Logan Stout Is Changing People’s Lives Through Nutrition and Philanthropy:

     Logan Stout is a massively successful businessman and philanthropist who serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company he founded – IDLife, LLC. Logan is also a well-respected author and speaker at leadership conferences. He has even had a career as a professional baseball player. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a consistent ability to find success through building teams. This has led to the generation of billions of dollars throughout his entrepreneurial career.

IDLife is a company that focuses on providing its customers with the highest quality all organic supplements for nutritional needs. The company’s program puts a heavy emphasis on each individual customers supplement needs and takes into account different aspects of their medical history and their life habits. To help get its message of nutrition and wellness out there, IDLife has partnered with football legend Troy Aikman. The company also works with Jen Widerstrom a well-respected trainer to many celebrities. One of the major issues facing the world today is the epidemic of obesity and this is an area that Logan Stout and IDLife are endeavouring to change. This major health concern carries with it a litany of possible consequences including diabetes, heart disease and cancer to name just a few. One of the reasons that IDLife has been so successful in working towards these goals is the fact that the company veers off from the traditional supplement approach and instead tailors its supplement program to an individual basis for each customer. This fresh approach is having quite an impact in changing the face of the dietary supplement industry. The company also spares no expense in making sure that the ingredients in its proprietary supplement blends are of the utmost of quality and fully organic.

Logan Stout has also developed an impressive reputation over his career for his philanthropy. This love of giving back to the community was on display in the wake of the devastation that was wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Logan Stout immediately recognized the importance of those with the means to help in the recovery doing so. He quickly became committed to helping in the massive clean up efforts that were required to help the affected communities recover from the disaster. Logan Stout had his company’s offices converted to makeshift storage areas where supplies could be stored in order to be distributed to the victims of the disaster. These supplies were distributed primarily in the Texas cities of Houston and Tomball. Logan Stout also utilized his significant presence on social media outlets to get the word out about the kind of help that was needed. This was instrumental in the recruitment of many volunteers who gladly gave of their time to help the people who were suffering from the aftermath of one of the worst hurricanes in recorded history.

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