The trick of getting started with mountain biking by Michael Hagele

Mountains biking for so many people they will consider the game being among the list of the extreme sports like the aerial freestyle skiing. “The new golf” it’s what is referred to other people. If the person has the right equipment’s, the mind is positive, and his or her body is physically fit then for mountain biking it can be enjoyable to anyone. According to Michael Hagele who’s is an experienced enthusiast, “For beginners with time they will be able to progress to other high levels and gain more skills in just their pace.”

For beginners to be able to start then, they should start by attending the mountain bike skills camp. The programs that are available will equip a person with the right skills can be found at Mountain West, California, Northern Virginia and the U.S. The other option that is available is staring of the mountain biking with the help of a buddy or two, but he or she must be initiated to have the right skills. Read more about Michael at

The services that Michael Hagele will offer to many technology companies as the outside general counsel is him being the defense, internet and biotechnology industries. The technology companies  he has financed and founded several of them. Over the years of his career path, Hagele has been able to gain the needed skills when it comes to negotiation, closing technologies and drafting and the developments agreements in fields like software, telecommunications, and hardware fields.

Before he started off in his current practice, Michael Hagele offered his services to many venture capital backed internet companies being the general counsel in which he was responsible in the management of legal affairs like the employment issues, intellectual property, planning of the stock option and the corporate governance. Before that, he worked at Silicon Valley offices in the department of licensing and online commerce group. Michael attended the University of California that based in Berkeley where he got his J.D. and in the University of Lowa he attained his B.A.



Igor Cornelsen’s Success Story in Investment Banking

Mr Igor Cornelsen joined the Federal University of Parana back in1965. The Curitiba native studied both economics and engineering at the institution. His academic background prepared the way for an illustrious career that would follow.

Banking career

He began his journey in the banking sector shortly after completing his studies in 1970. Four years later Multibanco recognized his exceptional skills and gave him a place in their board. In 1976, he became the CEO of the investment bank. His fast rising career showed no signs of slowing down.

The first real setback came in 1978 when the Bank of America took over operations in Multibanco. Igor Cornelsen chose to walk away and Unibanco brought him on board. The uncontrolled inflation rate cut short his stay at Unibanco. He would later move to Libra Bank PLC in the mid 1980s. A door opened in the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and he walked right through it. He represented Brazil while serving on the board.

After serving them for seven years, he opted to start an investment firm. He counted on his vast experience to make a difference in the lives of many. He did not have an easy time but at no point did he think of downing his tools.

His investment decisions are informed by the state of economy of well established nations. Most of the information he depends on is sourced from Reuters. He believes that they offer bias-free information that guarantees good returns for anyone who puts it to good use.

Word of advice

Aspiring entrepreneurs should pay less attention to opinion makers according to Igor Cornelsen. Global trends are more likely to provide an answer rather than market players’ opinions. He insists that decisions based on facts are able to stand the test of time.

He further explains than any entrepreneur should be wary of a conservative approach to business. He embraced this once and had a rough time as a result. The Brazilian failed to capitalise on his assets back in 2007.

Aloha Construction Provides The Best Service

The company that started out as a small, family-owned business was able to meet their ambitious goal of completing 20,000 roofing jobs in the state of Illinois in 2017. The Aloha Construction company has vastly expanded in the past 10 years. They now have offices in Bloomington and in Zurich. This company is known for more than just their hard won experience. The Aloha Construction company is also a company that gives back to the community.

It may be a good idea to hire a company that you can trust. These kinds of companies are usually the ones that give back to the community in different ways. Their generosity and charity are a clear indicator of their leadership. The company and its leadership is constantly looking for new and better ways to give back to the community. They do this by supporting their local sports teams through their sponsoring. The teams that they sponsor are the Kane County Cougars, Flying Aces Hockey, Bloomington Thunder, and the football team at Lake Zurich High School.

As if that weren’t enough, this philanthropic company is donating $5 for every assist that is scored in the men’s and women’s basketball games. The do this through a partnership that they formed with the Illinois State University Athletics and Camp One Step. Aloha Construction has been an essential part of their community for years. Their success and continuous charity has earned them trust and respect.

