Jeff Yastine Understands the Kennedy Accounts

Jeff Yastine is a masterful Banyan Hills Publishing employee who routinely talks about the Kennedy Accounts. The Kennedy Accounts, in a nutshell, focus on assisting investors who are searching for enviable gains. These accounts enable individuals to invest straight into entities with the assistance of DSPP. DSPP is short for “Direct Stock Purchase Plans.” 449 firms at the moment permit the purchase of direct stocks.

Yastine is a respectable journalist who puts a lot of thought into the financial world. Many people all throughout the United States know who he is, too. They know who he is a result of his prior job with The Nightly Business Report. He was an immensely skilled investigation talent there. He was so skilled that he actually even scored a nomination for an Emmy Award. Read more about Jeff Yastine at to know more.

Since Yastine is a tried and tested journalist, he knows all about what it means to be a player in the field. He’s talked to all kinds of professionals throughout his financial journalist journey. He’s talked to people who have a lot of sway in society. He’s talked to people who have the ability to make lasting changes for society, too. Warren Buffett is known for being among the wealthiest individuals in the United States. Jeff Yastine has conversed with Buffett on numerous occasions. He’s conversed with Steve Forbes, too. Forbes has a reputation for monetary knowledge that’s out of this world. Other remarkable people who have been part of conversations with Yastine are both Michael Dell and Herb Kelleher. Dell is the head honcho behind famed Dell Computers. Kelleher is the individual who operates things for Southwest Airlines. These people are both credible Chief Executive Officers. They’re CEOs who have many followers within their industries.

People often have heard of the Kennedy Accounts due to Yastine’s sheer determination and tirelessness. He put together a video clip that concentrated on all things that go into the Kennedy Accounts and what they can do for people these days. It rapidly got people all over America to give their attention. Jeff Yastine clarifies a lot in his clip. He tells people about how John F. Kennedy set the Kennedy Accounts up. The former President had one major objective when he did this. It was to help the United States push ahead just as it did in the past. Kennedy knew that the United States was in trouble while he was first trying to get elected. The nation’s economy was in poor shape.



Risk Taker and Entrepreneur Dr. Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is the Founding Partner at 5AM Venture Management, based in the Boston, MA area as soon as the new year began in 2018.

Four years before, Rocklage had the position of being Managing Partner there, before the venture started in 2013. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

When it comes to the healthcare management industry, he has over 20 years experience leading to the success approval of Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan, which are three U.S. New Drug Applications by the FDA, while also entering six other drug candidates into clinical trials, to have the possibility of the drugs being approved by the FDA.

Dr. Rocklage studied at the University of California, Berkeley receiving his B.S. in chemistry, and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He constantly works with business executives, physicians, scientists, and other entrepreneurs to lead them on the right path to find innovative ideas regarding meeting medical needs, and showing them how their medicine can have a potential of being approved as well.  Read more: Scott Rocklage | Bloomberg and Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase

With the way trends are having a direct impact on the American people today, Dr. Rocklage takes advantage of that fact by learning how to bring new developments to the forefront in the long-run.

Some important factors he has used in his career that has been key, is the understanding that measured risk-taking is involved if you want become successful as an entrepreneur, and by having the most qualified candidates at your place of business is crucial to the character, and well-being of the company.

Rocklage has invented, and co-invented over 30 U.S. patents, making him a major success in the healthcare management field.

Paul Mampilly Says Amazon Could Ruin Your Health Stocks

There’s no doubt that many prescription drugs have been overpriced and work has to be done to make them more affordable to consumers, but Paul Mampilly says there could be serious consequences coming to the stock market if Amazon’s new plan to disrupt the pharmaceutical markets comes to fruition. The way prescription drugs reach the pharmacy store shelves involves a lot of stops in the distribution chain from the pharmaceutical labs and testing up till they reach stores like CVS and Rite Aid. But Amazon has been going to work already by targeting these healthcare stocks and seeking to bring transparency to the distribution process. They’re also teaming up with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway to usher in a new healthcare market system that cuts out the middleman. This may be a great deal for consumers, but Mampilly said it’s likely to hurt stockholders. He warns his followers that when they see stock prices dropping, they should not buy them because they’re unlikely to rise back up. For more updates, Like the Page on Facebook.

