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Vijay Eswaran is one of the business people who have grown in the multilevel industry. He is an executive chair of the QI group. He is also famous because of being a writer. Most of his prosper is because of his knowledge in diverse fields which he gained during his career.

Vijay has various positions like being a prosperous businessman, an international speaker, a writer and a worldwide philanthropist. He has recently been classified as the richest man in Asia. His company that he works for, QI Group, is a corporation of firms that developed as sole facilities to the international market and it has operations in over 30 countries. The headquarters of the corporation are based in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur and it has been developing its facilities at a high rate.

He worked in the data engineering industry and later stepped out to establish QNET company. The firm is focused in selling direct network which uses technology ways in marketing business. The company developed to become the biggest direct selling network in a lot of Asian markets. QNET firm has also been able to assist entrepreneurs to grow by providing them with instruments to use in selling directly and to achieve freedom in their fiancés.

The QI companies is the most successful business that Vijay has joined. It has various fields like real estate, world investment and learning. The corporation is aimed in promoting a value centered management and connection marketing. It also donates 10 percent of its profit to philanthropic matters.

The company has encouraged over one million business people internationally and it has been able to give jobs to over 1,500 workers and has encouraged its workers to be their own boss and to be financially free. Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia. He started his working journey by being a taxi driver. He has degrees in accounting and management from London and Chicago.

One of his important strategies is that the world is huge and many people don’t understand that because they don’t focus their time to check it and get its experience. He has written a book by the title Two Minutes from the Abyss. In the book he talks of the fact that a lot of people get to experience life by just getting through the movement of how their thoughts are.

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OSI Industries: Real-World Food Solutions

OSI Industries has a knack for producing some of the best protein-added food products. These food are high in quality, and they’re quite healthy, especially when being compared to other food providers‘ products. This company got its start back in 1909. Back in the day, OSI was known as Otto’s Meat Market, but it went on to become Otto & Sons. From the very start, the business was family-owned and operated in the Chicagoland area. Otto Kolschowski, the founder of OSI, was just one of many German-immigrants that flooded into America during the turn of the 20th century. These German-immigrants made up to a quarter of a city’s population, and some of them worked in the agriculture industry.

OSI Industries went on to build a rock-solid resume as well as went on to build business relationships with popular brands. This includes conducting business with Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King. When cryogenics came into fruition back in the 1960s, companies like OSI greatly benefited. During distribution, the meats could remain as fresh as possible despite the amount of miles that the meats travelled. OSI has always set itself apart by having a make-it-happen mentality. Some of the finest of R&D specialists can be found here, and these individuals are located at each one of the main facilities. What are some of OSI’s benefits? Well, this exclusive food provider can provide:

  • Product Ideation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Concept Development
  • Shelf Life Studies
  • Ingredient Procurement
  • And more

Of course, this short article won’t do OSI Industries any real justice, but you should have a much better ideal of what the company can do. OSI Industries has broken down all barriers in this field, but who knows what the company has instore in the coming years. Learn More.

Riot Games Work Culture

Riot Games is an online platform that was developed by Marc Merill and Brandon Beck in the year 2007. Over the last few years, the company has grown to become a great success story that is used by people from around the globe. Riot Games is known for making games that focus on the players and their interactions as opposed to the game itself. The League of the Legends is one of their games that is most played in the world. Riot Games is especially known for their exceptional work culture.

The work synergy and teamwork at the organization are outstanding. This is because Riot Games has brewed up a culture of inclusion and diversity which creates a great atmosphere for working. Employees are encouraged to work together and learn how to co-exist despite the many differences that exist between one another. This haven allows all the individuals to share their ideas and thoughts without feeling discriminated or looked down upon.

Riot Games is also diverse because it employs people from all walks of life. The company does not employ people based on their gender, sex or religious denominations. One’s creativity and skills are what is judged when it comes to employment. The organization also does not tolerate any kind of discrimination towards anyone’s lifestyle or choices. Therefore, any acts of sexism, racism and homophobic acts are highly frowned upon. Riot Games can be termed as one of the most diverse places when it comes to staff members and employees. All employees are happy working in the organization. Learn More.


