Zeco Auriemo: A Brazilian On Fifth Avenue

Real estate developer Zeco Auriemo, of JHSF, a leader in Brazilian real estate has a foot in the Big Apple. JHSF will rebuild a historic building in on of the world’s most luxurious address. The apartments are located in the area of 5th Avenue that borders the east side of Central Park in New York. An apartment on Fifth Avenue is coveted by many people in the world. Influential business leaders live on the Upper East Side where 5th Avenue is located. Fifth Avenue is home to prominent entrepreneurs, lawyers, and advertisers. Now the Brazilian’s have entered the scene, gaining attention: the businessmen José Auriemo Neto and Zeco Auriemo, owners of the Sao Paulo real estate developer JHSF, refer also to (Glamurama.uol.com).

Zeco Auriemo originally studied to graduate as an engineer and joined JHSF in that capacity. Eventually, he became interested in running JHSF and was involved in company projects. At the time JHSF focused solely on shopping malls like Metro Tucuruvi and Metro Santa Cruz, but in early 2000 Zeco Auriemo decided to make a risky move by investing in Parque Cidade Jardim located in the Marginal Pinheiros Region. Parque Cidade Jardim is comprised of residential building’s, commercial buildings, a shopping mall, schools, etc. This risky move indicated a new direction for JHSF, and now the Brazilian real estate developer has set its sight on the Big Apple.

In the heart of Manhattan sits a four-story mansion that was built in 1871 and lost its original facade The Sao Paulo company will transform it into a luxurious 14 story building. JHSF is known in for bringing high luxury buildings to Brazil, and it is expected that it will do the same for the new apartment building. Zeco Auriemo obtained approval from the city to convert the mansion into a fourteen-story apartment building on 5th Avenue.

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