L’Oréal Holds The Second Annual Fashion and Beauty Show; Nicolas Krafft in Attendance

The L’Oréal Paris’s second annual fashion and beauty show was held on September the 30th. The event took place on a floating catwalk on river Seine in the French capital city. The event showed off the season’s new entrant alongside providing an opportunity for L’Oréal Paris to emphasize on its ongoing commitment to ensure the industry continues to be more accessible. The fashion and beauty show was open to the public and was graced by many top names in the fashion and beauty, such as Nicolas Krafft, Vice President of Global Business Development as well as the silver screen.

Diversity in women

The diversity in women’s beauty begged everyone to notice. This year’s event featured celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Louise Bourgoin and also Elle Fanning, who walked for this brand. Creativity and diversity also took center stage. With some faces being linked to the French capital and others from outside like actor Nikolaj Coster Waldai of the game of Thrones, Marie Bochet, the Paralympic ski champion as well as the new L’Oréal Paris’s ambassador.

New looks

This event was held during fashion week and was an opportunity to flaunt some of the latest and coveted fashion looks alongside the L’Oréal Paris’s urge to showcase beauty to everyone. Val Garland and Stéphane Lancien, the L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup Artist and Global Hair Artist Stéphane Lancien respectively came up with up to 70 new hairstyles, and also new makeup looks for the event. There were also models from the 13 partners to the event like Isabel Marant, also Sonia Rykiel, was there, not forgetting Balmain who also took to the runway with their latest collections as well as jewelry. More than eight days were used to set up and take down the floating catwalk.

About Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is currently the Pulp Riot international’s general manager. He also has held various other administrative jobs in the past such as being the vice president of Global Business Development in the same company. From June 2011 to December 2013, Mr. Nicolas Krafft was the L’Oréal Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe. From January 2009 to October 2011, he was L’Oréal’s General Manager. He has equally served as the Marketing Director of Asia and the Marketing Director Kerastase for the brand in the past.

Rebel Wilson Transformed from Being a Shy Little Girl into a Feature Film Actress

Born in 1980 in Sydney, Australia, Rebel Wilson is a successful actress, producer and writer who is most popular for her role in ‘Pitch Perfect’ as Fat Amy and ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ as Natalie.

She is an embodiment of everything nice about a charming personality. While she is confident, she is also funny, and while she is daring, she is also humble. Her charming smile has warmed the hearts of fans across the world. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

The journey of Wilson to success was not a walk in the park. She also experienced her share of challenges including canceled shows, dating the wrong people and facing the doubters. She worked hard to rise above the challenges and make it big in the industry.

Growing up, Rebel Wilson was a very shy girl. She grew up in a family of six. She started building her personality and eventually, she was able to stay composed and do what she loved doing.

She transformed her personality by participating in debate clubs. Sometimes, her family members makes jokes about how she is not funny.

She shuts them down by asking them the number of professional comedies they have done. In high school, she was helped to get out of her cocoon by her teacher who helped her to get into a ‘Tournament of Minds’, an Aussie creative competition. The competition contributed to what she is today immensely.

Rebel Wilson attended University of New South Wales and Australian Theatre for Young People. She started garnering fame when was featured in SBS comedy series The Wedge. She started going places when she wrote, produced and starred in Bogan Pride.

She was awarded the Tropfest best actress for featuring in Bargain. At the beginning of her career, she also made a guest appearance in City Homicide. She moved to the United States where she has been building her career ever since.

Wilson is glad she is living at an age when women can pursue their dreams and be single and awesome at the same time. She pity’s women who get married at a young age and get children failing to fulfill their dreams. Rebel Wilson worked hard to become a household name.

At first, Rebel Wilson did not know she was funny. She could get into a stage and people started laughing. She thought that people are laughing at her because she was fat.

She later embraced her size and created a brand out of it. No one could have thought Rebel Wilson could grow up to become a feature film actress cruising around the world. However, she beat the odds and went ahead to be successful in the industry. She is now working on her citizenship in the United States.

Transcending the Entrepreneurship ladder with Luke Lazarus

Pioneering growth and innovation can be an uphill task. Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne based start-up consultant who has gained chunks of experience over the years. The lad has built his career through 20 years of excellent servicing for varying brands and products.


Luke Lazarus earned an executive MBA from Melbourne Business School when he was just 24. He began his career in establishing and selling successful companies. IT took him about 7 years to found and sell four successful entities. He has in the wake of time ventured into start-up consultation, helping new as well as waning businesses get on their feet using his rich experience in entrepreneurship. Luke has been involved in the financial fiber of various companies in vast areas as:


  • Financial Projections


It’s important to align the profitability of a brand with the cash flow it attracts. That way, a business is able to forecast its proceeds while maintaining consistency and transparency. The clarity of a company’s financial projections is what keeps its investors since they have a clear view of future profits.


