Talkspace Get Help with Depression without any Regrets

Depression can occur for many different reasons and one of the major reasons why it has been occurring rampantly among people these days is due to the deteriorating lifestyle of the people. Unbearable work pressure in professional life and complicated personal lives can work together to take a toll on the mental health. If you are amongst those, who feel that your mental health has undergone negative changes in the last few days or months and that counseling can help, going to a therapist as soon as you can is a good idea. However, many people discard the idea of going to a therapist as it can be really expensive. It is where Talkspace can come to your rescue. Talkspace has helped people find a solution to their mental health with ease and without spending a lot of money.

Whether it is depression or anxiety that you are suffering from, Talkspace can help you connect with some of the finest and licensed therapists in the business. Signing up with Talkspace would take just a few minutes, and you would be connected with the licensed therapists almost instantly. Many people who have been struggling with their mental health have found the answers they were looking for after therapy sessions online at Talkspace. There is practically no difference in the in-office therapy sessions in comparison to online therapy at Talkspace. Talkspace provides people with a complete solution to their mental health issues without spending a lot. If you do not want to spend a lot of money and still want to go for therapy, then Talkspace provides you with the ideal solution.

Talkspace has gained a lot of popularity, but still, the team wanted to collaborate with someone that people take inspiration from. It was then that they thought about Michael Phelps and he was glad that he could be a part of the initiative. He was depressed during a part of his life and was able to seek therapy through text messaging. He is now living a happy life with his family and says that will not think twice before seeking help if something changes in his life.

GreenSky Credit Owns Nothing Physical While Turning Huge Profits

It’s important to own nothing if you want to be a billionaire. You don’t want your company to be mired by inventory, depreciation, loss or damages. You want to make money while owning nothing physical that can wear down, break, be stolen or lost. It’s a difficult idea that has been mastered by David Zalik and his company GreenSky Credit.

Humble Beginnings

You can read about David Zalik’s incredible story on Wikipedia or in Forbes Magazine. The guy never technically graduated from high school or college because he was advanced to Auburn University at the age of 14. At Auburn, he built computers from scratch and sold them to students. He rolled those profits into other companies before coming up with his GreenSky Credit idea that had him dropping out of college.

Ridiculously Simple

David Zalik’s GreenSky Credit idea connects homeowners to contractors for home improvements. It is a smartphone app that homeowners can use to procure a loan for home improvements which fuels more work for contractors. The app only approves those with great FICO credit scores. GreenSky Credit then takes these loan applications to a bank.

The bank funds the loan which means they take on all responsibility for the loan. In exchange for the loan, GreenSky Credit receives 1% of the spreadsheet annually. Contractors also cut the Fintech company 6% of each loan amount.

GreenSky Credit Own Nothing Physical

The Fintech company makes a ton of profit without any liability or ownership. The only thing that the company owns is the transaction itself. The bank owns the loan and all of its responsibilities while the contractors own all the inventory. After all, home improvements need to be performed with tools and supplies.

David Zalik has amassed a $2.5 billion fortune while owning nothing but a smartphone app. He’s the ultimate American middleman and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you want to make $1 billion just look at what this math prodigy has done in the world of financial tech. He owns nothing but profits off everything.

Payments Industry – Western Union and PSI Pay

A joint venture between Western Union and PSI Pay has recently been attained. Furthermore, this partnership is an immediate consequence of many highly effective enhancements to the Western Union network. Hence, by having the capability to make full use of Western Union’s exclusive arrangements, clients can take advantage of an easy way to collaborate with tens of thousands of Western Union sites which happen to be present all over the world.


Moreover, electronic money, or e-money, is understood to be a digitized version of money on a technological apparatus which might then be utilized to pay for items. Therefore, PSI Pay account holders can now make full use of all of these supplemental options designed to furnish them with a useful e-money mechanism. Consequently, these people can presently use the Western Union community to take care of their funds much more effectively. Apart from that, you might also want to bear in mind that the PSI-Pay network provides their clients with a reliable framework to collaborate with.


PSI Pay is safe because the United Kingdom’s government regulates it. Also, this brand new capital transport capability makes it a straightforward endeavor to make use of digital computerized funds in today’s shifting electronic financial environment. As a consequence, you should be mindful that it matters little whether a client requires access to electronic or offline funds.

At the same time, you ought to know that as a result of this latest critical collaboration which will assist both partners, the PSI-Pay business is going to currently have the capability to connect to a brand new group of clients. These latest improvements are incorporating the essential organizational attributes with a plethora of participants. Additionally, as a result of the addition of the Western Union assets to the PSI Pay community, PSI Pay will now be in a position to reveal brand new expansion opportunities.


At the same time, the existing assortment of PSI Pay customers is in a position to take advantage of the Western Union community to render the controlling of their money all the more convenient. This recent collaboration signifies that individuals who possess an ecoAccount wallet nowadays are capable of utilizing the Western Union community to contribute money to their ecoAccount wallet. Due to this fact, you ought to know that this innovative partnership currently allows for a more extensive network of customers to have the ability to discover that this company is in a position to fulfill all of their money management needs.

