Article Title: Papa John’s Resuscitation by Steve Ritchie

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Papa John’s has its prominence for being a top pizza company in the world. Lately, the public’s trust has frayed since the insensitive language, and racial slurs came to light. However, the company’s senior management has come out to right this, a wise move on their part. Through a letter to the customers from the CEO, Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s has laid out a roadmap of how they are planning to reclaim their position at the helm of pizza companies in the world.


Steve Ritchie has been at Papa John’s for a little over two decades and is saddened by the insensitive language and derogatory terms. He insists that the remarks are not from Papa John’s but solely that of an individual. Furthermore, Papa John’s takes a harsh stand against racism and the use of insensitive language by any of its employees. He continues to say that Papa John’s is a company of the community, with over a hundred and twenty thousand employees; people who live among them and work hard every day to make a living.

In the company’s efforts to move towards inclusivity and cultural diversity, Steve Ritchie has stated a number of actions to be taken. He will personally oversee their completion with hopes that with the raft of changes, they may gain the lost trust. It will take time, but he and the company are prepared.

Actions to Be Taken

An audit of the company’s inclusivity, acceptance of different cultures and its promotion of diversity is to be carried out by external experts. This will enable the management to have a clear picture of their current state.

Feedback from employees and customers is to be collected by members of the senior management and officials at all their outlets. Transparency with the public will be the main focus for accountability to be emphasized.

Why the Apology Was A Good One

It was heartfelt and showed empathy. It was wise for it distanced Papa John’s from the derogatory terms and reminded their customers that it was their company too. The CEO outlined measures to be taken to prevent future similar mistakes and gave his word in a promise to see them through.

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