Paul Mampilly is a writer for finance information website Banyan Hill, and readers who want to know more about his investment insights can find out about them in his newsletters known as “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum.” He was actually a professional investment advisor for many years prior to becoming a writer and holds a bachelor’s in finance from Montclair State University. Mampilly served as a portfolio advisor at Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust and ING. He became a hedge fund director at Kinetics International Fund in 2006 and during his years at the firm, the AUM grew from $6 billion to $25 billion. Mampilly also won the Templeton Foundation’s competition in 2009 for growing a $50 million investment to $88 million. Learn more on crunchbase about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly was featured on business television networks while he was a Wall Street advisor, but in 2012 he suddenly left Wall Street and for a few years nobody knew what had happened to him. He revealed that he had retired because he had made enough money by then to do so, and he wanted to work on his own time while still getting to spend time with his family. But he was also able to help people that most big banks and hedge funds have left out, and within just months of publishing his first letter he picked up over 60,000 subscribers. Mampilly’s newsletters are popular not only because of the portfolio growth his followers have reported, but also because the financial information is easy to understand. Visit:


Social Media Is Important To Michael Hagele And His Work

There are different strategies that a person will use to help their business take off and to keep clients coming to them for help. Michael Hagele is someone who uses social media to get in touch with those who might choose to use his services. He believes that social media can be helpful in the world today when it comes to making connections and keeping communication open. He is careful in the way that he uses social media, though, so that he does not overdo it and post too much.

Michael Hagele provides general counsel to companies that are in need of his services, but he does not focus only on his work. He knows the importance of taking a break from all that he is doing and getting a little time to clear his head. He likes to spend time exercising and getting away from his job. He believes that physical activity can help to keep the mind sharp, and he takes time to exercise even when he is busy.

There are different things that can push a person to work hard at the job that they have and to do well with it. Michael Hagele is someone who worked at a car wash in the winter in Chicago. He experienced the pain of having hands that were cold and numb. That job pushed him on to do better things and work a better job. He had the incentive that he needed to work toward his educational goals because of that job and all of the experiences that he had while working it. Learn more about Michael Hagele on Crunchbase.

When Michael Hagele has an idea, he works on that idea until he brings it into being. He is not someone who gives up easily. He will fight for the ideas that he has until he makes them into realities. He believes in the power of tenacity, and he is not someone who will just give up because things are hard. Michael Hagele makes his ideas into realities by fighting for them no matter what and by pushing them forward until they work out for him.

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Why Your Kids Need Rocketship Education

Education has always been lacking when it concerns public school systems around the country. This is an unfortunate truth especially for inner-city schools and low-income areas. If your child’s education is lacking but you do not have the money or means to send them to a private school, your next option is known as a charter school. Charter schools are funded by the public, so they are not going to cost you or your family a single penny. Once your child is put into the program, they can get the education they have always needed without the problems that often come with public school systems that they might have gone to in the past.

A great charter school that thousands of kids have and are using is known as Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is powered by both parents and the teachers, so you’ll finally get to have a say in the way your child is educated. Plus, it won’t cost you a thing because it is free to the public. Even if you are not low-income and you’re in an area where a Rocketship Education facility is located, you can make use of the online programs that they have made available for all types of kids.

There is a reason a lot of parents are choosing Rocketship Education and finding it to be a wonderful choice for their kids and their futures. You do not need to worry that your kids are not getting an education that they deserve just because you live in a low-income area with bad schools. Rocketship Education changes this for both parents and their children, since they employ only the best teachers and utilize only the greatest programs that are ideal for kids of all ages and educational needs. Now that you’re aware of the program known as Rocketship Education and its facilities, it is just a matter of sending your kids to one of these schools and seeing that it is going to help them get a better education and make way for a brighter future that is far better than any public school.

Introducing Kevin Seawright, A Highly Skilled Financial Professional

Kevin Seawright is a highly skilled financial professional who is also a successful businessman. He has accomplished a lot throughout his life and a number of media outlets have featured him. To learn more about Mr. Seawright, feel free to read the rest of this article.

Companies Created

Seawright is the founder of a company called RPS Solutions LLC. His company is a firm that offers services such as asset management and development, as well as governmental contracting, sale of assets and acquisition. Under his leadership, the company has grown to become a major success and its outlook is promising.

