Rebel Wilson Proves That Change is Inevitable

Rebel Wilson has proven that the only constant in life is the certainty of change. Following her story from multiple sources, one cannot help the feeling that it is indeed possible to make a u-turn in life and actually make it in life. After all, people do it all the time.

Growing up in urban Australia Rebel Wilson was a shy and timid person. Astonishingly, she is now a household name in Hollywood. It goes without saying a change in an evolving world is inevitable.

Rebel Wilson grew up in a home of like-minded people surrounded by a family of an uncanny sense of humor. She indicates that most of them actually consider themselves funnier than her only difference being none of them has made it to the limelight as she has done. This support network has been indispensable in making her a star.

Wilson shot into the limelight with Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy and has since been on the cast of many more comedy shows. For example, she has been on Bridesmaids (2011) as well. Back home, she speaks of how important it was for her to learn the American accent to be able to pull off her various roles in American productions. This took a lot of hard work, dedication, and concentration.

She explains how she had to watch other shows and repeat their words line after line in order to get it. It worked out fine and she blended in perfectly. In the process, she has earned a lot of fame and fortune breaking into the scene as she did. It is simply inspirational! Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

She has had issues with weight but has come up to the challenge reducing from a number 18 person to a number 17. This obviously has also come at a cost. Since she has been very comfortable with her body she has had to work hard owing to the fact that she is now a very public figure. Dieting and even exercise routines have had to become a norm with her.

Not much is known about her private life but recently speculation since to indicate that she has been seeing someone though the evidence is minimal. It was said that she was seeing producer Micky Gooch Jr after postings of selfies with her boyfriend Gooch Jr. This has now been confirmed to be actually the truth even they have since broken up.

Wilson has been on the face of many periodicals giving interviews about her life. This obviously comes with the superstar status and she is noted for being a very vocal feminist. She believes that whatever a man can do a woman can do better. She’s devoted to this cause.

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Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is the President and CEO of a company called Gulf Coast Western. This company works hard to produce products like oil and gas. They have recently been working to expand their industry farther across the United States. They are using their partners that they have grown pretty strong relationships with to help them expand their industry as far as they can.

Gulf Coast Western was started in 1970 as a family owned business. It originally started out of Texas but quickly grew and can now be found throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado and a few other states. Gulf Coast Western has become one of the biggest gas and oil suppliers found in the United states today. They will not stop there though. They want to continue to grow and hopefully take over all other suppliers.

Matthew Fleeger just recently began running the business and has jumped in head first trying to take over the industry. Fleeger is strongly regarded for his team building, entrepreneurial skills, and many other skills that are going to help him successful run the business and lead them to high grounds. Matthew Fleeger has a degree in Business Adminstration that helps him to understand all sides of the company including finance and marketing.

Gulf Coast Western is only beginning to run their business and with the help of Matthew Fleeger they are going to quickly move up to higher grounds. Matthew Fleeger has big dreams and goals for the company and will not stop until he reaches them. Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are already seeing good success but their success is going to continue to grow for many years to come. You will be seeing a lot more from Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western for a long time in the future. Matthew Fleeger cannot wait to see just where this company is going to take him.

Article Title: Vijay Eswaran and Indian business

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Vijay Eswaran is one of the business people who have grown in the multilevel industry. He is an executive chair of the QI group. He is also famous because of being a writer. Most of his prosper is because of his knowledge in diverse fields which he gained during his career.

Vijay has various positions like being a prosperous businessman, an international speaker, a writer and a worldwide philanthropist. He has recently been classified as the richest man in Asia. His company that he works for, QI Group, is a corporation of firms that developed as sole facilities to the international market and it has operations in over 30 countries. The headquarters of the corporation are based in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur and it has been developing its facilities at a high rate.

He worked in the data engineering industry and later stepped out to establish QNET company. The firm is focused in selling direct network which uses technology ways in marketing business. The company developed to become the biggest direct selling network in a lot of Asian markets. QNET firm has also been able to assist entrepreneurs to grow by providing them with instruments to use in selling directly and to achieve freedom in their fiancés.

The QI companies is the most successful business that Vijay has joined. It has various fields like real estate, world investment and learning. The corporation is aimed in promoting a value centered management and connection marketing. It also donates 10 percent of its profit to philanthropic matters.

The company has encouraged over one million business people internationally and it has been able to give jobs to over 1,500 workers and has encouraged its workers to be their own boss and to be financially free. Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia. He started his working journey by being a taxi driver. He has degrees in accounting and management from London and Chicago.

One of his important strategies is that the world is huge and many people don’t understand that because they don’t focus their time to check it and get its experience. He has written a book by the title Two Minutes from the Abyss. In the book he talks of the fact that a lot of people get to experience life by just getting through the movement of how their thoughts are.

