Riot Games Work Culture

Riot Games is an online platform that was developed by Marc Merill and Brandon Beck in the year 2007. Over the last few years, the company has grown to become a great success story that is used by people from around the globe. Riot Games is known for making games that focus on the players and their interactions as opposed to the game itself. The League of the Legends is one of their games that is most played in the world. Riot Games is especially known for their exceptional work culture.

The work synergy and teamwork at the organization are outstanding. This is because Riot Games has brewed up a culture of inclusion and diversity which creates a great atmosphere for working. Employees are encouraged to work together and learn how to co-exist despite the many differences that exist between one another. This haven allows all the individuals to share their ideas and thoughts without feeling discriminated or looked down upon.

Riot Games is also diverse because it employs people from all walks of life. The company does not employ people based on their gender, sex or religious denominations. One’s creativity and skills are what is judged when it comes to employment. The organization also does not tolerate any kind of discrimination towards anyone’s lifestyle or choices. Therefore, any acts of sexism, racism and homophobic acts are highly frowned upon. Riot Games can be termed as one of the most diverse places when it comes to staff members and employees. All employees are happy working in the organization. Learn More.


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