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Paul Saunders, Chairman, and CEO of James River Capital Corporation and its affiliates is a man whose success and reputation in business precedes him. Coupled with years of experience in the field of finance and investments, he engages in works of philanthropy which have seen him develop and maintain his leadership status within society.

James River Capital Corporation is an entity which was formed with an aim to provide investment advisory services across the USA.This is by adding diversification value to investment portfolios which are broader than those available in conservative investments.

In the pursuit for key personnel, certain work environments can prove to be detrimental to employee motivation and behavior patterns. The article by Paul Saunders places a keen focus on employee burnout. This has been described as a scenario where employee performance declines due to a stressful work environment.

Stress is attributed to the need for people to have a balance between personal and work life which can result in an individual feeling overwhelmed. The article demystifies the myths that surround employee burnout by explaining in depth the characteristics that human resource managers and employees should be on the lookout for. It encompasses various dynamics and perspectives revolving around burnout.

The causative factors resulting in burnout mainly revolve around the feeling that an employee is being overwhelmed, passed up for promotions or trapped within inflexible working hours.

The author thus encourages that organizations ensure that there exist open channels of communication so as to address these issues. It is imperative to note that burnout often results in low performance which ultimately affects the company revenues and profitability levels. Read more: Trader James River | Turtle Trader and Paul Sauders – Principal James River Capital Corp.

Paul Saunders offers simple solutions which are highly effective in the management of employee burnout. The article highlights the lack of control as one of the main characteristics of impending burnout and advises that flexible working hours be implemented. This is because work scheduling translates to hopelessness in the event an employee does not complete the task within set timings.

Paul Sanders further advises that the lack of transparency in an organization ultimately results in burnout. Decision making should thus involve employees so as to gain insight into the expectations and needs of the people handling and executing the tasks.

Attitude change which is often negative towards work indicates that employees are exhausted. Paul Saunders is of the opinion that a more supportive approach is helpful to alleviate feelings of anger which result in poor output. The loss of employee confidence towards their quality of work further indicates burnout and should be addressed through personal goal setting initiatives.

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