Lincolnshire Management Has You Covered

If you have been looking for the right private equity firm to help you out with investments, then Lincolnshire Management is just the right firm for you. Not only has it been around since the late 1980’s, it has had some very dedicated people at its helm throughout the years. Starting with the founders Steven Kumble and Frank Wright in 1986, the company has grown and prospered while getting many different equity contracts under its belt. If this isn’t enough to pique your interest, how about the fact that they were rated the 5th ranked private equity firm by CNN Money and Fortune Magazine in 2011. This goes to show not only do they know what they are doing, but that the firm itself has managed to stay afloat in a constantly changing market.

If you are unsure of what a private equity firm is, perhaps this can help a bit. In short, this type of firm provides many types of financial backing and investments for private equity. The people who utilize this will be companies that are just starting up, or even companies that are doing quite well but feel like they need a little private equity backing. Some of the strategies they will use are things like growth capital, venture capital and leveraged buyout.

As a small look into the different investments that Lincolnshire Management is involved in, the following has been extracted from their webpage. Custom Alloy, Alaska Clubs, Patterson Gear and Machine, Wabash and American Coach Lines are just a few. Whether or not you know these companies, you can be assured that Lincolnshire Management is the best at what they do.

Other things to note is that they have raised more than 1.7 billion dollars in the three decades they have been around. This means that through the 55 companies they invest in, they have managed to go above and beyond with what they do. After all, being listed in the top 10 in Private Equity News and their highest performing private equity firms is not something that comes easy, and goes to show the diligence of Lincolnshire Management.

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Zeco Auriemo: A Brazilian On Fifth Avenue

Real estate developer Zeco Auriemo, of JHSF, a leader in Brazilian real estate has a foot in the Big Apple. JHSF will rebuild a historic building in on of the world’s most luxurious address. The apartments are located in the area of 5th Avenue that borders the east side of Central Park in New York. An apartment on Fifth Avenue is coveted by many people in the world. Influential business leaders live on the Upper East Side where 5th Avenue is located. Fifth Avenue is home to prominent entrepreneurs, lawyers, and advertisers. Now the Brazilian’s have entered the scene, gaining attention: the businessmen José Auriemo Neto and Zeco Auriemo, owners of the Sao Paulo real estate developer JHSF, refer also to (

Zeco Auriemo originally studied to graduate as an engineer and joined JHSF in that capacity. Eventually, he became interested in running JHSF and was involved in company projects. At the time JHSF focused solely on shopping malls like Metro Tucuruvi and Metro Santa Cruz, but in early 2000 Zeco Auriemo decided to make a risky move by investing in Parque Cidade Jardim located in the Marginal Pinheiros Region. Parque Cidade Jardim is comprised of residential building’s, commercial buildings, a shopping mall, schools, etc. This risky move indicated a new direction for JHSF, and now the Brazilian real estate developer has set its sight on the Big Apple.

In the heart of Manhattan sits a four-story mansion that was built in 1871 and lost its original facade The Sao Paulo company will transform it into a luxurious 14 story building. JHSF is known in for bringing high luxury buildings to Brazil, and it is expected that it will do the same for the new apartment building. Zeco Auriemo obtained approval from the city to convert the mansion into a fourteen-story apartment building on 5th Avenue.

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Fortress Investment Group: The Leading Global Investment Manager

Founded in 1998 as a private equity firm, Fortress Investment Group is the leading global investment manager with an extensive and highly diversified portfolio. This firm manages alternative assets in private equity, credit funds, and liquid hedge funds.

Since it was launched, Fortress Investment Group has dominated the scene when it comes to investment management. In fact, as of September 30th, 2018, this company officially manages assets worth $41.4 billion. In addition to this, Fortress has over 1,750 clients from all over the world under its wing. This company conducts its operations through 915 asset management employees of which, 205 are certified investment professionals.

Fortress Investment Group is currently working with Softbank to raise funds for their latest joint project- to raise enough money for two real estate firms. Softbank bought Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in 2017. In the wake of this transaction, Softbank announced it fully owned Fortress subsidiaries and any of the company’s shares. However, Fortress will still continue to operate as an independent company under Softbank. Their headquarters will remain in New York.

However, Softbank is not the only company that Fortress has partnered with over the years. For example, the company partnered with Bruce Eichner to provide debt for his flatiron condo on 45 East 22nd Street in New York. Likewise, Fortress also launched a collaborative project with L&L Holding Company on TSX Broadway and Maefield Development.

In 2009, FIG launched the Fortress Japan Opportunity Fund which was their first Yen dominated fund. Within the same year, Fortress also acquired the D.B Zwirn & Co. accounts and became the official manager of these accounts.

Fortress Investment Group is still in the process of expanding and opening several corporate branches. Their latest office branches were opened in 2011 in San Francisco, Singapore, and Shanghai. In the same year, Fortress launched a project labeled Fortress Asia Macro Fund, Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund, and the Worldwide Transportation & Infrastructure Fund and Fortress Credit Opportunity Fund.

In 2017, FIG launched their first asset-based income fund.