L’Oréal Holds The Second Annual Fashion and Beauty Show; Nicolas Krafft in Attendance

The L’Oréal Paris’s second annual fashion and beauty show was held on September the 30th. The event took place on a floating catwalk on river Seine in the French capital city. The event showed off the season’s new entrant alongside providing an opportunity for L’Oréal Paris to emphasize on its ongoing commitment to ensure the industry continues to be more accessible. The fashion and beauty show was open to the public and was graced by many top names in the fashion and beauty, such as Nicolas Krafft, Vice President of Global Business Development as well as the silver screen.

Diversity in women

The diversity in women’s beauty begged everyone to notice. This year’s event featured celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Louise Bourgoin and also Elle Fanning, who walked for this brand. Creativity and diversity also took center stage. With some faces being linked to the French capital and others from outside like actor Nikolaj Coster Waldai of the game of Thrones, Marie Bochet, the Paralympic ski champion as well as the new L’Oréal Paris’s ambassador.

New looks

This event was held during fashion week and was an opportunity to flaunt some of the latest and coveted fashion looks alongside the L’Oréal Paris’s urge to showcase beauty to everyone. Val Garland and Stéphane Lancien, the L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup Artist and Global Hair Artist Stéphane Lancien respectively came up with up to 70 new hairstyles, and also new makeup looks for the event. There were also models from the 13 partners to the event like Isabel Marant, also Sonia Rykiel, was there, not forgetting Balmain who also took to the runway with their latest collections as well as jewelry. More than eight days were used to set up and take down the floating catwalk.

About Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is currently the Pulp Riot international’s general manager. He also has held various other administrative jobs in the past such as being the vice president of Global Business Development in the same company. From June 2011 to December 2013, Mr. Nicolas Krafft was the L’Oréal Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe. From January 2009 to October 2011, he was L’Oréal’s General Manager. He has equally served as the Marketing Director of Asia and the Marketing Director Kerastase for the brand in the past.

Jeunesse Global’s Luminesce helps people shine with youth and beauty

Jeunesse Global has proven to be one of the most surprising come-from-behind success stories to have emerged out of the global health and beauty industry over the last few years. Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has taken on some of the biggest competitors within the health and beauty sector and won. Today, the company that was founded out of the retired Florida couple’s garage is keeping the upper executives of companies like Revlon and Mary Kay awake at night. There is seemingly no end to what Jeunesse Global has been able to accomplish.

One of the most important things that Jeunesse has been able to successfully pull off, especially in its formative years, has been its ability to spot underserved market niches and move in with innovative and effective products that are able to successfully exploit those areas that the biggest names in the industry have overlooked. Examples include the various energy drinks that the company has put out. Jeunesse Global’s Nevo energy drink, for example, takes on the energy drink sector but from a different angle. Nevo is made with 100 percent all-natural ingredients, giving it a fruit-juice-like flavor and a much cleaner energy boost that the likes of Red Bull.

On the beauty front, Jeunesse has created such timeless products as its Luminesce skincare and moisturizer lotion. Luminesce holds its own admirably versus more established moisturizers, performing in the top of its class across most performance metrics. It also competes very nicely on price, as do most Jeunesse products, remaining affordable even for those who don’t have a great deal of extra income to spend on household cosmetic products.

However, it is in the area of anti-aging where Luminesce really shines. Luminesce is made with Jeunesse Global’s secret anti-aging formula, APT-200. Developed by some of the top anti-aging researchers in the world for exclusive use in Jeunesse Global products, APT-200 has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles, blemishes and skin spots as well as preventing any of these from newly forming. It has also been demonstrated to restore a youthful, vital glow to the skin, erasing years off someone’s apparent age.


Doe Deere Introduces Kitty Bundles To Support Cats

Doe Deere, the founder of the cosmetics company Lime Crime loves cats. She has two of her own. Now her company is introducing Kitty Bundles and giving 20% of the proceeds to support the cats a Kitty Bungalow, a Los Angeles based organization that takes in abandoned cats or stray cats. Kitty Bundles rehabilitates the cats, teaches them to interact with people and use a litter box. The cats are then put up for adoption. Learn more: http://blogwebpedia.com/doe-deere-introduces-kitty-bundles-support-cats.html/

Lime Crime produces 100% vegan-based cosmetics that are never tested on animals. It brings joy to the heart of the entire staff to help cats that need a home. The company is offering four Kitty Bundles. They are:

  1. PURR: This contains
  2. MEOW: This bundle has Diamond Crushers Cheap Thrill and Lit
  3. POUNCE: This bundle contains Unicorn Lipsticks Pom Pom and Varsity
  4. Bite: This contains the Velvetines Polly and Fetish


The cosmetics in the Kitty Bundles are the bold, bright colors for which Lime Crime is famous. The Kitty Bundles, which contain lipstick, eyeshadow and other popular products to make women look dazzlingly beautiful, are available for sale through the Lime Crime website.


Founded by Shawn Simmons, The Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats is an idea that developed when Simmons found several cats making their home in her 100-year-old house. Neither neutered nor spayed, the cat regularly had kittens. She began nurturing and caring for them. In 2009 Simmons sought non-profit status and started Kitty Bungalow. A dedicated headmistress, Simmons has a curriculum for the cats to prepare them for loving owners. The cats are never placed in cages, instead they’re rehabilitated through the loving care a trained volunteers. The organization runs on donations.


Doe Deere, the Unicorn Queen, was born in Russian and moved to New York as a youngster. A talented individual, she had careers in fashion design, modeling and music before founding Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008. She started out producing the make-up herself and marketing it on the internet. Her brightly colored make-up quickly became an international sensation.


Now that she has attained her dream of owning a successful company, Doe Deere works with other female entrepreneurs to help them start their own companies. A rebel at heart, Doe Deere choose the name Lime Crime because she love lime green and believes that women not being free to wear wild, vibrantly colored make-up is a crime.

Visit here: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/