Top Collectors, IC System Continues to Command Industry Eighty Years Later.

The business of collections is populated with many players and firms which offer varying services have cropped up. The business is mostly built on trust and commitment to customer needs and no other company can outmatch IC System which has been in the business for more than eighty years now. The company is an account receivable firm and offers premium services to their clients, making the company the first among equals in the industry.


Operational philosophy


For all the years that the company has been in the business, it has been the leader in terms of technology and innovation. This has gone a long way to improve quality and time of service cementing its command as the best accounts receivable firm internationally. The company has a tradition of embracing changes and it is no wonder that in 1968 IC System was the earliest collection agency to embrace computers effectively replacing typewriters.


The business of collection can be risky at times and customers need the assurance that their money or assets will be safe. It is for this reason that IC System utilizes modern technology to ensure that customers have no shred of doubt regarding the safety of their property. This is in line with their customer satisfaction philosophy which they have not diverted from ever since the company was established.




IC System was founded back in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The company primary location is in Minnesota and since its establishment; the company has adhered to quality customer service. The guiding principles of the company are grounded in integrity, performance and putting their customers first. Over the course of its existence, these values have been passed down in Erickson family members for three generations without dilution or diversion.




IC System is not only about business. The company embraces social responsibility and helps neighboring communities and the larger global community by funding and participating in charity courses. This is a practice that all the employees of IC System are encouraged to adopt and congregate to organize in-house volunteering projects. The company and its employees have been involved in a string of benevolent initiatives like The American Red Cross, The Special Olympics, and Toys for Tots.


More about IC System


The company is licensed to operate in all states of the US. This enables them to collect debt in all the fifty states including Guam and Puerto Rico. The company remains committed to realizing their long-term sustainability objectives to ensure they maintain their legacy in the industry.

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