Lee May Brings it in For Nemesis

Lee May is more than just the Senior Partner for Beamridge Ltd. He is a leader for several different young boxers in the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. This relationship is made solid through his spearheading a fund raising effort to keep the organization not only up and running but thriving as well. These funds are the result of a charity run that spans 10 Kilometers.


The purpose behind this endeavor is new transportation for club members. Every amount of support gathered from the event goes to Nemesis. The amount of money needed to procure the mini bus the club needs is not nearly important as the service its people provide to local families in its community. What does hold importance is the network of colleagues who have reached out to help Lee May and Nemesis.


This kind of action is made possible through crowdfunding, which cuts through the red tape of officially being a charity organization before being able to fund a good cause. Having this mini bus allows Nemesis members to compete locally and within European tournaments. The club does more than train athletes, as it helps to make sure that its members develop healthily within an enriched environment. Nemesis ABC is to thank for this structure.


As a long-time boxing fan, this project suites Lee May perfectly. And, he is in good company with supporting parties such as Open Architecture Ltd, Aitch Group and the Keltbray Foundation. But, organizations are the only ones to thank for their support. Everyday good people like Gilbert Anderson and Mark Hoskins deserve a word of recognition as well. It takes a businessman as cool and smooth as Lee May to bring this many people together for something as fun as a support for a youth boxing club.