  • Business Plans


The establishment of every startup is entirely dependent on clear prospects, limitations, and visions. Luke Lazarus states that a clear business plan attracts investors while convincing stakeholders that the startup is worth the resources. Through the years, Luke has been able to point out the core of a brand/product’s winning story.


  • Marketing Strategies


Every business requires a dedicated marketing team to break through the market. Effective strategies to bring the product(s) into the market are even more important. Luke Lazarus brings in the budgets and timelines helping his clients determine the life cycle of the projects at hand.


  • Improvement of Operations


Luke helps his clients assess the progress of their businesses as well as diagnose crucial business impediments. He has succeeded at revolutionizing various startups helping them gain ground for development and growth. In his opinion, prioritizing on a business’ drawbacks allows the company to thrive in new directions while stabilizing its operations.


The Executive’s Typical Day


Luke Lazarus begins his day well before dawn. He prefers to start off with a meditation moment to clear up his head. He then proceeds to prepare a cup of tea, walk his dog, check his emails, and make to-do lists mentally, all simultaneously. An early gym work-out makes a compulsory part on his schedule every day. His discipline trickles down to all his projects, whether short-term or long-term.


What works for Luke


Luke Lazarus believes that aligning a brand/product with its story sets the foundation for every business. To him, telling a great story carries the day in the business realm. Entrepreneurs should establish a market gap, fill it, make it unique, and link it to an emotion or something the target market can relate with. Making a product memorable has always worked for startup companies.


For updates, follow Luke Lazarus on twitter.

Donata Meirelles’ Essential Accessories

With a significant amount of time being involved in the Brazilian fashion world, Donata Meirelles has had somewhat of a part in many of the trends that have swept the nation. This time has included positions with an assortment of notable fashion organizations, with the latest of which being with Vogue Brazil. Most of this impact has been a result of Ms. Meirelles’ profound love of fashion, and a broad measure of knowledge about the industry as a whole. This has also included a keen eye for detail, which has led to her being recognized when it comes to accessorizing.

All through this time, there have been a couple of various fashion items that Ms. Meirelles couldn’t live without. In recent years, one of the more notable things has been Ankle Boots. While this may be a somewhat surprising decision that may not be shared by many others, Donata Meirelles has a few reasons why she’s after falling in love with them. One of the more obvious of these has been the style that they offer. Furthermore, they also offer quite a bit of diversity in colors, textures and even styles. Moreover, she’s noted that they offer an extraordinary level of versatility when it comes to which outfits they can go with. For instance, Ms. Meirelles has noticed that they’ll fit in with Autumn clothes, while adding an extra layer to Spring and Summer dresses.

In any case, she’s remarked that they offer a significant level of comfortability, particularly if you happen to be on your feet throughout the day. With that in mind, they can be stylish, but practical for many people. Because of that, she’s recommended having a few different pairs in your wardrobe to match any style throughout the year.

One of the other fashion items that Ms. Meirelles has begun to look all starry eyed at as of late has been Bucket Bags. While these were at first well known in the mid-90s, they’ve begun becoming to return to popularity in recent years. It’s been noted exactly how stylish they can be with a couple of various outfits, particularly if it’s somewhat formal. With this, Donata Meirelles has noticed that they can likewise be a practical decision as they can be easy to look through and organize. Moreover, Ms. Meirelles has noted that they’re lightweight and little, making them ideal for bearing for broad periods.

Read more: https://about.me/donatameirelles

Matt Badiali Makes an Effort to Change the Lives of the Common Person

Matt Badiali is a knowledgeable investor in the fields of natural resources. He has been serving as a financial expert since 2004 when a friend introduced him to this idea of helping others to make profitable investments. His career life is all about helping the underprivileged in society. He considers the average American investors are some of the people who have been underprivileged for a long time. In the financial sector, many secret organizations have access to information that the average investor does not have. It is these secret organizations that control the prices of commodities and benefit from natural resources investments.

Matt Badiali is a professional in the mining sector and is ready to change this unfortunate scenario by helping Americans with no access to the right investment information. As an experienced investor, he knows all the tricks used by experienced investors to generate wealth from the financial market. The good thing is that he is ready to share this information with the average investors. Going forward, every investor will have an equal opportunity to benefit from the markets. Long gone will be the days that a few people would benefit from certain information that was inaccessible to the majority. In the modern day world, every investor should have access to similar information.

This is the agenda that Matt Badiali is pushing for in natural resources investments. He wants every person to have equal chances of generating wealth from the market. The experience and skills he has today are sufficient to guide thousands of average American investors on what to do in order to attain financial freedom. Matt Badiali is offering advice to average investors because he is a professional with many years of experience in this industry. He holds a bachelor of science in earth science from Penn State University and a master in geology from Florida Atlantic University. With the skills obtained in school and from the field, he’s ready to change the lives of Americans who are willing to follow his advice. He has everything that it takes to build a successful career as an investor in natural resources.