Matt Badiali Makes an Effort to Change the Lives of the Common Person

Matt Badiali is a knowledgeable investor in the fields of natural resources. He has been serving as a financial expert since 2004 when a friend introduced him to this idea of helping others to make profitable investments. His career life is all about helping the underprivileged in society. He considers the average American investors are some of the people who have been underprivileged for a long time. In the financial sector, many secret organizations have access to information that the average investor does not have. It is these secret organizations that control the prices of commodities and benefit from natural resources investments.

Matt Badiali is a professional in the mining sector and is ready to change this unfortunate scenario by helping Americans with no access to the right investment information. As an experienced investor, he knows all the tricks used by experienced investors to generate wealth from the financial market. The good thing is that he is ready to share this information with the average investors. Going forward, every investor will have an equal opportunity to benefit from the markets. Long gone will be the days that a few people would benefit from certain information that was inaccessible to the majority. In the modern day world, every investor should have access to similar information.

This is the agenda that Matt Badiali is pushing for in natural resources investments. He wants every person to have equal chances of generating wealth from the market. The experience and skills he has today are sufficient to guide thousands of average American investors on what to do in order to attain financial freedom. Matt Badiali is offering advice to average investors because he is a professional with many years of experience in this industry. He holds a bachelor of science in earth science from Penn State University and a master in geology from Florida Atlantic University. With the skills obtained in school and from the field, he’s ready to change the lives of Americans who are willing to follow his advice. He has everything that it takes to build a successful career as an investor in natural resources.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Reviews Show A Passion For Customer Service

When it comes to many doctors, no matter their niche or specialty, they focus solely on treating a disease, and place very little, if any, emphasis on customer service. This is something that the majority of patients dislike, and which a growing number of medical professionals have been speaking out against. This is because, after all, doctors are treating patients and not just a disease or issue. One of the most prominent of these has been Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. This is because she’s noted that when it comes to plastic surgery, the patient’s needs and care are the most important thing.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has also noted that the treatment itself is also important, but is just one facet of ensuring quality customer service. As such, the majority of Dr. Walden’s reviews have highlighted just how passionate she and her staff are when it comes to providing exemplary service. This is especially true when it comes to the more complicated procedures that may have patients worried, or even scared about. As such, the staff at Dr. Jennifer Walden’s facilities have always insured a layer of transparency when it comes to these procedures. As the majority of her reviews have noted, staff and the doctor herself go to great lengths to ensure that patients understand the procedures that they’ll be undergoing.

This includes the likes of any risks they should be aware of, as well as what kind of recovery time and other facets that patients will need to know. However, that doesn’t mean that Dr. Walden is doing so just for a good review. As she’s noted, communicating properly with patients is what puts them at ease and makes sure that they’re comfortable with the procedure, as well as the actual doctor. Both Dr. Jennifer Walden and other medical professionals have noted that keeping patients comfortable can make for a more satisfying experience for them, as well as for the doctor themselves. Furthermore, by ensuring a positive experience with their patients, plastic surgeons are not only looking after these patients but helping to grow their client-base through positive reviews and more.

Krishen Iyer’s Innovate Marketing Campaign Creation Process

In the modern world, the are jobs that most individuals would have never considered even a decade ago. Krishen Iyer finds himself as a partner with Managed Benefits, a company that brings together small businesses with the massive marketing campaigns seen all over the internet. This is a job that requires a precise level of detail and understanding of the world around us. Krishen Iyer has the perfect personality to ensure each of his projects uniquely fit the requests of the clients at hand. In a interview with Ideamensch, he expands on how this job is the perfect for him.

