The Distinguished Career Of Todd Levine

Todd Levine is an experienced litigator with a law degree, dedication and mentors who helped guide his career in the beginning. His success is partially due to skills not pertaining to the law. He is a musician and began playing the guitar at age ten. He also has skills in science and math. This combination of skills enables him to see different approaches to litigation. Todd Levine sees what others miss and his responses are fast. See more about Levine here

Todd Levine is a partner and founding member for the Miami firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. The firm is predominately litigation, but handles non-litigation and family law as well. There are additional offices in Minneapolis and Boca Raton. Eight professionals founded the firm in 2009, and once worked together at a different firm. They shared a common vision, worked well together and believed it made sense to move their clients and careers to a litigation firm.

The firm began with seventeen lawyers and has expanded to over thirty. The cases and clients are high profile including Alex Rodriguez, the professional baseball player. Although Todd Levine has worked with him, he had no involvement in the divorce case. He represented Edie Laquer the commercial real estate broker and the Laquer Corporate Realty Group. In 2009 he received a judgement for $3.4 million against Africa Israel Properties regarding a property sale agreement. He represented the brokerage again in 2012 and the developer paid the brokerage $905,771 regarding a loan.

In 2016, Todd Levine represented Mayor Orlando Lopez of Sweetwater as part of the Kluger Kaplan team. The dispute was over commissioners approving a budget reliant on the $2 million sale of a property that was not listed. The salaries for the laid off staff members were reinstated excluding the pay for the individuals Mayor Lopez hired. The ruling was Florida law was violated by balancing a budget with the potential sale of land. The appeal is still pending.

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The trick of getting started with mountain biking by Michael Hagele

Mountains biking for so many people they will consider the game being among the list of the extreme sports like the aerial freestyle skiing. “The new golf” it’s what is referred to other people. If the person has the right equipment’s, the mind is positive, and his or her body is physically fit then for mountain biking it can be enjoyable to anyone. According to Michael Hagele who’s is an experienced enthusiast, “For beginners with time they will be able to progress to other high levels and gain more skills in just their pace.”

For beginners to be able to start then, they should start by attending the mountain bike skills camp. The programs that are available will equip a person with the right skills can be found at Mountain West, California, Northern Virginia and the U.S. The other option that is available is staring of the mountain biking with the help of a buddy or two, but he or she must be initiated to have the right skills. Read more about Michael at

The services that Michael Hagele will offer to many technology companies as the outside general counsel is him being the defense, internet and biotechnology industries. The technology companies  he has financed and founded several of them. Over the years of his career path, Hagele has been able to gain the needed skills when it comes to negotiation, closing technologies and drafting and the developments agreements in fields like software, telecommunications, and hardware fields.

Before he started off in his current practice, Michael Hagele offered his services to many venture capital backed internet companies being the general counsel in which he was responsible in the management of legal affairs like the employment issues, intellectual property, planning of the stock option and the corporate governance. Before that, he worked at Silicon Valley offices in the department of licensing and online commerce group. Michael attended the University of California that based in Berkeley where he got his J.D. and in the University of Lowa he attained his B.A.



‘DeepFakes’: A Salacious Approach to Brazilian Elections

Bruno Fagali is an acclaimed Brazilian Attorney who is most notable for his experience in administrative law. As the founding partner of Fagali Advocacy, Bruno Fagali specializes in Legal Compliance and provides consulting and litigation services in the practice areas of Anticorruption Law, Public Law, Parliamentary Law, Advertising Law and Election Law. As a contributor to The Brazilian Institute of Law and Business Ethics Fagali supports the integrity of businesses. He advocates both in the public and private sectors supporting ethical commitments towards research in public policy, integration of multidisciplinary practice areas, and ethical lobbying practices.

Fagail and his partner Lucas Pedroso recaptured the academic project “The spread of true and false news online”, which was originally produced as an academic study from students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Findings of the study demonstrated that on average, during the 2014 presidential elections, more than 1,200 automated profiles were created for the specific purpose of spreading false and manipulative content to the public. In accordance with the recent study, the use of false content has become a much more publicized practice. Unsurprising, the spread of false information to the public through the use of media has been a common practice for decades.

In an attempt to mitigate the harmful effects of false content creation, the Consultative Council on Internet and Elections, was tasked with developing research and studies on electoral rules to uncover the influence of the internet on elections. The council contributes its opinion on the issues submitted by the President of the TSE and formulates and propose strategies to combat the issues faced with an emphasis on improving standards.

Recently, the Consultative Council on Internet and Elections received an assignment from the FBI, led by the Director of Cyber Crimes, Howard Marshall, who shared valuable insight as to the challenges, tools, and recommendations on the Fake News control by Brazilians. According to a report, in 2011 the federal police carried out the first operation to combat false news related to elections in Brazil.

While fake news is a concern, what is even more concerning is the use and creation of so called deepfakes a.k.a. fake videos.

Christened FakeApp is a dangerous program well known for its user-friendly approach, high quality videos, and it’s free to download. The application features crowdsourcing and machine learning making it available to anyone to use and incorporate a self-improving technology.

Despite recent efforts to combat the spread of fake news, no effective policy nor preventative controls have been developed and therefore the harmful effects of deepfakes will soon be identified by the world.

