Securus Technologies Adds one more Innovation to Prison Environment Drone-counter System

The innovation efforts of Securus Technologies continues, and this time it is with a new solution called Drone-counter System. I was reading the stories of drones being used by the inmates to transport various contraband products to inside the prison, for long. Since the commercial production of different types of drones became widespread, the criminal gangs started using it for transporting different types of products into prisons to aid their inmate friends. I was deeply worried that they would try to use drones for taking even weapons to their inmate friends that can compromise prison security severely.

Per the recent news reports and confirmation from jail officials, it is now clear that the gangs dispatch weapons, drugs, contraband phones, explosives, and more into prisons using drones. When it comes to weapons, it is not a safety issue for the prison officials but a threat to other prisoners as well. However, there was no specific system to counter this big threat. This is where Securus Technologies came with the new system that can effectively control the drone threats. Interestingly, the latest system from Securus began its active pilot programs from the early weeks of March 2018, per an announcement of the prison technology firm.

A Securus spokesman confirmed that the technology is something new, but it would emerge better over the trials by improving its strengths and reworking on its flaws. He also added that the firm collaborated with many technology partners to ensure an efficient drone detection solution and the pilot program for it. I see that the firm also started accelerating its efforts to conduct trials in the live prison environments, and for that purpose, it would work together with prison officials to make the system producing optimum performance. Securus Technologies confirmed that the initial trials of the system found to be promising.

Securus Technologies is known for providing a comprehensive experience to all its customers from unique solutions to world-class customer service experience. It is the reason, the firm was declared as a winner at the StevieĀ® Awards 2018 for its unique customer service experience. The firm won three awards in the category. While coming to the awards in detail, the team of Corporate Escalations grabbed Gold for the relentless service in Customer Service Complaints. Secondly, Zelperita Jackson, one of the customer service manager of the firm, took Silver in the category of Best Customer Service Professional.

Thirdly, Team of Video Visitation earned Bronze as a Front-Line Customer Service group. The Senior VP of the firm who takes care of the operations, Danny de Hoyos confirmed that the feat showcased the commitment of Securus to provide supreme service to its customers. He also added that the year 2017 was the best for the firm considering its customer service metrics, and the recognition also highlighted its focus.


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