Managed Benefits is a company that applies 21st century techniques to help companies in brand new modern ways. They take all the data and compose a marketing campaign for any client seeking their services. The company will go above and beyond to ensure each client is satisfied with the final product before heading the consumer base. Krishen Iyer has greatly improved his communication skills in this position. The best marketing campaigns are only brought to life after intense discussion between his team and the client themselves. This link has more insights about marketing By considering all viewpoints, they reach a solution that will not only better target their demographic but also one that can potentially attract new consumers.

Krishen Iyer spends each both in his office, and out doing consumer relation work. He begins each day by adjusting his schedule for maximum efficiency. Client interfacing, technical development, in addition to marketing, it requires his full attention when he performs those tasks. A failed campaign is not something he and the client can afford. He works hard to stay up to date with the newest trends, and how that can be applied to his present jobs. The ever increasing amount of data makes it easier to connect with a specific for a business to sell their strong points.

In the modern world, having strong communication skills and a curious nature are some of the strongest traits to have. It allows an individual to be adaptable, and adjust to the specific needs of the task while challenging present norms.

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Isabel Dos Santos, a Voice for the Empowerment of the African Woman


Isabel Dos Santos, daughter to former Angolan president, Eduardo Dos Santos is one of Africa’s most prominent female business personalities. As a prolific investor, Isabel is considered as Africa’s wealthiest businesswoman and one of the most influential women leaders. Her net worth is estimated at $ 3.5 billion according to Forbes.


Isabel Dos Santos is a born entrepreneur. She first ventured into business at a tender age of 24, when she established a restaurant business in Luanda Island. The facility, which she named Miami Beach, was the first of its kind. Luanda Island had never experienced a night club and a restaurant before, a testimony that Isabel Dos Santos is an exceptionally gifted businesswoman.

From a humble beginning as an investor, Isabel focused on much more expansive ventures, not just in Luanda Islands, but also in other parts of the world. Today, she is a major shareholder and a board member of a number of leading companies in Portugal and Angola. Some of the companies she has invested in include Portugal-based Banco BPI and ZON Multimedia.


As a leader, Isabel Dos Santos is an influential voice, especially on the economic development of Africa. Her numerous messages of hope and encouragement have inspired and motivated many young people in Africa to realize their potential. Most of her messages are focused on the African women, who have been placed at a disadvantage by a gender biased society.

Many young women in Angola and the rest of Africa look up to Isabel as a role model. On her part, Isabel believes in the economic empowerment of women as a key driver of economic development in Africa. Isabel has frequently aired her views and messages concerning the empowerment of the African woman in a number of high-profile conferences around the world.

At a United Nations debate in New York, Isabel Dos Santos expressed her confidence in Africa’s ability to emerge as an entrepreneurship hub. However, she expressed her concern that most African cultures are still discriminatory against women. This culture has deprived the African economy of valuable contribution from women, who are the pillars of society.

As a way of putting an end to the discrimination of women, Dos Santos made a clarion call for all stakeholders to join hands with her in support of women. She advocates for equal education opportunities, equal access to employment, and a change of attitude as important ways of empowering the African woman.

Find out more about Dos Santos at

Nitin Khanna The Startup Flipper

Nitin Khanna is a successful entrepreneur and Indian American. He received a bachelor degree from the Lawrence School Sanawar and he attended Purdue University and received a master’s degree in industrial engineering. Nitin Khanna is currently the founder and CEO of Merger Tech. He also co-founded a company called Saber Corp in 1998 which he later sold in 2007 for 420 Million to a company called EDS. Nitin Khanna business partner is his brother Karan. Merger Tech is an investment bank that caters to startups and small businesses who want to sell their company for less than a hundred million or who need Capital to grow their company. See Nitin’s profile here

Nitin Khanna’s company Merger Tech did not start out as his own business initially. It was actually a part of another company called Martin Wolf Securities and just recently branched off and became its own separate business. Since Merger Tech has branched out on its own the company has been very successful completing 10 deals so far. The goal of Merger Tech is to raise enough capital to start its own private equity fund. Nitin Khanna’s brother Karan thinks that they have cornered a market that is a niche market but can be very profitable. The Brothers think this business model is a niche because the profit and investment margin is small enough that big investment banks will not try and compete with them.