Major Accomplishments

Kevin Seawright has accomplished great things in both his personal and professional life. For instance, he graduated from Almeda University with both a master’s and bachelor’s degree. In his work life, he played a role in helping save the Commission on Aging and Retirement in Baltimore over $100,000. He did this by working on a new accounting system.

Media Outlets That Have Featured Him

In the past. Kevin Seawright appeared on Larry Young Morning Show. He went on the show to discuss a project he was working on with his company. He discussed what his company’s goals were.

Social Media

The businessman has a presence on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. He isn’t that active on some of the social media sites he belongs to, but he has and still does, share content relevant to his business. If you follow him on social media, then you’ll be kept up-to-date with what he is doing and what his company has been up to.

Mr. Seawright is very active in the daily operations of RPS Solutions LLC. If you want to learn more about Mr. Seawright or learn more about his company, then feel free to visit RPS Solutions LLC’s website.



Banyan Hill Publishing Editor Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up on the eastern shores of Maryland. He later migrated to South Africa when he was still young and graduated with a postgraduate economics and history degree from the University of Cape Town. For 25 years, he worked in South Africa as an executive in the nonprofit area, specifically as a fund manager involved with low-cost housing projects. One of his many projects includes the Slum Dwellers International, which has ended up helping more than 14 million people in 35 different states.

Mr. Bauman has appeared in numerous publications in international journals like the South African press, including Cape Argus, Cape Times, New Internationalist, and many more. He is also a co-author of the book called “Where to Stash Your Cash.” Ted has lived all his life directly assisting people to access important resources that will help them live free, sovereign lives without any governmental greed.

Mr. Ted currently works at Banyan Hill Publishing. His position is that of editor of Alpha Stock Alert and Bauman and Plan B Club. He joined this organization in September 2013. His specialty is international migration, asset protection, issues relating to low-risk investment, and privacy. All his work appears on a weekly basis in the Sovereign Investor Daily newsletter. That same year, he was a full-time writer and researcher and previously worked as an editor for Smart Money Alert. Before this job, he was the director of housing programs at Habitat for Humanity International. This was back in 2008 before traveling to the Caribbean and Latin American. While there, he did research and wrote on various topics that related to international development.

Ted Bauman was a consultant during the 2000s writing and doing extensive research on housing, financing, and urban planning for many clients at the United Nations, European grant agencies, and the government of South Africa.

If there is one thing that excites Mr. Ted Bauman, it is how his readers raise questions about the global economy. Although the western economy has previously dwelled on a corporation economy, the readers have started becoming curious about that strategy. It pleases him to witness people asking questions and looking for solutions that free capital movement brought about.

His greatest regret is failing to have time management skills while he was still young. Ted believes that he could have been able to increase his productivity over the years. This could also have helped him manage time better. He also regrets not familiarizing with the economics basics. Ted always keeps up with the emerging trends to stay informed on important matters, which he recommends to everyone.

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Dr. David Samadi, the Father of Robotic Laparoscopic Prostate Surgeries

The mention of the term prostrate surgeon isn’t complete without the name David Samadi. He is a celebrity surgeon and the Chairman of Urology as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, NY. His compassion over the years has seen him sensitize many on matters of health, even to those who do not have immediate access to health professionals and others who do not receive proper medical care.

Being a Persian Jew in a country fighting to get rid of secularism, David Samadi, together with his brother left Iran when he was 15 for London. With a quest for education, they both studied in London and Belgium before they moved to the US where he finished his high school education at Roslyn in New York.

He is a biochemistry graduate of Stony Brook University and has an M.D from the University’s School of Medicine. He also attended Montefiore Medical Center for postgraduate training and Albert Einstein College of Medicine for proctology among others.

His significant milestone was in 2007 when he made a breakthrough with the advanced robotic technique. The technology features what is referred to as robotic laparoscopic prostate surgeries, a high-end form of treatment with maximum effectiveness in the treatment of prostate cancer.

The result was a novelty in how open surgeries were conducted without damaging the nerve cells responsible for the sex life in patients with prostate cancer. This smart technology, according to Dr. David Samadi, represents a tool that guides and aids surgeons during dissections that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Nevertheless, Dr. David Samadi’s robotic surgery is preferable owing to the less damage it causes and the accelerated recovery periods for the patients.

