Dr. David Samadi, the Father of Robotic Laparoscopic Prostate Surgeries

The mention of the term prostrate surgeon isn’t complete without the name David Samadi. He is a celebrity surgeon and the Chairman of Urology as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, NY. His compassion over the years has seen him sensitize many on matters of health, even to those who do not have immediate access to health professionals and others who do not receive proper medical care.

Being a Persian Jew in a country fighting to get rid of secularism, David Samadi, together with his brother left Iran when he was 15 for London. With a quest for education, they both studied in London and Belgium before they moved to the US where he finished his high school education at Roslyn in New York.

He is a biochemistry graduate of Stony Brook University and has an M.D from the University’s School of Medicine. He also attended Montefiore Medical Center for postgraduate training and Albert Einstein College of Medicine for proctology among others.

His significant milestone was in 2007 when he made a breakthrough with the advanced robotic technique. The technology features what is referred to as robotic laparoscopic prostate surgeries, a high-end form of treatment with maximum effectiveness in the treatment of prostate cancer.

The result was a novelty in how open surgeries were conducted without damaging the nerve cells responsible for the sex life in patients with prostate cancer. This smart technology, according to Dr. David Samadi, represents a tool that guides and aids surgeons during dissections that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Nevertheless, Dr. David Samadi’s robotic surgery is preferable owing to the less damage it causes and the accelerated recovery periods for the patients.

His focus is not on prostate cancer treatment only. Dr. Samadi is a certified urologist who also deals with patients with bladder and kidney cancer. With his smart technology, he remains on the top list of the best urologists in New York.

Currently, he works at Lenox Hill Hospital apart from being a regular contributor to the Fox News. Recently, together with his team, he launched DrSamadiTV.com. This is a live TV program aimed at reaching out to the world with information concerning the popular topics related to health. The show seeks to invite other medical professionals to shed light on a subject or impart more knowledge according to their expertise.

He also features experts from all over the world and interviews them with the sole purpose of making the public aware of their health and well-being. The topics tackled include the current trends in the medical industry. The show airs live at 12:30 pm EST every Sunday.

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