Digital Finance: PSI Pay and Other Emerging Forms of Electronic Money

With the advent of the marine trade in the ancient market, the number of different types of currencies in circulation was challenging as transactions grew unreliable and frequent. The process of transferring these currencies resulted in difficulties and increase of the counterfeit cash.


The origins of the current banking models grew out of the merchants looking to solve these difficulties. Through a rudimentary technique of exchange and currency trade, merchants and pawnbrokers came up with cashless payment techniques derived from credit. Here are the emerging forms of electronic money in the digital finance world.


Modern Banks


These financial institutions have been characterized as operating within a risk management business. As most individuals entrust their assets and earnings to banks, they secure the property and the funds at interest rates that are beneficial to private individuals while simultaneously providing loans to other clients with an interest rate.


According to financial institutions, currency is grouped into three main categories of various intrinsic values. Commodity cash comprises of the services and goods, as well as other precious stones and metals like diamonds and gold. The representative cash includes bank notes that verify the ownership of various commodities that have been kept in the bank. The fiat money represents the cash that individuals in the current or the modern world use.




Crowdfunding institutions such as Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and Kickstarter circumvent third parties or customers by facilitating various transactions from many people to single entities with an as-yet-funded project. The projects range from video games and movies and entire start-up enterprises to an individual’s bereavement and medical funds. This technology is about the power of individuals to invest in the ideas they believe in while reducing the loss or damages they would encounter in the event of the unfolded projects.




Most of the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin exist basically as codes that no government or bank controls or creates. Essentially, Bitcoin and the other forms of cryptocurrencies function like speculative investments. The blockchain is a network by which various cryptocurrencies operate a faster Transactive platform for facilitating transactions. A record or ledger of each transaction is stored across a massive system of computers.


Also, there are other modern payment technologies such as PayPal and E-money services like the PSI Pay that provide the most secure transaction means of accessing money or funds in a centralized computer system. PSI Pay offers digital payment services to individuals and firms across the world.

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