Transcending the Entrepreneurship ladder with Luke Lazarus

Pioneering growth and innovation can be an uphill task. Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne based start-up consultant who has gained chunks of experience over the years. The lad has built his career through 20 years of excellent servicing for varying brands and products.


Luke Lazarus earned an executive MBA from Melbourne Business School when he was just 24. He began his career in establishing and selling successful companies. IT took him about 7 years to found and sell four successful entities. He has in the wake of time ventured into start-up consultation, helping new as well as waning businesses get on their feet using his rich experience in entrepreneurship. Luke has been involved in the financial fiber of various companies in vast areas as:


  • Financial Projections


It’s important to align the profitability of a brand with the cash flow it attracts. That way, a business is able to forecast its proceeds while maintaining consistency and transparency. The clarity of a company’s financial projections is what keeps its investors since they have a clear view of future profits.


  • Business Plans


The establishment of every startup is entirely dependent on clear prospects, limitations, and visions. Luke Lazarus states that a clear business plan attracts investors while convincing stakeholders that the startup is worth the resources. Through the years, Luke has been able to point out the core of a brand/product’s winning story.


  • Marketing Strategies


Every business requires a dedicated marketing team to break through the market. Effective strategies to bring the product(s) into the market are even more important. Luke Lazarus brings in the budgets and timelines helping his clients determine the life cycle of the projects at hand.


  • Improvement of Operations


Luke helps his clients assess the progress of their businesses as well as diagnose crucial business impediments. He has succeeded at revolutionizing various startups helping them gain ground for development and growth. In his opinion, prioritizing on a business’ drawbacks allows the company to thrive in new directions while stabilizing its operations.


The Executive’s Typical Day


Luke Lazarus begins his day well before dawn. He prefers to start off with a meditation moment to clear up his head. He then proceeds to prepare a cup of tea, walk his dog, check his emails, and make to-do lists mentally, all simultaneously. An early gym work-out makes a compulsory part on his schedule every day. His discipline trickles down to all his projects, whether short-term or long-term.


What works for Luke


Luke Lazarus believes that aligning a brand/product with its story sets the foundation for every business. To him, telling a great story carries the day in the business realm. Entrepreneurs should establish a market gap, fill it, make it unique, and link it to an emotion or something the target market can relate with. Making a product memorable has always worked for startup companies.


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