Igor Cornelsen’s Success Story in Investment Banking

Mr Igor Cornelsen joined the Federal University of Parana back in1965. The Curitiba native studied both economics and engineering at the institution. His academic background prepared the way for an illustrious career that would follow.

Banking career

He began his journey in the banking sector shortly after completing his studies in 1970. Four years later Multibanco recognized his exceptional skills and gave him a place in their board. In 1976, he became the CEO of the investment bank. His fast rising career showed no signs of slowing down.

The first real setback came in 1978 when the Bank of America took over operations in Multibanco. Igor Cornelsen chose to walk away and Unibanco brought him on board. The uncontrolled inflation rate cut short his stay at Unibanco. He would later move to Libra Bank PLC in the mid 1980s. A door opened in the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and he walked right through it. He represented Brazil while serving on the board.

After serving them for seven years, he opted to start an investment firm. He counted on his vast experience to make a difference in the lives of many. He did not have an easy time but at no point did he think of downing his tools.

His investment decisions are informed by the state of economy of well established nations. Most of the information he depends on is sourced from Reuters. He believes that they offer bias-free information that guarantees good returns for anyone who puts it to good use.

Word of advice

Aspiring entrepreneurs should pay less attention to opinion makers according to Igor Cornelsen. Global trends are more likely to provide an answer rather than market players’ opinions. He insists that decisions based on facts are able to stand the test of time.

He further explains than any entrepreneur should be wary of a conservative approach to business. He embraced this once and had a rough time as a result. The Brazilian failed to capitalise on his assets back in 2007.

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