Rocketship Education Is At Its Best Today

Rocketship Education works against the grain. Typically public schools get their funding from taxes in a community, but there are areas where the tax base has all but eroded, and the school systems in those areas are very inadequate.

Rocketship Education specializes in placing their elementary level learning centers in just such areas. Once the people of the community learn about Rocketship Education, they are enthusiastic about the concept. This is especially true when they see the statistics for other Rocketship Schools across the nation.

Rocketship is very good about forming partnerships with community leaders, parents, and other parties of interest such as local businesses and civic leaders. After all, the goal is to provide a quality education to the children of the area, which will help the community in the long run.

The Rocketship program emphasizes elementary level schools because this is where the most important fundamentals are taught and learned. Even though elements of the core curriculum is math, science, reading, and social studies, even at the earliest ages, basics of all the courses can be introduced. Other topics are introduced too such as art, music, dance, cooking, and gardening, just to round out the subject matter and introduce some real-life topics.

Students are taught the core elements of a Rocketship Education: respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. They are not taught just the meaning of these words, but they actually live them in their everyday classwork.

Rocketship believes that every student has a vast potential, but unless they are taught to unlock that potential, they will never achieve anything because most people quit their dream too soon. Rocketship students, called Rocketeers, are taught how to learn, seek, and find answers. Once this happens they own the future.

The traditional classroom of 30 children sitting all day and listening to a teacher is out the window with Rocketship. Small groups, digital learning, and individual tutoring are the order of the day. The pace is fun and exciting, not boring and dull.

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