Lessons Sweetgreen Can Offer Fast Food Chain Restaurants

Sweetgreen’s co-founders have managed to build and sustain a nationally recognized salad chain and fast food model that has attracted some of the county’s biggest investors including Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud, and Steve Case. Today, many of the country’s restaurant companies admire the success, business model, and direction taken by Sweetgreen.


Sweetgreen has managed to keep all its products fresh, organic, local, and healthy, which has resonated well with diners across all its locations. According to co-CEO Nathaniel Ru, the company aims to feed more customers better food as it expands to more locations across the US.


Apart from Sweetgreen’s food, traditional restaurant chains could learn a lot more from the company’s three co-CEOs namely Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman. This is because the three Georgetown University alumni and classmates use technology in all their restaurants. Today, at least 30 percent of Sweetgreen’s operations are done online through its mobile app or website.


The three co-founders have also implemented new strategies that allow its management to remain close to customers. The company shuts down its corporate office at least five times every year allowing everybody to work in the restaurants. Additionally, Sweetgreen has no central headquarters. Instead, it is managed by three co-CEOs who are bicoastal. It recently opened its Los Angeles offices as part of its planned national expansion.


Nathaniel Ru reiterated that the company does not believe in corporate headquarters; instead, the co-CEOs wanted to decentralize its headcount. The Sweetgreen’s co-founders share a lot of things in common. They all attended Georgetown University, they were classmates who graduated in 2007, they took entrepreneurship classes, and their parents are self-employed businesspeople who happen to be first generation immigrants.


During their last semester on campus, the co-founders identified that the Georgetown area did not have healthy eating options. As a result, they quickly formulated a business plan and opened their first local restaurant after they graduated.


Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru is not only one of Sweetgreen’s co-founders but also an investor. Additionally, he also acts as Sweetgreen’s Co-Chief Executive Officer. Apart from his role at the salad chain, Nathaniel has also invested in four other companies. He attended and graduated from the McDonough School Business at Georgetown University. Nathaniel and his two business partners have managed to build and sustain a national salad chain with 40 locations spread across the country. Today he is based in New York, New York.