Luiz Carlos Trabuco To Groom New CEO of Bradesco Bank

     Bradesco Bank appointed Octavio Lazari as the new Chief Executive Officer following the company’s tradition of promoting within. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the former CEO who stepped into the role of Chairman of The Board at Bradesco after his predecessor Lazaro de Mello Brandao, now 92 years of age, retired after serving more than three decades in office.

Octavio Lazari started his career in Bradesco in 1978 and quickly became an agency manager. His true worth shined when he was working in the credits department and saw the start of his meteoric rise to the level of a director, and now to the level of Bradesco’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco announced earlier in the year that the selection process would be based on the bank’s standing practice and the new candidate, later announced to be Octavio Lazari, would be selected from a pool of seven directors which included retail head Josue Pancini, investor relations director Alexandre Gluher, and IT Executive Mauricio Minas, all carrying more than two decades of experience with them.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco completed nine years as the President of Bradesco Bank, one of Brazil’s largest financial institutions. Known for their innovative approach to banking and providing financial services to their customers by going above and beyond the requirement.

Bradesco was founded in 1943 and have always strived to be an innovative bank to its customers. Bradesco was the first bank to introduce credit cards in Brazil, they also have a history of providing services that may not be profitable but makes the lives of their customers better. With such an outlook, it is no surprise that employees at Bradesco choose to spend their entire lives in the organization. It was reported that the in the last financial year, 30% of Bradesco’s business was from insurance, showing the trust in the bank by its customers.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined the organization straight after his undergraduate graduation from the University of Sao Paulo, majoring in Philosophy, Science, and Letters. To further his career prospects, he later took a masters degree in Socio-Psychology. His dedication to the company has seen the now 66-year-old rise from a low ranking employee to sit at the highest position of the company, becoming Chairman of the Board at Bradesco.

When he took over the office of Chairman of the Board, Trabuco was tasked with finding a new Chief Executive Officer and after careful consideration, Octavio Lazari was chosen and will now be groomed by Trabuco to take the organization into unprecedented heights.

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