OSI Industries: Operating In The Food Industry Through Strategic Plans

OSI Industries is a food processing organization that is based in the United States but operates more than fifty facilities in seventeen countries. The organization operates through sustainable policies and responsible measures that help it to offer quality services to its customers. One of the standout aspects of the company is its leadership that has propelled the organization into greater heights. The leadership of the firm has enabled it to expand from its headquarters in Iowa to other parts of the world. It is important to record that organizations need much resources, knowledge, and skills so that they can be able to expand and offer quality products to their customers.

Having the capacity to expand to various regions around the world such as Europe and Asia is a testament that the entity has excellent leadership that is visionary and objective enough. The resilience of OSI Industries means that the organization is competing with other food processing companies in their home turf. Taking the operations of the company to Europe and Asia is one of the most respectable aspects as it shows that the company was able to formulate a plan that would enable it to go and compete with others food processing entities.

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What made the OSI Industries take the world by storm is its ability to secure the contract of supplying food products to be consumed by the participants of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The company was able to offer more than 113 tons of eggs and poultry among other products that were consumed during the event. The best thing is that no one person complained about the products. This means that all the food products provided offered by the organization were healthy enough and prepared with the purpose of meeting the needs of the consumer. Providing health food products was a standout performance as supplying large quantities of food is a risky strategy that could lead to severe diseases.

OSI Industries is proving to be a reliable organization by going further to invest in China, which is a country with a different culture to the one in the United States. The ability of the organization to accept cultural changes from different geographical regions around the world is something that the company has received accolades for. Recent trends indicate that the firm will be going all china after establishing eight factories while other two more facilities are on the horizon. The company has the intentions of becoming the largest poultry producer in the Asian country.

Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is an incredible firm founded out Connecticut, which has transformed the globe of financial solutions for thousands of different individuals. The primary objective of the firm is to help where they can. When they help people, they train themselves to be the top competitor in the globe of financial solutions. Anybody willing to be assisted with debt problems will contact them, and they respond with any sort of solution that they need to be supported.


The issue of dealing with debt can be traumatizing, and that is why Southridge Capital is there to help. The debt problem can affect people’s happiness and relationships with other people. The reasons why majorities of partners engage in fights may be as a result of debts. It would be important if such people seek help from Southridge Capital to get benefits from them. For more details visit Bloomberg.


When one makes use of Southridge Capital, one would be very sure to secure his or her future and prevent unnecessary problems that may come along with debts. There are the majority of people making use of the facility, and right now, they are at a better place. Away from helping you get out of debt problems, they charge a small amount for the work they do, which could assist you to get out of the debt to prevent future issues. You can visit southridgeholdingsllc.com



Stephen Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer and the chairperson of the firm. The institution entered into an equity agreement with another company by the name Elite Data Services that is located in Dallas, Texas. In a statement, Stephen Hicks says that they are committed to investing in firms like the Elite Data Services that are offering invention in the industries they are working on.


Southridge is always devoted to assisting its customers to attain their intended objectives. Since 1996, the firm has managed to make a direct investment of around $1.8 billion into development firms worldwide. The company offers specific solutions to the financial problems facing businesses or individuals. They also give a business advisory to help the growth of the business. They are ever committed in their work.



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Jeunesse Global Popular Anti-Aging Products

Even though Jeunesse has not been in business for very long, it has been incredibly popular among its fans since it was first established in September of 2009. When it was opened, its founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis came out of retirement just so that they could establish a business that would allow them to share their skin care products with the world. With a primary focus on providing skin care products that are designed to help their customers with making improvements to their appearance and helping to erase the signs of aging, Jeunesse is a popular choice with people from all over the world. In fact, the company actually ships its products to 88 different markets all over the globe.

Jeunesse offers a variety of anti-aging products. Its Luminesce line is designed to help people achieve the radiant, beautiful and youthful skin that they have always wanted, and it helps with fine lines, wrinkles, pores and more. The products in this line were designed and formulated by a dermatologist, and the formulas are all designed to provide hydration for dry skin.

The line includes various products that customers can use alone or in conjunction with one another to get the results that they are looking for. Products include a youth restoring cleanser, a daily moisturizer, a serum, an advanced night repair cream, a skin brightener, a couple of different masks and even a product that is designed to be used on the body. For those who are looking for a new skin care line that is more affordable than what is sold in many drugstores but that provides flawless results very quickly, the Luminesce line from Jeunesse is a great choice.

Additionally, those who are looking for even more for their skin can find what they are looking for from Jeunesse. From Instantly Ageless, which provides almost instant short-term results to a line of cosmetics that have recently been announced by Jeunesse, there is a little something for everyone who is interested in skin care and who feels that they might be showing signs of aging that they would like to combat.