Digital Finance: PSI Pay and Other Emerging Forms of Electronic Money

With the advent of the marine trade in the ancient market, the number of different types of currencies in circulation was challenging as transactions grew unreliable and frequent. The process of transferring these currencies resulted in difficulties and increase of the counterfeit cash.


The origins of the current banking models grew out of the merchants looking to solve these difficulties. Through a rudimentary technique of exchange and currency trade, merchants and pawnbrokers came up with cashless payment techniques derived from credit. Here are the emerging forms of electronic money in the digital finance world.


Modern Banks


These financial institutions have been characterized as operating within a risk management business. As most individuals entrust their assets and earnings to banks, they secure the property and the funds at interest rates that are beneficial to private individuals while simultaneously providing loans to other clients with an interest rate.


According to financial institutions, currency is grouped into three main categories of various intrinsic values. Commodity cash comprises of the services and goods, as well as other precious stones and metals like diamonds and gold. The representative cash includes bank notes that verify the ownership of various commodities that have been kept in the bank. The fiat money represents the cash that individuals in the current or the modern world use.




Crowdfunding institutions such as Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and Kickstarter circumvent third parties or customers by facilitating various transactions from many people to single entities with an as-yet-funded project. The projects range from video games and movies and entire start-up enterprises to an individual’s bereavement and medical funds. This technology is about the power of individuals to invest in the ideas they believe in while reducing the loss or damages they would encounter in the event of the unfolded projects.




Most of the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin exist basically as codes that no government or bank controls or creates. Essentially, Bitcoin and the other forms of cryptocurrencies function like speculative investments. The blockchain is a network by which various cryptocurrencies operate a faster Transactive platform for facilitating transactions. A record or ledger of each transaction is stored across a massive system of computers.


Also, there are other modern payment technologies such as PayPal and E-money services like the PSI Pay that provide the most secure transaction means of accessing money or funds in a centralized computer system. PSI Pay offers digital payment services to individuals and firms across the world.

The online payment industry

In the current world of business, various businesses are accepting their customers to make their payments online. This method provides many major advantages to both the clients and the sellers. Clients progressively expect this service and it could expand their cash flow considerably. Clients frequently use the internet for a faster and consistent facility. The payments are mostly made using the debit or credit cards. For the service to be successful, businesses need to open a merchant account and make special arrangements with their customers on how to pay for goods.


Buyers only need to open such accounts and enable their cards to pay using the service. The method is simple and faster since one only need to swipe the card and a certain amount is deducted in the card. A recent survey by main UK banks shows that people are concerned about this method of payment due to identity theft.


Due to the fear of identity theft, PSI Pay has designed special security features to avoid such thefts. They are safe and very reliable and they guarantee maximum security and protection for both businesses and the clients. They assist in combining analysis to enable safe transactional to prevent online fraud.


Additionally, the PSI Pay enables verification of account identity and the account holders by using third-party data brokers. The company has employed people with the high qualification in risk protections and data analyst. These risk experts and data analyst are devoted to analyzing and scrutinizing suspicious behavior and financial trades. This is done with the intention of minimizing exposure to fraud and theft when using online services.


The online payment industry helps in saying goodbye to digging deep in wallets to look for the remaining coins to pay for something. In the current world, coins and notes are being overtaken and outdated due to the excessive use of cards to pay goods and services online. Churches in England have even gone to an extent of following the same trend by asking their congregation to contribute their donations through electronic terminals. This would mean the usage of coins and notes as currency is ending.


PSI Pay is a principal member of MasterCard, where they have been allowed to provide contactless PayPass programs, debit, prepaid and virtual cards to people and organizations around the world. They have been able to provide MasterCard facilities directly all over the European Union for the last 10 years. The company is empowering its partners to offer the same services.


PSI Pay’s Move towards a World of No Cash

PSI Pay’s Move towards a World of No Cash


With the constant changes in the business world, the use of cash will soon become a thing of the past. This is evident with the rapidly growing population of shops that have shifted from using cash to credit cards especially in Britain. This will be boosted by the information that PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables passed across recently that they were going to release a contactless payment ring. This will bring a lot of changes to the global market since many doing away with cash in the market are a great achievement. This will also increase the quality of products since paying for services or goods using contactless payment will do away favors that people used to get for a product with less quality.