Merger Tech is a unique company in that it has created a market and is leading in that same market. Nitin Khanna and his company have solved problems for startups and small businesses bye purchasing them if the owner wants to sell, investing in the early, and also by providing capital for them to grow. This business model does have risk involved but with this risk also comes big rewards as well.

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GreenSky Credit Owns Nothing Physical While Turning Huge Profits

It’s important to own nothing if you want to be a billionaire. You don’t want your company to be mired by inventory, depreciation, loss or damages. You want to make money while owning nothing physical that can wear down, break, be stolen or lost. It’s a difficult idea that has been mastered by David Zalik and his company GreenSky Credit.

Humble Beginnings

You can read about David Zalik’s incredible story on Wikipedia or in Forbes Magazine. The guy never technically graduated from high school or college because he was advanced to Auburn University at the age of 14. At Auburn, he built computers from scratch and sold them to students. He rolled those profits into other companies before coming up with his GreenSky Credit idea that had him dropping out of college.

Ridiculously Simple

David Zalik’s GreenSky Credit idea connects homeowners to contractors for home improvements. It is a smartphone app that homeowners can use to procure a loan for home improvements which fuels more work for contractors. The app only approves those with great FICO credit scores. GreenSky Credit then takes these loan applications to a bank.

The bank funds the loan which means they take on all responsibility for the loan. In exchange for the loan, GreenSky Credit receives 1% of the spreadsheet annually. Contractors also cut the Fintech company 6% of each loan amount.

GreenSky Credit Own Nothing Physical

The Fintech company makes a ton of profit without any liability or ownership. The only thing that the company owns is the transaction itself. The bank owns the loan and all of its responsibilities while the contractors own all the inventory. After all, home improvements need to be performed with tools and supplies.

David Zalik has amassed a $2.5 billion fortune while owning nothing but a smartphone app. He’s the ultimate American middleman and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you want to make $1 billion just look at what this math prodigy has done in the world of financial tech. He owns nothing but profits off everything.

OSI Industries: Increasing Global Reach

OSI Industries: Increasing Global Reach

For the last five years, OSI Industries has been focusing primarily on the local and also foreign expansion. Likewise, since 1970, when Sheldon Lavin joined this firm, he has been fueling and directing the initial establishments and the developing global reach of the company. Some of the OSI’s recent acquisitions and purchases that will promote its reach and operations entail the following.

The Baho Food Acquisition

Baho Food Company manufactures snack foods and deli meats. Its food products are supplied in the Germany and Netherlands food services industries. The OSI industries acquired the Baho food plant to expand their services provisions, particularly in the Netherlands. This acquisition will also position OSI strategically to grow its services in the better part of Europe as Baho Food Company has various plant located in different countries within this continent. Baho has five strong subsidiaries, which are located in Germany and the Netherlands and it is operational in more than 18 countries in Europe. This way, the OSI group will be able to address the evolving needs of their clients within Europe promptly.

The Chicago Expansion

The Chicago expansion features the acquisition of the Tyson Food plant. This plant has an extensive floor space that is more than 200,000 square feet and many rooms, which will help to boost the production process for the North America clients. The acquisition of this plant will enable the OSI industries to address its growing needs in this region more effectively. Although Tyson Food plant was initially designed to handle the manufacture of poultry products, OSI firm is confident that they will be able to manufacture various products in this facility.

The Spain Expansion

The Spain expansion has established an additional production plant for OSI industries in Toledo, Spain. This move is aimed at boosting the poultry output in Spain, which is one of the major markets for poultry products. Prior to this acquisition, OSI poultry production was approximately 12,000 tons every year. However, after the new addition, this firm is now able to produce more than 24,000 tons annually. The Toledo plant has also undergone latest improvements to boost it receiving and refrigeration capabilities.