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OSI Industries: Real-World Food Solutions

OSI Industries has a knack for producing some of the best protein-added food products. These food are high in quality, and they’re quite healthy, especially when being compared to other food providers‘ products. This company got its start back in 1909. Back in the day, OSI was known as Otto’s Meat Market, but it went on to become Otto & Sons. From the very start, the business was family-owned and operated in the Chicagoland area. Otto Kolschowski, the founder of OSI, was just one of many German-immigrants that flooded into America during the turn of the 20th century. These German-immigrants made up to a quarter of a city’s population, and some of them worked in the agriculture industry.

OSI Industries went on to build a rock-solid resume as well as went on to build business relationships with popular brands. This includes conducting business with Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King. When cryogenics came into fruition back in the 1960s, companies like OSI greatly benefited. During distribution, the meats could remain as fresh as possible despite the amount of miles that the meats travelled. OSI has always set itself apart by having a make-it-happen mentality. Some of the finest of R&D specialists can be found here, and these individuals are located at each one of the main facilities. What are some of OSI’s benefits? Well, this exclusive food provider can provide:

  • Product Ideation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Concept Development
  • Shelf Life Studies
  • Ingredient Procurement
  • And more

Of course, this short article won’t do OSI Industries any real justice, but you should have a much better ideal of what the company can do. OSI Industries has broken down all barriers in this field, but who knows what the company has instore in the coming years. Learn More.

David Mcdonald Discusses the Triumph of the OSI Group in China

David McDonald OSI Group is one of the senior executives at OSI Industries and Food Solutions. McDonald is OSI’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and one of his primary tasks is steering OSI into greener pastures. OSI is a renowned and respected player in the food processing industry, and it has been partnering with numerous international brands around the world while developing a variety of food products. The primary goal of OSI since its inception has been to deliver an assortment of healthy food products to its clients around the world. Industry experts claim that OSI is not only one of the most successful firms in America, but it is also amongst the few American brands that perform well in the foreign market.

China is one of the countries in which the OSI Group is experiencing sustainable and tremendous growth despite the notion that the country’s policies aren’t welcoming to foreign businesses. It is no surprise that OSI is experiencing tremendous success in China, David McDonald OSI Group believes that the OSI’s ability to blend and become one with the local community is the catalyst behind the firm’s success. After finding its way into the Chinese market, the OSI Group embarked on a mission to enter into various partnerships with local business enterprises, investors, and communities.

David McDonald OSI Group can testify that succeeding in a foreign market can be challenging due to numerous factors, and this is the reason why firms should stick to or remain true to their principles. Some of the reasons why OSI is succeeding in China is its ability to deliver quality products, understanding the Chinese culture, and values. It should be noted that OSI’s success in China did not come easy or overnight as it took the firm 20 years to cultivate its relationship with the locals of China. David McDonald OSI Group says that the Chinese people have learned to trust OSI to listed to their needs while providing products that fit an individual’s tastes and preferences. The OSI Group recently completed the construction of a mega facility in China. Market capitalists and financial experts believe that the completion of the mega-facility is a major success especially when you factor China’s unwelcoming foreign business policies.

Riot Games Work Culture

Riot Games is an online platform that was developed by Marc Merill and Brandon Beck in the year 2007. Over the last few years, the company has grown to become a great success story that is used by people from around the globe. Riot Games is known for making games that focus on the players and their interactions as opposed to the game itself. The League of the Legends is one of their games that is most played in the world. Riot Games is especially known for their exceptional work culture.

The work synergy and teamwork at the organization are outstanding. This is because Riot Games has brewed up a culture of inclusion and diversity which creates a great atmosphere for working. Employees are encouraged to work together and learn how to co-exist despite the many differences that exist between one another. This haven allows all the individuals to share their ideas and thoughts without feeling discriminated or looked down upon.

Riot Games is also diverse because it employs people from all walks of life. The company does not employ people based on their gender, sex or religious denominations. One’s creativity and skills are what is judged when it comes to employment. The organization also does not tolerate any kind of discrimination towards anyone’s lifestyle or choices. Therefore, any acts of sexism, racism and homophobic acts are highly frowned upon. Riot Games can be termed as one of the most diverse places when it comes to staff members and employees. All employees are happy working in the organization. Learn More.


Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: Life As An Entrepreneur

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As an investor, it is good to follow your passion. There are many risks involved; nevertheless, succeeding is all that matters. To succeed, you may need a business plan since it will also guide you as a startup entrepreneur. Additionally, the experience that you gain will also be significant. It is also good to seek some assistance in the form of advice from business moguls such as Richard Liu Qiangdong.

About Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu is an entrepreneur who has garnered a lot of experience in the e-commerce industry. He has been in the business for more than a decade. His overall journey as an investor has lasted for more than two decades. Liu Qiangdong was also honored to address the people who had attended the 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. As the meeting went on, Liu Qiangdong talked about his life as an entrepreneur and how he managed to launch Jingdong.

com has played an instrumental role in shaping the e-commerce sector in China. The Forbes Magazine has also recognized Richard Liu as a billionaire. He is worth $11 billion. As an entrepreneur, Richard Liu realized that the sale of computers would be a viable business. He went ahead to set up a retail center in Beijing, and by 2003, the business had grown profoundly. With 12 physical stores, Richard Liu was making a good amount of money. Since challenges are a part of business, he had to close down all the stores in 2004. People had been subjected to quarantine because there was a SARS outbreak. Without human resources, the business could not progress.

In 1998, he had also thought about launching an online retail store, but he eventually opted to launch physical stores. Since the other business had crumbled down because of the outbreak, Liu Qiangdong went ahead to start Jingdong. The name of the company was inspired by the last letter of his name and that of his wife. When intertwined, both names generate the name Jingdong. The logistics were cheaper to run in the e-commerce sector. Furthermore, Jingdong gained popularity for the sale of original products. The company would always evaluate each item to ensure that they are not selling counterfeit products.

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Article Title: What Technology Means For The Brick-And-Mortar Retail Establishment

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Retail establishments take a lot of planning. This means that they take planning from the ground up, including how the business is laid out and how it’s being built from every aspect. Technology is now a new and almost guaranteed component of the brick-and-mortar retail establishment. Although the online retailer is winning big, does it help physical storefronts?

There are some interesting components of this including supply chain and how it works, as well as smart consumption. Technology is helpful for brick-and-mortar establishments in that it can help identify buyer behavior, foot traffic, and what items shoppers consistently purchase. This is when technology makes it easier for retailers to identify key opportunities for growth.

While e-commerce is growing, it currently only accounts for about ten percent of the retail market share. is China’s largest online retailer, and they are good at developing strong relationships with offline partners.

There are numerous benefits that both Jingdong has noted for their online marketplace and physical store locations. The delivery of numerous items is not only becoming more popular, but it is also big news that is making their technology available to other retailers.

As an online retailer, they have become so big, that they control more than 90% percent of the logistics in China. This includes the online sale of products, the technology behind the entire process, and the results of transactions.

Smart consumption is the first thing that a retailer wants to look at when reports are processed. One of the primary reasons they offer this to other retailers is that they see that customer retention has become an issue for larger retail operations. If the customer service is lacking due to growth, the retailer should realize that there is cause to step back and focus more on being customer-centric.

Smart consumption and supply chain aren’t the only factors. The use of AI is also now a more important component than in times past. This helps a retailer realize the lowest acquisition cost for a customer, as well as predicting the outcome.

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Article Title: Papa John’s Resuscitation by Steve Ritchie

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Papa John’s has its prominence for being a top pizza company in the world. Lately, the public’s trust has frayed since the insensitive language, and racial slurs came to light. However, the company’s senior management has come out to right this, a wise move on their part. Through a letter to the customers from the CEO, Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s has laid out a roadmap of how they are planning to reclaim their position at the helm of pizza companies in the world.


Steve Ritchie has been at Papa John’s for a little over two decades and is saddened by the insensitive language and derogatory terms. He insists that the remarks are not from Papa John’s but solely that of an individual. Furthermore, Papa John’s takes a harsh stand against racism and the use of insensitive language by any of its employees. He continues to say that Papa John’s is a company of the community, with over a hundred and twenty thousand employees; people who live among them and work hard every day to make a living.

In the company’s efforts to move towards inclusivity and cultural diversity, Steve Ritchie has stated a number of actions to be taken. He will personally oversee their completion with hopes that with the raft of changes, they may gain the lost trust. It will take time, but he and the company are prepared.

Actions to Be Taken

An audit of the company’s inclusivity, acceptance of different cultures and its promotion of diversity is to be carried out by external experts. This will enable the management to have a clear picture of their current state.

Feedback from employees and customers is to be collected by members of the senior management and officials at all their outlets. Transparency with the public will be the main focus for accountability to be emphasized.

Why the Apology Was A Good One

It was heartfelt and showed empathy. It was wise for it distanced Papa John’s from the derogatory terms and reminded their customers that it was their company too. The CEO outlined measures to be taken to prevent future similar mistakes and gave his word in a promise to see them through.

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