OSI Industries Adds A New Executive Position To Oversee Its Sustainability Strategy

OSI Industries ranks as one of the largest food producers of food products in the industry. The company was founded as a small family-run butcher shop at the turn of the 20th century. It started in Chicago, and OSI has remained loyal to the state of Illinois since 1909. Their international headquarters are located in Aurora. The organization has been the primary beef supplier to the McDonald’s chain since the 1950s when founder Ray Kroc opened his first restaurant. The current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Industries is Mr. Sheldon Lavin, and he has been with the organization since the mid-1970s.

It is through Sheldon’s solid and innovative leadership skills that the company has achieved its current massive global status. OSI Industries stands firm on its commitment to sustainable food production, and it has staunchly faced the challenges that go along with the use of today’s technological advancements in the industry. Sheldon Lavin says that along with the rewards comes the practice of corporate responsibility to develop environment-friendly sustainable methods of production. The organization currently operates manufacturing facilities in excess of 65, and they are located in 17 different countries.

OSI Industries created a position to ensure that their efforts and standards for sustainability are met. Last year, OSI Group LLC announced the appointment of Nicole Johnson-Hoffman to fill the role of Chief Sustainability Officer. Nicole is currently a Senior Vice President in the organization. She serves the company in the global business unit for the McDonald’s chain of restaurants. Nicole will take on her new role in addition to her current responsibilities. OSI Industries is demonstrating its resolve to take the right steps as a global leader. As the organization pursues its sustainability efforts in the US and across the globe, Nicole will oversee the global teams as they follow the strategy set forth by Sheldon Lavin. Click here.


OSI Industries: Operating In The Food Industry Through Strategic Plans

OSI Industries is a food processing organization that is based in the United States but operates more than fifty facilities in seventeen countries. The organization operates through sustainable policies and responsible measures that help it to offer quality services to its customers. One of the standout aspects of the company is its leadership that has propelled the organization into greater heights. The leadership of the firm has enabled it to expand from its headquarters in Iowa to other parts of the world. It is important to record that organizations need much resources, knowledge, and skills so that they can be able to expand and offer quality products to their customers.

Having the capacity to expand to various regions around the world such as Europe and Asia is a testament that the entity has excellent leadership that is visionary and objective enough. The resilience of OSI Industries means that the organization is competing with other food processing companies in their home turf. Taking the operations of the company to Europe and Asia is one of the most respectable aspects as it shows that the company was able to formulate a plan that would enable it to go and compete with others food processing entities.

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What made the OSI Industries take the world by storm is its ability to secure the contract of supplying food products to be consumed by the participants of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The company was able to offer more than 113 tons of eggs and poultry among other products that were consumed during the event. The best thing is that no one person complained about the products. This means that all the food products provided offered by the organization were healthy enough and prepared with the purpose of meeting the needs of the consumer. Providing health food products was a standout performance as supplying large quantities of food is a risky strategy that could lead to severe diseases.

OSI Industries is proving to be a reliable organization by going further to invest in China, which is a country with a different culture to the one in the United States. The ability of the organization to accept cultural changes from different geographical regions around the world is something that the company has received accolades for. Recent trends indicate that the firm will be going all china after establishing eight factories while other two more facilities are on the horizon. The company has the intentions of becoming the largest poultry producer in the Asian country.