Ara Chackerian’s Journey in Technology and Healthcare

Ara Chackerian’s interest in business and entrepreneurship began at a young age. The marketing graduate from Florida State University believes that for one to grow their business, they have to strategize well. Before investing in an idea, Ara Chackerian states that one should scrutinize every side and ask hard questions. This is to avoid situational bias and the glass half full approach, which messes entrepreneurs. Having been in the industry for long, Ara Chakerian advises entrepreneurs to be careful when choosing whom they go to business with.


Chackerian thought of coming up with TMS Health solutions to create and build out-patient diagnostic radiology centers to different areas of healthcare. He realized that TMS would come in handy in outpatient psychiatry and especially with the presence of transcranial magnetic stimulation. Mr. Chackerina and his partners spent years researching and looking for healthcare solutions and eventually came up with the help needed. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a device-based treatment for depression. He was concerned about the limited information there is on the depressive disorder and was determined to help spread awareness and help in the treatment of such conditions.  To see more you can checkout


The out-patient psychiatrist model enabled him to understand the limitations of device-based treatments work, and how challenging dealing with insurance was. Most practitioners try to avoid the device-based treatments as dealing with insurers can be challenging. Mr. Chackerian wanted to create something that would have both the practitioner and the patient get what they deserve. With the help of technology, TMS Health Solutions and other partners set up healthcare facilities that put the patient’s needs first before anything else.  For ore details you can visit


Chackerian is a big fan of digital trends in healthcare. He understands how important it is for one to lead a healthy life, and commends telemedicine apps in the healthcare system. His journey to success has had a few ups and downs. On overcoming failure, the co-founder of TMS Health solutions believes that one should weigh the risks involved before delving in a business. Apart from being in the healthcare system, Mr. Chackerian is also a renowned philanthropist. He has helped charities and organizations improve on their healthcare and financial needs. He also takes part in community initiatives and invests in education opportunities. You can visit for more details.


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