Description of Contactless Payment


Contactless payment is a form of payment where one pays for goods and services using credit cards, debit or smart cards instead of paying cash. This is the new way in a business that has been brought by PSI-Pay Company which has collaborated with Kerv to bring this change into the international market. Kerv which has partnered with PSI Pay to bring contactless payment into the world of business designs the rings that are used for paying goods and services. The rings have been designed in twelve sizes and they also exist in various fashions in accordance with gender. The rings are also designed in a way that they can easily be damaged even when they come in contact with water.


PSI Payment Company and Kerry have collaborated in marketing their idea in order to influence the world to migrate from the use of cash era to an era where you are able to pay for goods and services using contactless payment. According to PSI Payment using contactless payment is easy to use and also fast since all you are needed to use is to tap the card or ring to terminal known as point-of-sale. The company also pointed out that this form of payment is safe because it protects the buyers from making any illegal payments. The process is also to use for anybody since it does not need the use of a PIN or a signature. Another important fact to note about this form of payment is that there is a limit that one can use per day. Once you have reached your limit you will be required to wait until after 24 hours before you can conduct another payment. However, this is not a problem since you can increase your limit depending on the bank you are using.


Payments Industry – Western Union and PSI Pay

A joint venture between Western Union and PSI Pay has recently been attained. Furthermore, this partnership is an immediate consequence of many highly effective enhancements to the Western Union network. Hence, by having the capability to make full use of Western Union’s exclusive arrangements, clients can take advantage of an easy way to collaborate with tens of thousands of Western Union sites which happen to be present all over the world.


Moreover, electronic money, or e-money, is understood to be a digitized version of money on a technological apparatus which might then be utilized to pay for items. Therefore, PSI Pay account holders can now make full use of all of these supplemental options designed to furnish them with a useful e-money mechanism. Consequently, these people can presently use the Western Union community to take care of their funds much more effectively. Apart from that, you might also want to bear in mind that the PSI-Pay network provides their clients with a reliable framework to collaborate with.


PSI Pay is safe because the United Kingdom’s government regulates it. Also, this brand new capital transport capability makes it a straightforward endeavor to make use of digital computerized funds in today’s shifting electronic financial environment. As a consequence, you should be mindful that it matters little whether a client requires access to electronic or offline funds.

At the same time, you ought to know that as a result of this latest critical collaboration which will assist both partners, the PSI-Pay business is going to currently have the capability to connect to a brand new group of clients. These latest improvements are incorporating the essential organizational attributes with a plethora of participants. Additionally, as a result of the addition of the Western Union assets to the PSI Pay community, PSI Pay will now be in a position to reveal brand new expansion opportunities.


At the same time, the existing assortment of PSI Pay customers is in a position to take advantage of the Western Union community to render the controlling of their money all the more convenient. This recent collaboration signifies that individuals who possess an ecoAccount wallet nowadays are capable of utilizing the Western Union community to contribute money to their ecoAccount wallet. Due to this fact, you ought to know that this innovative partnership currently allows for a more extensive network of customers to have the ability to discover that this company is in a position to fulfill all of their money management needs.

Igor Cornelsen’s Success Story in Investment Banking

Mr Igor Cornelsen joined the Federal University of Parana back in1965. The Curitiba native studied both economics and engineering at the institution. His academic background prepared the way for an illustrious career that would follow.

Banking career

He began his journey in the banking sector shortly after completing his studies in 1970. Four years later Multibanco recognized his exceptional skills and gave him a place in their board. In 1976, he became the CEO of the investment bank. His fast rising career showed no signs of slowing down.

The first real setback came in 1978 when the Bank of America took over operations in Multibanco. Igor Cornelsen chose to walk away and Unibanco brought him on board. The uncontrolled inflation rate cut short his stay at Unibanco. He would later move to Libra Bank PLC in the mid 1980s. A door opened in the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and he walked right through it. He represented Brazil while serving on the board.

After serving them for seven years, he opted to start an investment firm. He counted on his vast experience to make a difference in the lives of many. He did not have an easy time but at no point did he think of downing his tools.

His investment decisions are informed by the state of economy of well established nations. Most of the information he depends on is sourced from Reuters. He believes that they offer bias-free information that guarantees good returns for anyone who puts it to good use.

Word of advice

Aspiring entrepreneurs should pay less attention to opinion makers according to Igor Cornelsen. Global trends are more likely to provide an answer rather than market players’ opinions. He insists that decisions based on facts are able to stand the test of time.

He further explains than any entrepreneur should be wary of a conservative approach to business. He embraced this once and had a rough time as a result. The Brazilian failed to capitalise on his assets back in 2007.