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2020/06/19 · 30 Aug. - 31 Aug. 2018 Workshop on New Consumption Data The workshop is arranged by Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality CEBI and will take place from 30th. to 31st. August 2018 at the Department of Economics. 2019/02/05 · 2018 Food and Health Economics Workshop, Toulouse DIW GC Summer Workshop, Potsdam DIW Cluster Seminar, Berlin 2017 Behavioral Welfare Economics Workshop, Berlin IFRO Behavioral Economics Seminar May 2020.

In order to receive a PhD degree in Economics from SSE, you must earn 240 ECTS. These credits consist of a coursework component 105 ECTS and a dissertation component 135 ECTS. The core courses 60 ECTS of the Stockholm Doctoral Course Program in Economics, Econometrics and Finance SDPE are compulsory and should be completed in your first year of study. As of January 2018 4 Member, Research Workshop Committee, School of Economics, Singapore Management University, 2013-2015 Ph.D. Thesis External Examiner, National University of Singapore, April and July 2017. June 6, 2018 NO SEMINAR JOINT APPLIED MICRO 3:30pm to 5:00pm May 28, 2018 NO SEMINAR MEMORIAL DAY 2:20pm May 21, 2018 Erica Field Duke University Maternal Mortality Risk and the Gender Gap in Desired. 2019/11/08 · International Seminar on Macroeconomics, June 29-30, 2018 East Asian Seminar on Economics, June 21-22, 2018 Workshop on Ageing and Health, June 7-8, 2018 Trans-Atlantic Public Economics, June 4-5, 2018, June 4. Economics Finance Marketing Operations, Information & Technology Organizational Behavior Political Economy Awards & Honors Seminars Overview of Seminars Accounting Economics Faculty Brown Bag Lunch Series Finance.

Behavioral science research at Chicago Booth draws on theory and methods from cognitive and social psychology, economics, and other related fields. As a behavioral science PhD student at Chicago Booth, you’ll study human behavior in a wide range of contexts, including processes of negotiation, power and influence, and motivation and self-control. 2020/05/20 · Seminars showcase research by colleagues from around the world focusing on financial economics. The seminar series is named after Dr. Stephen A. Buser, Professor Emeritus at Fisher College of Business. Wednesday Seminars Location is Fisher Hall room 800 from Noon to 1:00pm. Friday Seminars Location is Fisher Hall room 800 from 10:30am to 12:00pm. Academic workshops provide a forum for faculty, PhD students, and invited guests to present, discuss, and debate new research. Workshops examine latest research and working papers in various areas of business management. 2020/06/12 · Calendar and events Events related to departments and centres at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The calendar is not necessary comprehensive, but we try to display all events that are directed towards an English-speaking audience.

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