Rich Shinto Has InnovaCare Poised For Further Greatness

Providing quality health care is the number one priority for the brain trust at InnovaCare Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Rich Shinto says that the company depends on acquiring the services of qualified professionals working together as a team to facilitate the growth and success of the company.


Dr. Shinto took over as CEO of InnovaCare in 2012 and has played an instrumental role in the progress there. InnovaCare primarily works to provide seniors in the country comprehensive insurance benefits that assure quality health care but Dr. Shinto feels it is likely the company will soon expand into other markets.


InnovaCare has added to company affiliates in Puerto Rico where they have taken the same approach to offering the same high-quality health care to residents of the territory as they do to the citizens of the continental United States. Their efforts have been successful to the tune of a 90% satisfaction rate among Puerto Rican clients.


InnovaCare has a proven track record of making health care more affordable for everyday people. This has definitely been the case on the island of Puerto Rico where more people have access to quality health care than ever in the country’s history due to the use of technology that makes it possible to decrease the cost of healthcare provisions with no sacrifice to quality. Seventy percent of clients that have chosen InnovaCare to represent their healthcare interests did so because of the lower costs of services.


Dr. Rick Shinto worked for Aveta Inc. and was the President and Chief Executive Officer of that company earning the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Award from Ernest & Young for the stellar work performed while with Aveta.


Before his time with Aetna, Rick Shinto worked as the Chief Medical Officer with Namm, a company based in California and had also previously worked with Medical Pathway Management Company where he was both Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer.


The many contributions made by Rick Shinto in the industry of healthcare management has been well-chronicled and he is a respected entity in the industry. Shinto’s business savvy, understanding of complex issues, and the ability to make team members better has served him well at each company he has worked and is an integral part of the success that has been realized at InnovaCare. And by all accounts, those in the know feel the best for Shinto and InnovaCare is yet to come.


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