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Professional Attorney Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplice at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates; a particular law office focused on exhorting administration groups, CEOs, organizations and remuneration boards of trustees in corporate administration and official pay matters, particularly those issues emerging in the transformative business occasions setting and also delicate other problems.

The excellence of having done this for right around 20 years is that there aren’t an excessive number of issues that are entirely new and, when new problems emerge, they for the most part rhyme with something we’ve found previously.

Goldstein is the administrator of Mergers and Acquisition Sub-board of trustees of the American Bar Association Business Section. Jeremy Goldstein has worked with the vast majority of full corporate arrangements in the most recent decade. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

He is additionally one of the leading official pay lawyers in the USA. Jeremy holds a J.D. from the New York University, an M.A. furthermore, a B.A. from the University of Chicago and Cornell University individually.

Supplementing his work with the association’s customers, he has a place with the American Bar Association Business Section and goes about as seat of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee. In his practice area, he evaluated highly. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

As of late, it has discovered that enterprises have chosen to quit furnishing representatives with investment opportunities. Jeremy Goldstein, an expert lawyer, asserts this may be because of firms needing to spare cash. He expresses that there a few issues that convince enterprises do not offer investment opportunities. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

One of these issues is that stock esteem may drop and make it relatively inconceivable for representatives to practice their alternatives. Another point introduced is that workers may stress over this remuneration because of a survey it as not genuine cash.

Jeremy Goldstein states that a few partnerships do appreciate the utilization of investment opportunities because of advantages. One specified is an ascent in individual gaining if share esteem rises. This sort of remuneration can at present be desirable over other wages, values, or better protection scope. Why? Since generally necessary, for staff individuals to comprehend investment opportunities.

They give something of the same incentive to all representatives. Investment opportunities lift individual income if a partnership’s offer esteem rises.

Urges representatives to organize the organization’s prosperity at work. Individuals may work harder to fulfill existing clients, draw in alluring customers, or create imaginative administrations when they know their speculation is hanging in the balance.


Social Media Is Important To Michael Hagele And His Work

There are different strategies that a person will use to help their business take off and to keep clients coming to them for help. Michael Hagele is someone who uses social media to get in touch with those who might choose to use his services. He believes that social media can be helpful in the world today when it comes to making connections and keeping communication open. He is careful in the way that he uses social media, though, so that he does not overdo it and post too much.

Michael Hagele provides general counsel to companies that are in need of his services, but he does not focus only on his work. He knows the importance of taking a break from all that he is doing and getting a little time to clear his head. He likes to spend time exercising and getting away from his job. He believes that physical activity can help to keep the mind sharp, and he takes time to exercise even when he is busy.

There are different things that can push a person to work hard at the job that they have and to do well with it. Michael Hagele is someone who worked at a car wash in the winter in Chicago. He experienced the pain of having hands that were cold and numb. That job pushed him on to do better things and work a better job. He had the incentive that he needed to work toward his educational goals because of that job and all of the experiences that he had while working it. Learn more about Michael Hagele on Crunchbase.

When Michael Hagele has an idea, he works on that idea until he brings it into being. He is not someone who gives up easily. He will fight for the ideas that he has until he makes them into realities. He believes in the power of tenacity, and he is not someone who will just give up because things are hard. Michael Hagele makes his ideas into realities by fighting for them no matter what and by pushing them forward until they work out for him.

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In as much as the bottom line for having a company is to make profit, having a sustainable corporate environment is equally important. Stake holders of every business feel more at ease knowing that the company they have invested in is stable and will be able to make them profit years to come. For this to be attained there has to be a balance between the company’s long term goals and short term goals. Most long term goals include the company buying assets and investing in other companies. This ensures that it is able to stand even if the markets are not doing so well. Most short term goals are incentive based. That is, if the company does well, then the investors and the employees stand to gain. Learn more:

The beauty of having incentive based payment structures is that the company’s EPS, earning per share, goes up. The EPS is the determining factor when it comes to investors either buying a particular company’s shares or selling. Therefore, by having an attractive EPS, more people invest in the company. It also enables the company to give its employees very good incentives. Because of the benefits that come with having EPS as a payment structure, many companies over emphasise on it and give little attention to their long term goals. Some CEOs have also tried skewing financial results to have favourable EPS presented to investors.

Financial experts who oppose EPS say that the disadvantage it presents outweighs the advantages it has. Since incentive based financial structures give no room for the investors to judge whether the company is making profit or not, the executives have too much power in this. Only the CEO can say whether they are making profit or not thus giving a lot of room for alterations. Since EPS is based on the market prices, it is too unstable; it changes with the market condition.

Jeremy Goldstein, partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, says the best way forward is not to do away with EPS despite its disadvantages. The best way forward is to find a middle ground between the two. Companies should give equal attention to both their short term and long term goals. This will see them make profit as well as have a sustainable corporate environment. To ensure that the EPS presented in the market is accurate, companies can come up with policies that will help keep the executives accountable to other shareholders.

Jeremy Goldstein is the founding partner at partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He has been involved in some of the largest corporate transactions including the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies and the Dow Chemical Company/Rohm and Haas Company. He has been around long enough to know where most corporate problems begin and how they end in court.