignant and benign neoplasm and other lungs’ disorders, mediastinum, chest wall, as well as esophagus. The hospital has a multidisciplinary team who provide medical evaluations. It is made up of specialists from medical oncology, surgery, pulmonary medicine, radiology, and radiation oncology.

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