Edwin Miranda-The Best Technological And Digital Advertiser

Edwin Miranda is the current CEO in the KOI IXS SINCE 1994. He schooled in an inter-American University called Puerto Rico. He schooling days were from 1992 to 1995 In the university. He graduated with a bachelor of degree in business administration and marketing. His home is also in Puerto Ricco USA. The company KOI is a company that deals with advertisements of products and services. It’s a private profitable company that was founded in the year 1994 by Edwin Miranda.

Currently, Miranda works with a very cooperative and passionate group of thinkers, designers, strategists, and creators. He acknowledges the group for their good work and he is always happy working with it. Among them, Edwin Miranda pushes them to ensure that they achieve their daily target goals. Also, he ensures that the brand produced is of very high quality in order to serve the clients effectively. Miranda realized the secret of success is by doing according to the interests of customers and in order to increase the variety of choices for them, incorporates digital technology and science in the advertisement.

Recently he has announced his new project in the KIO IXS company that should begin to be implemented by 2019. The project will be of introducing automated systems in an advertisement. This also includes making advertisements more enjoyable and not something people feel it is disrupting their program. He says that his mission is to ensure in future brands moves very fast beyond the nation’s boundaries just through advertisements.

Edwin Miranda is very compassionate in what he does and all he wants to create good business world such that sellers will be able to mark their goods and buyers will be interested in the goods so advertised. That why he has always fought to achieve a competitive brand of advertisement.

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