How Dr. Johanan Rand`s Aging Therapy Made Easy

How Dr. Johanan Rand`s Aging Therapy Made Easy

Aging in human life is an inevitable process. It comes with its merits and limitations. The benefits are of experience in life, but constraints are of deteriorating in health. Dr. Johanan Rand comes in to help you in aging therapy. However, how did Dr. Johanan Rand manage to get where he is?

At Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York City is where Dr. Johanan Rand attended for training to be one of the top medical practitioners in the field of aging. He then co-founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. In this organization, people that are suffering from age-related conditions are taken care of.

The patients of Dr. Johanan Rand complain of conditions like anxiety, menopause, fatigue, low libido and lack of sleep even depression. Dr. Rand and his team employ regenerative medicine that is customized for each patient. The Dr.`s medical centers offer anti-aging therapies, programs for weight loss and regenerative treatments.

Dr. Johanan Rand explains that hormones play a huge role in the human`s aging process. So, this is the resource that is tapped for his anti-aging therapies. He highlights that everyone has both bad and good hormones. A younger person has more of good hormones, yet the older person has more of harmful hormones. Example of bad hormones are insulin and cortisol – cortisol is stress-related hormone and insulin is a fat storing hormone. Some of the right hormones are like estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and human growth hormone.

Being a doctor, Dr. Johanan understands the physiology of the human body. Now, this sets him apart from others in matters anti-aging. He recommends a package that efficiently helps his clients.

The package includes bioidentical hormones, nutrition, testing, and exercise. Dr. Johanan Rand recommends bioidentical hormones. Synthetic hormones are proven to be unsafe for human use. The Dr increase levels of good hormones – bioidentical ones. The result is an increase in patient’s health. Nutrition is paramount. Dr. Johanan Rand advises a balanced diet for positive benefits of the therapy. The Dr also engages in a proper test to check for allergies, vitamin, and minerals. He lastly advises exercise for his patients to ensure bodies are fit.