Up-Close with Bernardo Chua and How He’s Taking Organo Gold to Greater Heights

Bernardo Chua is undeniably a shrewd entrepreneur with a stellar reputation in the business world. As a prominent expert in the sales industry, Bernardo has harnessed his efforts into developing excellent brands of coffee and tea worldwide. Much closer to home, he is credited with introducing the Ganoderma crop to various customers both locally and beyond. Growing up in the Philippines, he became aware of polymore mushrooms and their distinguishing effect in developing coffee and tea. Bernardo capitalized on this incredible opportunity and became the pioneer in marketing the ganoderma herb and coffee in foreign markets. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

What Companies Has Bernardo Chua Created?

The astute businessman deemed it necessary to create a company that would elevate the Ganoderma herb. As the Founder and CEO of Organo Gold, Bernardo embarked on a mission to market his popular coffee and tea brands especially in the backdrop of immense success in the Asian markets. The Canada-based company boasts of over a million distributors worldwide and is currently considered to be the 55th largest direct selling enterprise globally.

The company’s subsidiary- Gano Excel has also been making a remarkable name for itself by offering high-quality coffee that doesn’t compromise on quality. Since its inception in 1995, Gano Excel strives to operate under an essential vision: “Provide health and wealth to every family.”

Bernardo’s Business Model and His Role in the Community

Bernardo Chua strives on a direct selling business model that has provided infinite returns. Such success can be attributed to relentless pursuit for education not only to develop high-quality brands but also stay ahead of the competition. By complying with strict guidelines for products and businesses, Bernardo has managed to win over millions of consumers while ensuring added peace of mind.

What Media Outlets Have Featured Bernardo Chua?

The highly ambitious businessman has been recognized by various media outlets courtesy of his expertise. His efforts have earned him accolades such as the Dangal Bayan Award for Enterprise and Industry in 2014. He has been feted by the National Shoppers Choice as the top direct selling enterprise in the food supplements section. More notable is the fact that Bernardo Chua has been honored on over five different occasions with the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” Accolade.

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OSI Industries: Increasing Global Reach

OSI Industries: Increasing Global Reach

For the last five years, OSI Industries has been focusing primarily on the local and also foreign expansion. Likewise, since 1970, when Sheldon Lavin joined this firm, he has been fueling and directing the initial establishments and the developing global reach of the company. Some of the OSI’s recent acquisitions and purchases that will promote its reach and operations entail the following.

The Baho Food Acquisition

Baho Food Company manufactures snack foods and deli meats. Its food products are supplied in the Germany and Netherlands food services industries. The OSI industries acquired the Baho food plant to expand their services provisions, particularly in the Netherlands. This acquisition will also position OSI strategically to grow its services in the better part of Europe as Baho Food Company has various plant located in different countries within this continent. Baho has five strong subsidiaries, which are located in Germany and the Netherlands and it is operational in more than 18 countries in Europe. This way, the OSI group will be able to address the evolving needs of their clients within Europe promptly.

The Chicago Expansion

The Chicago expansion features the acquisition of the Tyson Food plant. This plant has an extensive floor space that is more than 200,000 square feet and many rooms, which will help to boost the production process for the North America clients. The acquisition of this plant will enable the OSI industries to address its growing needs in this region more effectively. Although Tyson Food plant was initially designed to handle the manufacture of poultry products, OSI firm is confident that they will be able to manufacture various products in this facility.

The Spain Expansion

The Spain expansion has established an additional production plant for OSI industries in Toledo, Spain. This move is aimed at boosting the poultry output in Spain, which is one of the major markets for poultry products. Prior to this acquisition, OSI poultry production was approximately 12,000 tons every year. However, after the new addition, this firm is now able to produce more than 24,000 tons annually. The Toledo plant has also undergone latest improvements to boost it receiving and refrigeration capabilities.

5 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Trading Success

This video is filled with powerful trading strategies that are coupled with a focused philosophy on trading stocks. The speaker reminds the audience throughout the video that it isn’t a video created specifically for day traders. The video starts by giving a quick overview that places intention for the rest of the video. The speaker says, “Successful traders are a different breed of person” and goes on to discuss the type of person who visits Netpicks to include a vast majority of people who are losing money in the market and want a change…


“Look for 65% Winning Percentage”

If you use this winning percentage, then the odds you are playing with are in your favor and as a rule, they will always be in your favor. But if the odds are too high, the risk is also too high. Netpicks advocates the “two thirds/ one third rule”, check (


” Accept Reasonable Average Win to Average Loss Ratio”

A reward/risk ratio doesn’t always have to be incredible, as per Netpicks. This video discusses the ratio of 1:1 being acceptable and 1.5:1 being the most reward to wait for. Anything with a high reward to risk ratio might be incredibly unstable.


” Embrace Power of Quitting”

The speaker advises not to “overtrade” and to only trade when the market is in its best conditions for trading, during “prime time” for the market. It is worth looking for a “hard stopping point” in whatever type of stock you are trading, see (


” Accept Regular Losing Trades”

Single trades shouldn’t make or break you, but you must “outlast the whims of the market.”


” Can You Trade Your System Correctly 25 Times in a Row?”

The challenge is to get through 25 virtual trades without using your own money or someone else’s money. If you can do that, “you may be able to use real money.” Keep a journal to keep track of your emotions during this journey. Emotions, like “revenge trading,” may arise, reference