The Aloha Construction company has yet another method of providing excellent services. Aloha Construction helps the people finance the job itself. People don’t always have the finances necessary for expensive exterior home repairs. The Aloha company helps the people make payments that they can afford. They are able to do this by yet another partnership. Aloha company is partnered with Synchrony Financial to make payment as easy as possible for the people.

There you have it. Aloha Construction helps the people with their financial issues, gives back to the community, and has won the BBB Torch award. Not many more credentials are necessary to support the fact that they are #1 in their field of business.

GreenSky Credit Strengthens its Relationships with the Small Financial Creditors

There is nothing as frustrating as being subjected to tedious processes of loan application, especially when you need the fund for emergency purposes. This has happened to many people during their borrowing process, which in some instances have distracted the progress of the borrower’s projects. If this has ever happened to you or your friend, or even a relative, then your worries should cease immediately. This is because GreenSky Credit has invented a new online platform that connects the customers directly to their financial lenders, which enables their loans to get processed and approved within the platform and within a short period, their borrowed funds remitted into their banks. All this happens without the customers moving an inch. They only need to have a smartphone or a computer and some internet and all the processes done in the comfort of their houses.

GreenSky Credit has been in operation for more than a decade, and since its foundation, the organization has continued to show remarkable growth that can be attributed to many factors. The company, being a financial institution, does not offer credit facilities to individual customers. Instead, they support the lending institutions and other creditors in their operations by offering financial support to them, hence boosting their capacity to lend more to their borrowers and also to a larger number of customers. The most impressive bit about the new platform that GreenSky Credit has adopted is that customers of the individual lending firms do not need to visit the firms for them to access the credit. They have provided a utility that enables them to visit GreenSky Credit’s website, and all the required processes and approvals are done online.

The current CEO of the firm has also been a critical success factor for the firm. Through his proficiency in credit and debt management, David Zalik, who also owns more than half of GreenSky Credit, has managed to spearhead the company’s growth to the extent that it has been named one of the best lenders in the US. Zalik has also motivated his junior staff to establish strong relationships with the small financial lenders so that they can leverage on their customer base.

The Stream Energy Cares Foundation

The stream energy has made one of the noblest moves, which features establishment of the stream cares foundation. This is one of their newest philanthropy foundation aimed at helping the community within Texas. Since time immemorial, stream energy, and its entities have been on the forefront when it comes to giving back to the community and more so helping the victims of the hurricane Harvey to recover and build up their lives. Similarly, they have also extended their reach to the homeless and veterans living in Dallas for years. Stream energy has also held a reputable relationship with some of the most renowned organizations like the Salvation Army and the habitat for humanity.

Their Operations

Stream energy is better known for effective marketing of the energy services via a direct selling method. With this unique approach, this firm can offer services to its clients at a considerable low cost. The money they save through this marketing approach is channeled to improvement and well-being for others. For instance, they can supply electricity, gas and other home services at unbeatable cost. To this end, they are always devoted to becoming an essential part of the community that they serve. This is why the better part of the profit that they earn is plowed back into the community.

Collaboration with Other Affiliates

Stream energy parts with other organizations to better their operations and extend their reach. For instance, they work closely with the hope supply company to uplift the lives of communities living in Dallas and its environs. To this end, the two organizations work together by offering the homeless school supplies, clothing, diapers, and other necessities. Additionally, the steam energy facilitated more than 1000 children to attend the splash for hope events, which are hosted by the hope supply company. This event offers the homeless kids an occasional opportunity to have some fun. The establishment of the stream care foundation has opened up a new chance of the stream energy company to improve lives of the less fortunate in Dallas and across the world. Similarly, this foundation is also an established way to give back to the community.

