Mark Linzenbold Joins Agera Energy As CFO

Market Linzenbold has become Chief Financial Officer of retail energy giant Agera Enery. The move comes after Mr. Linzenbold had a critical and striking career lately; a large portion of this was in the retail energy industry, with Agera saying this would make him an imperative resource for the new role. In a large portion of the positions that he’s had, Mr. Linzenbold helped the companies to expand at an impressive pace. One of the more notable of these employments was Mark Linzenbold’s time with Direct Energy; with the association, he experienced seven years acting as it’s Vice President of Finance and Business Development. Read more about Agera Energy at


While there was a great deal of pressure in the position, Mr. Linzenbold extended Direct Energy’s quality in a wide range of areas. Mr. Linzenbold first got his start in the business with KPMG, where he was a Regional Manager for quite some time. After this, one of the other prominent positions that Mark Linzenbold held was with Strategic Energy. In the organization he served in a few key positions; the most evident of these were as Vice President of Business Planning and Corporate Controller.



All through the majority of his posts, Mr. Linzenbold has been increasingly well known for an assortment of creative techniques that have ended up driving client acquisition while also helping the company expand in a few new regions. In inviting Mark to the organization, Agera Energy has said that Mark Linzenbold was an extremely capable and competent hire who had a lot of knowledge about the business and industry in general. The retail energy goliath has likewise seen how much experience Mr. Linzenbold had in the areas of of finance, business management and organizational development.


It looks as though the new pairing between Mr. Linzenbold and Agera Energy is set to bring the two parties to new heights over the next while.. Lately, Agera Energy has continued expanding at a steady pace; with the enlisting of Mark Linzenbold, it looks just as this pace is set to improve. With Mr. Linzenbold’s assistance, Agera Energy’s development ought to improve its speed in the following couple of months. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on Twitter.

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