Payments Industry – Western Union and PSI Pay

A joint venture between Western Union and PSI Pay has recently been attained. Furthermore, this partnership is an immediate consequence of many highly effective enhancements to the Western Union network. Hence, by having the capability to make full use of Western Union’s exclusive arrangements, clients can take advantage of an easy way to collaborate with tens of thousands of Western Union sites which happen to be present all over the world.


Moreover, electronic money, or e-money, is understood to be a digitized version of money on a technological apparatus which might then be utilized to pay for items. Therefore, PSI Pay account holders can now make full use of all of these supplemental options designed to furnish them with a useful e-money mechanism. Consequently, these people can presently use the Western Union community to take care of their funds much more effectively. Apart from that, you might also want to bear in mind that the PSI-Pay network provides their clients with a reliable framework to collaborate with.


PSI Pay is safe because the United Kingdom’s government regulates it. Also, this brand new capital transport capability makes it a straightforward endeavor to make use of digital computerized funds in today’s shifting electronic financial environment. As a consequence, you should be mindful that it matters little whether a client requires access to electronic or offline funds.

At the same time, you ought to know that as a result of this latest critical collaboration which will assist both partners, the PSI-Pay business is going to currently have the capability to connect to a brand new group of clients. These latest improvements are incorporating the essential organizational attributes with a plethora of participants. Additionally, as a result of the addition of the Western Union assets to the PSI Pay community, PSI Pay will now be in a position to reveal brand new expansion opportunities.


At the same time, the existing assortment of PSI Pay customers is in a position to take advantage of the Western Union community to render the controlling of their money all the more convenient. This recent collaboration signifies that individuals who possess an ecoAccount wallet nowadays are capable of utilizing the Western Union community to contribute money to their ecoAccount wallet. Due to this fact, you ought to know that this innovative partnership currently allows for a more extensive network of customers to have the ability to discover that this company is in a position to fulfill all of their money management needs.

Stansberry Research Highlights Dan Ferris’ Investment Recommendations

Stansberry Research highlighted Dan Ferris’ recommendations about Walmart’s stocks. In February, Walmart’s shares fell to about 10% after giving out its report on earnings for the fourth-quarter. The cause of the fall was said to be due to the decline in online sales and insubstantial forecast for the upcoming year – based on a report by Bloomberg.


Walmart’s stock shares dropped in the span of two years following an unsatisfactory forecast of its annual profit report that generated uncertainties of its ability to keep at par with in its online sales.


Being one of the largest retailers, Walmart was expected to earn $4.75 to $5 per share during the year, other items not included, in contrast to the average estimation of Wall Street which is $5.13. While the sales of Walmart for the previous quarter rose above the estimated projections, the outcome showed a decrease in orders online.


Incidentally, Walmart’s share went as low as 9.5% in the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday February 20, 2018, the largest drop in day trading ever since October 2015. The anxiety over the situation went on as reports came in on Wednesday (February 21, 2018) that Walmart’s Head of the e-commerce division, Marc Lore, was going to leave the organization. Lore on the other hand said that the rumors were not true; however, the shares still dropped another 3% at that time. Hence, the total decline of Walmart’s stock shares was 13% as the week ended.


Dan Ferris, the Editor of Extreme Value, recommended in October 2006 that investors can safely invest their money to double profits or more for the next couple of years. He formally ended his recommendation in February 2015 because he is certain that the stocks will not continue to rise much higher at the same double digit price they have just attained. And he was correct. Since after concluding his recommendation, the shares of Walmart fell from an all-time high to more or less 35%.


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