His focus is not on prostate cancer treatment only. Dr. Samadi is a certified urologist who also deals with patients with bladder and kidney cancer. With his smart technology, he remains on the top list of the best urologists in New York.

Currently, he works at Lenox Hill Hospital apart from being a regular contributor to the Fox News. Recently, together with his team, he launched This is a live TV program aimed at reaching out to the world with information concerning the popular topics related to health. The show seeks to invite other medical professionals to shed light on a subject or impart more knowledge according to their expertise.

He also features experts from all over the world and interviews them with the sole purpose of making the public aware of their health and well-being. The topics tackled include the current trends in the medical industry. The show airs live at 12:30 pm EST every Sunday.

Jed McCaleb: The Multifaceted Developer

One cannot talk about the success of cryptocurrency in bringing decentralization aspect in money without mentioning Jed McCaleb. Jed McCaleb is a programmer with immerse experience in solving problems traditionally assumed to be normal. He was significantly involved in the development of the first exchange of the world most famous cryptocurrency, bitcoin using Mt. Gox where he contributed immensely. This project, however, was not his first project as a programmer. He previously worked on a solo project known as eDonkey where he collaborated with another talented developer known as Sam Yagan.

After the success of eDonkey in 2000, Jed McCaleb was ready for a more significant and a more challenging task. He realized that the financial systems around the world had some significant issues, which slowed down the transfer of funds and eventually slow business. As a developer, he believes in speed and accuracy, and therefore he teamed up with Joyce Kim as a co-founder. The two are determined by combining the financial knowledge with technology and thus solve the issues that slow down the world transfer of funds.

Bitcoin according to Jed McCaleb resolved many financial matters involved in the transfer of value from one person to another. However, the institutional issues between the financial institutions still exist and this according to him had to be solved by creating a financial network. Consequently, Stellar links institutions at a faster rate without compromising security and it is relatively cheap compared to the traditional way. Over the years, however Stellar has been updated to accommodate new ideas and advancement in the financial world such as batch operations and multi-signature support.

His work at Stellar is part of his exciting life as a practical problem solver. He is a believer in Artificial Intelligence as a tool to the next invention that will simplify life significantly. This involvement in Artificial Intelligence and Stellar requires a high level of commitment and dedication. According to him, it all depends on avoiding distractions. A developer, just like any other occupation involves planning and focusing on the essential aspects and ignoring distractions. However, taking calculated risks is vital according to him, and chances open up new opportunities.

Read more on Jed McCaleb by the Reporter Expert

Did AvaTrade Review Find Numerous Ways to Trade for the Broker?

What will a typical Forex broker con job artist consist of? Will they spend a lot of time creating numerous ways to trade Forex? Will they last for more than a decade like AvaTrade?

The GC Report AvaTrade Review found that this Forex broker was upfront, had many intriguing features and was an industry leader. Is AvaTrade a scam? This AvaTrade review found that the answer was “NO.”

Meta Trader 4 Platform

If you want to trade currencies, commodities, indices or stocks at AvaTrade, you can use the Meta Trader4 platform. This is available for mobile trading too. The minimum deposit is $250 and the mini account is available.

Money deposit and withdrawal forms include credit cards, Neteller, PayPal, Union Pay, Webmoney and wire transfer. These are pretty much the norm for the Forex industry.

Cutting Edge Cryptocurrencies

AvaTrade is ahead-of-its-time in many respects. Starting up in 2006, it was one of the early Forex brokers. It rings up $60 billion per month.

While others dithered, AvaTrade added cryptocurrencies to its mix. It includes the top digital coins in the market: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. The brand continues to offer a solid platform for people who want to make money in the binary options field.

If you need help, you can watch webinars. You can even hire an AvaTrade Expert Advisor (EA) for assistance.

Serious Forex Broker

FX Empire is in the business of writing Forex reviews. What would happen to their reputation, if they praised a con artist? It would destroy the good name of FX Empire.

Furthermore, doesn’t FX Empire know the difference between a legitimate and fake Forex broker? Of course it does. Not only has FX Empire praised AvaTrade, but it has presented it with numerous awards from 2013 to 2016. That confirms the legitimacy of AvaTrade.

You might make or lose money on AvaTrade, but that is no different from any other Forex broker. All that AvaTrade does is provide you with an opportunity. What you do with it, is up to you.