Interview with inventor Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is known for his contributions to the tech industry who was born in Tulle but lived in South Africa as his father worked there. He would choose to attend Witwatersrand University and study both computer science and technology. One of Serge Belamants greatest inventions stands as the chips seen in cards that everyone uses. The interview with Serge Belamant from Inspirery starts with the businessman noting that his ideas have stemmed from his son after countless discussions about today’s social media and what would lead to the creation of his very own company named Zilch, a firm based out in the UK. It might seem pretty obvious, but otherwise, the individual is able to make money through his very own inventions that are of use to people in today’s lifetime. He discusses that he always set out to make products, not for the money, but ones that needed to be made and that were not around quite yet. Serge Belamant reflects that people in the business world should be focused on making products or forming ideas for something that is irreplaceable and essential to people. Like many other entrepreneurs, Belamant states that failures will arise naturally and that they can help anyone learn from their mistakes. According to him, anything worthwhile takes time. He goes on in the interview to admit that he has doubted himself many times, although he believes that happens to everyone at some point in their lives. The individual admits that without taking any risk that no one will ever be successful or achieve anything of great value. The businessman answers a question later in the interview that he does not truly remember who his first customer was, but that is it essential to build relationships with clients through trust and the value of the products. Although there are so many tools to marketing a product, this individual is old school and still believes that getting the word out is the most effective tool for marketing a product, despite all the possibilities with social media. Serge Belamant reflects that the toughest decisions he ever has had to make were sticking to one product and deciding to move on from one. An attribute he credits most to his success is his passion and ability to always learn. In his free time, he enjoys reading and learning new things.

Check out to read full interview of Serge Belamant here: https://ideamensch.com/serge-belamant/


Mark Linzenbold Joins Agera Energy As CFO

Market Linzenbold has become Chief Financial Officer of retail energy giant Agera Enery. The move comes after Mr. Linzenbold had a critical and striking career lately; a large portion of this was in the retail energy industry, with Agera saying this would make him an imperative resource for the new role. In a large portion of the positions that he’s had, Mr. Linzenbold helped the companies to expand at an impressive pace. One of the more notable of these employments was Mark Linzenbold’s time with Direct Energy; with the association, he experienced seven years acting as it’s Vice President of Finance and Business Development. Read more about Agera Energy at crunchbase.com.


While there was a great deal of pressure in the position, Mr. Linzenbold extended Direct Energy’s quality in a wide range of areas. Mr. Linzenbold first got his start in the business with KPMG, where he was a Regional Manager for quite some time. After this, one of the other prominent positions that Mark Linzenbold held was with Strategic Energy. In the organization he served in a few key positions; the most evident of these were as Vice President of Business Planning and Corporate Controller.

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All through the majority of his posts, Mr. Linzenbold has been increasingly well known for an assortment of creative techniques that have ended up driving client acquisition while also helping the company expand in a few new regions. In inviting Mark to the organization, Agera Energy has said that Mark Linzenbold was an extremely capable and competent hire who had a lot of knowledge about the business and industry in general. The retail energy goliath has likewise seen how much experience Mr. Linzenbold had in the areas of of finance, business management and organizational development.


It looks as though the new pairing between Mr. Linzenbold and Agera Energy is set to bring the two parties to new heights over the next while.. Lately, Agera Energy has continued expanding at a steady pace; with the enlisting of Mark Linzenbold, it looks just as this pace is set to improve. With Mr. Linzenbold’s assistance, Agera Energy’s development ought to improve its speed in the following couple of months. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on Twitter.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Reviews Show A Passion For Customer Service

When it comes to many doctors, no matter their niche or specialty, they focus solely on treating a disease, and place very little, if any, emphasis on customer service. This is something that the majority of patients dislike, and which a growing number of medical professionals have been speaking out against. This is because, after all, doctors are treating patients and not just a disease or issue. One of the most prominent of these has been Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. This is because she’s noted that when it comes to plastic surgery, the patient’s needs and care are the most important thing.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has also noted that the treatment itself is also important, but is just one facet of ensuring quality customer service. As such, the majority of Dr. Walden’s reviews have highlighted just how passionate she and her staff are when it comes to providing exemplary service. This is especially true when it comes to the more complicated procedures that may have patients worried, or even scared about. As such, the staff at Dr. Jennifer Walden’s facilities have always insured a layer of transparency when it comes to these procedures. As the majority of her reviews have noted, staff and the doctor herself go to great lengths to ensure that patients understand the procedures that they’ll be undergoing.

This includes the likes of any risks they should be aware of, as well as what kind of recovery time and other facets that patients will need to know. However, that doesn’t mean that Dr. Walden is doing so just for a good review. As she’s noted, communicating properly with patients is what puts them at ease and makes sure that they’re comfortable with the procedure, as well as the actual doctor. Both Dr. Jennifer Walden and other medical professionals have noted that keeping patients comfortable can make for a more satisfying experience for them, as well as for the doctor themselves. Furthermore, by ensuring a positive experience with their patients, plastic surgeons are not only looking after these patients but helping to grow their client-base through positive reviews and more.