Dr. Mark McKenna: The Future of Cosmetics

There’s a certain level of flare that is expected when you visit a cosmetic surgeon. On TV many of the offices that are detected seem to display a very symbolic atmosphere where individuals receive the outpatient care that they need. Unfortunately, for many years this seemed to be a little bit of a fairytale. Dr. Mark McKenna took it upon himself to make this fairytale a reality when he opened OVME or “of me”. OVME is everything that people want out of a cosmetic surgeon’s office and more. He has created an environment where professionals can come together to see clients in a way that is more convenient for them. The issue is that before such an office existed the standard for the industry was that clients would still be seen in the office for such procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna found a way to make it possible for these clients to receive their procedures right there in the office with their doctors.

He has garnered so much success in this industry that an article “Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME Slays Cosmetic Service Boutique Game” has even been written to discuss the novelty of his proposed idea. Clients all over the country are voicing their opinions for something similar to the service. As his practice begins to grow in popularity it is possible that other businesses similar to the line of OVME will take root because of Dr. Mark McKenna.

When it comes to his work, he never stops pushing forward to find a new edge on the industry. When he created his niche boutique business for cosmetic procedures he had reached the pinnacle of the field, or so he thought. For Dr. Mark McKenna the pinnacle of the field now appears to be the utilization of applications within the process of patient care. He believes that these applications it may be a new way that clients can get into contact with their doctors or even consult with new doctors through an embedded video chat program. The application is still in development, but Dr. Mark McKenna believes that it will have very extensive implications for future scheduling.

Leader and Entrepreneur- Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the honorable Chief Executive Officers in the financial sector. Randal is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He was elected the principle of the firm when it was created in 1998, and his commitment led to him climbing the career ladder in 2013 when he was appointed the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Together with Wes Edens and two other Randal co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. The financial expert has maintained the position of the Chief Executive Officer since he was appointed. After his high school graduation, Mr. Nardone joined Connecticut University where he graduated with a course in Arts in Biology and English and later received his J.D from the University of Boston Law School.

Randal Nardone is a billionaire who is listed at number 57 by the Forbes. At Fortress Randal is the principle of the credit corporation docket. His leadership skills are not only recognized in Fortress Investment Group, but other organizations have also appointed him in top positions among them the Vice President and the Secretary of Newcastle Holdings, as well as the Chairman and the President of Springleaf Holdings. Apart from Fortress Investment Group Nordone has also served at Thacher Proffitt and Wood as a Partner. Fortress has an investment trust registered under the organization and Randal is also the co-founder, the principle and also the Chief Executive Officer of the investment group. The financier was also the Chief Executive Officer of Impac Holding among many other organizations.

Softbank a firm based in Japan purchased Fortress Investment Group for a cash price of three billion and three hundred million dollars. Even after the acquisition of the organization, Randal Nardone and the Fortress co-founders still maintained their position. According to Randal, he believes that the company will continue to expand even after their acquisition which was the primary reason for Softbank acquiring the alternative asset management firm. Randal Nardone is passionate about people, and he knows that people struggle to get what they want and that he has to help them achieve their goals. He has always remained supportive of his company. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015

Matt Badiali Invests In Natural Resources To Gain Astronomical Returns

Matt Badiali is one of the top financial advisers in the world. He is one of the leading experts that contributes to the financial newsletters that are published by Banyan Hills Publishing. Matt Badiali is most notably known for his involvement in the investment opportunity that is known as “Freedom Checks.”

“Freedom Checks” is a unique opportunity for individuals to invest in companies that process, produce, transport, and store natural gas and oil in the United States. These companies are known as Master Limited Partnerships and are eligible for certain tax breaks under the United States tax laws. The dollars saved by these tax breaks are passed on to the investors in the company. These checks are what is known as Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks.”

The process and workings of this type of investment can be quite confusing. Thankfully there are many different sources to conduct research to ensure this is the right investment opportunity for the particular individual. In fact, these investment opportunities were recently written about on several forums. Chronicle Week and Gazette Day both published articles on “Freedom Checks” on July 11, 2018. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali

Chronicle Week’s publication discussed what the investment opportunity involves. It discusses the particular tax codes that the companies are using for these investors. It also discusses the requirements the individual company must meet in order to obtain these tax breaks. According to this piece, individuals can opt into these investment opportunities for as little as ten dollars. The returns on the investments have already exceed $34,000,000.

