Duda Melzer – Expertise and Business Career

Brazil is the home many a successful businessman and Mr. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is not an exception. He is better known as Duda Melzer among his colleagues and is regarded a refined leader and expert in his line of work.

Mr. Duda Melzer was born in Porto Alegre in 1972. He has earned a degree in Business Administration (1998) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Mr. Duda Melzer later moved to the United States of America in order to attend the oxford extension there from which he graduated with an M. B. A. in Business.  Visit Crunchbase to know more.

After Mr. Duda Melzer completed his higher education in business, he joined his family in the family company which is called RBS Group. It is operating in the field of digital technology. The company of RBS Group was created by the grandfather of Mr. Duda Melzer. In 2004 Mr. Duda Melzer became a part of the company and the position he occupied as the as Director General for the National Market.

According to Estadao, Mr. Duda Melzer was expert at his position as Director General for the National Market. That led him to receive a promotion and so in 2008 he became the Vice President of Market and Business Development. Mr. Duda Melzer was a natural talent and his higher education had served him well. In 2010 he was offered a promotion and he took the position of an Executive Vice President. Currently, Mr. Duda Melzer is occupying the position of Chief executive officer and President. He had to take over the company after his predecessor who was also his uncle.

Over the course of his business career, Mr. Duda Melzer also created the company of Digital e.Bricks. He is the Chief executive officer of the company which is a leader on the market in Brazil.

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How Madison Street Capital Guided ARES Security in its Recapitalization Deal

Madison Street Capital is one of the most trusted investment banking organizations in the United States. The firm has been running its operations since 2005, and it serves customers from across the globe. It is currently hired by ARES Security Corporation to act its independent investment counselor. ARES is a firm that is leading in the provision of the latest security risk management software. The products that it develops are used by corporations and governments across the globe in ensuring that their highly valuable assets are kept safe. Madison Street Capital recently assisted the security firm in addressing its recapitalization issues by enabling it to find an excellent financing partner.


ARES Security Corporation’s Ben Eazzetta appreciated the unique investment solutions that Madison Street Capital offered to his firm in 2016. He believes in the abilities of the company’s administrators since they have been ensuring that the company delivers the best services. The investment banking enterprise has significantly assisted ARES Security in improving its finance strategies. It has been handling its responsibilities in a professional way that is greatly appreciated by the client. Ben believes that the new financing partner of ARES Security Corporation will enable it to increase its profitability and growth.


The finance company that ARES Security will be working with is called Corbel Structured Equity Partner. According to Madison Street Capital, Corbel is the best firm that can assist its client in accomplishing its goals. The company was created in 2013 and has developed highly elastic solutions that can be modified to match the needs of different corporations. Corbel’s flexibility makes it an ideal financing partner since the business structure complex. The company currently invests in a broad array of startups that have the potential of developing into leaders in the corporate world. Corbel is dedicated to ensuring that it fulfills the recapitalization needs of ARES Security Corporation.


Madison Street Capital has devoted itself to making sure that all the clients that it serves are successful in the local and international markets. According to investment banking company, emerging markets are some of the reliable opportunities that can be used in growing a business. The Madison Street Capital reputation stands out due to its excellence in offering merger and acquisitions, corporate financing, valuation for finance reporting, investment opinions, and many other business solutions. It has also been acknowledged due to the integrity, leadership, service, and excellence that it shows to its customers.


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You Can Work From Home Too With The Traveling Vineyard!

Making money working from home is something that is suitable for many people. Whether you’re retired, are a stay at home parent, or have a part time job, or even if you have a full time job but you want an additional income or you want to diversify your income, working from home is a great choice, especially because of its many benefits. How can you get started easily? Well, you can use the Traveling Vineyard!

How does it work? It works by hosting wine tasting events in your home. You work as a wine guide. You make money from these wine tasting events, and at the same time, you have a fun experience and gain friends in the area who are also wine enthusiasts.

The best part is that you’re never alone. You always have access to a support team, a personal guide in our area, an online training center, and materials that will help you get set up for your first wine tasting event, such as marketing posters, wine bottles, etc.

The Traveling Vineyard is unique in that there is a very low start up cost, which is much lower than other direct sales companies. You can get started for less than two hundred dollars. There are no hidden fees, and you are not required to store inventory. Wine is great for direct sales, because there is such a huge audience. Everyone loves wine, men and women. It’s not even competitive, you just work with your own goals. You work together with your fellow wine guides to help each other and to succeed. It’s a great way for making money at your own pace, because you can choose how much to work.

They have over thirty five thousands likes on Facebook, with over thirty three thousand people following their Facebook page, where they post tips on wine tasting and wine education regularly.

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