Fagali’I Airport Travel Guide

Fagali’I Airport is in Apia, Samoa. We’ve put together a brief travel guide, as well as interesting information about the airport. If you want to find out more about the airport and surrounding area, then continue to read on.

About Fagali’I Airport
The airport’s codes are FGI and NSFI. It’s located in Fagali’i and it’s a public airport. The number to the airport is 61 459 530 795, and people can call the number with any questions about flights, hours of operation and things of that nature.

Fagali’I Airport Brief History
Both the Samoan Government and Polynesian Airlines previously owned the airport. However, 13 years ago the airstrip was de-commissioned due to noise and safety concerns. In 2009, the Fagali’I Airport was reopened by Polynesian Airlines.

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Fagali’I Airport Hotels
There are more than 10 hotels and accommodation in the area of Fagali’I Airport. Some of the hotels in the area include the Tanoa Tusitala hotel, the Insel Fehmarn hotel and Travellers Point hotel. Others include the Talofa Inn, Samoan Outrigger hotel and the Orator Hotel. The price to stay at these hotels depends on a number of factors, but generally speaking, you can easily find a place to stay at that’s near the airport for around $120 per night according to lonelyplanet.com.

Flying To Fagali’I Airport
Booking a flight to Fagali’I Airport is easy because you can do it via most flight finding/booking sites. The chances are you won’t find a direct flight to the airport, unless you are flying from New Zealand, more specifically Auckland. There aren’t many airlines that have a hub at Fagali’I Airport. In fact, only Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways are the only two that operate from the airport.

If you want to visit Apia, then the chances are you’ll take a flight to Fagali’I Airport. Once you arrive at the airport, you can explore the surrounding area and you can stay at any of the places previously mentioned. Just make sure you research flights to the airport and accommodation as far in advance as possible.

Find more about Fagali’I Airport: https://www.world-airport-codes.com/samoa/fagali-i-312.html