Gazette Day’s article also discusses how this investment opportunity works and the legalities of it. It also talks about how many Americans need additional savings tools available in order to reach their long term goals. According to this article, Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks is a great investment tool to utilize.

Matt Badiali is a Geologist and Analyst for Stansberry Research. He is also the contributing financial expert for the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter that is published by Banyon Hills Publishing. He has over twenty years experience in analyzing geological resources and giving financial advice. Matt Badiali holds both a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master’s degree in Geology and Earth Sciences. Check:


Malcolm Casselle: Shaping the Virtual Asset Marketplace

 WAX is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. A P2P marketplace trading in virtual assets. WAX was built on the foundation of decentralized and blockchain smart contracts allowing the sellers and buyers to trade their virtual goods efficiently. It has come with an answer for two big concerns in the virtual asset market: Fraud is one and fragmentation is the other. The able creators of OPSkins are launching WAX. OPSkins is already leading in the global market in the sale of in-game virtual assets. Malcolm Casselle is the CIO behind this leading bitcoin merchant in the world today. OPSkins leaders in virtual asset marketplace is a centralized platform. It has therefore encountered some challenges in line with technology hence giving room for the creation of a decentralization marketplace for the virtual assets.

Going into the first issue being sorted by WAX, there is need to unite the fragmented virtual asset market. The fragmentation existed due to the different payment processing concerns, security, and language matters. The WAX token is the incoming application for blockchain to the eSports that will solve the fragmentation issue. It will create a market with no limitations hence giving chance to the buyers and sellers to tokenize and make the sale of their assets without fears. The platform for WAX gives room for the users to tokenize gaming assets and then immediately buy or sell these assets to prospective buyers. This will cut off all the limitations in the virtual asset marketplace. Moving on, this will solve the issue of location fragmentation. The WAX token is a common form of currency for all the users and hence it will eliminate the issues relating to FOREX. The other challenge of ending is the fraud. Security will be improved because there will be no intermediaries in the trading platforms.

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins and current president of the upcoming Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX. Malcolm has served in other companies before his current positions and that has contributed to the tremendous skills he has acquired over time. He has helped companies to startup in business some of which have risen to incredible heights in the technological world. Malcolm is a graduate of Stanford University and MIT where he gladly acquired his degree in computer science.


Investment Advice From Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a well known writer of financial news. He writes weekly newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He has been writing for the publication for over a decade. Since he joined the company, nearly one hundred thousand people have subscribed to his newsletter. His most notable newsletter for the publication is Profitable Unlimited. It is an eight page newsletter detailing the best opportunities for investors to invest in. His newsletter tracks himself making sure he always makes the most accurate predictions that he can about the stock market. His newsletter also lists a wide variety of stocks that his readers are recommended to buy. For more information go to

Paul Mampilly has a master’s in business administration. He has experience in building up and managing portfolios. He has experience with being responsible for the finances at a few different legal firms. His most notable feat was working for an asset management company that grew tremendously in terms of their finances. His wealth of knowledge about investing has made him a sought after expert. Television networks like Bloomberg TV, FOX Business News and CNBC have had him as finance expert speak to their millions of viewers.

So, why did Paul Mampilly walk away from a successful career on Wall Street? It was for his family. He wanted to dedicate more of his life to being a family man. He had done well on Wall Street and knew it was time for him to leave. He did not stop working in finance altogether. After Wall Street, he embarked on his editorial career.

Tens of thousands of readers weekly are able to grow their investment portfolio due to Paul Mampilly. He writes for the common man. He has a unique edge to his writings. He is able to give investors tips only a Wall Street investor would know about. He then relates those tips to budding and average investors. His investors are thankful for what he writes. Lately, he has been explaining to his readers how investing in the stock market is changing. It is becoming ever more challenging than how it use to be decades ago. Visit: for more information