Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Revolutionize the Healthcare Environment

Dr. Richard Shinto

Dr. Richard Shinto serves as the current President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. He has a strong clinical background and extensive experience in managed healthcare. Dr. Shinto holds a degree in Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Irvine. Later on, he joined the State University of New York to pursue a degree in Medical Practice.Dr. Shinto has worked in many prestigious medical companies. He began his career as an Internist and Pulmonary practitioner in South California. From 1996 to 1997, Dr. Shinto served as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management at MedPartners before leaving for Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer. He also served as the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM, California before making his way up as Aveta’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of experience in operational healthcare and clinical studies.

Penelope Kokkinides

She attended Binghamton University to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. Besides, she holds a degree in Social Work as well as a degree program in Alcohol and Substance Abuse from the University of New York. Kokkinides has specialized in government healthcare programs, Medicare and Medicaid for over 20 years. Her experience in managing health care processes and developing clinical programs has helped her improve InnovaCare’s efficiency.Currently, Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. Previously, she served as InnovaCare’s Vice President of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer before rejoining the company in 2015. Kokkinides served as Centerlight HealthCare’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer before joining InnovaCare. Here, she would oversee the managed care division. While serving at AmeriChoice, a business unit of UnitedHealth Group, Kokkinides initiated the formation of the company’s health model.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is Puerto Rico’s leading provider of managed healthcare services. InnovaCare provides quality healthcare through its two primary avenues of care, Medicaid Program and Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. InnovaCare strives to create sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective healthcare models that are fully integrated with advanced technologies.InnovaCare’s looks forward to redefining healthcare management to meet today’s complex challenges in the healthcare environment. Currently, InnovaCare has over 200,000 members and over 7,500 care providers across North America. InnovaCare and its affiliates strive to build sustainable health care models to enhance quality healthcare services.

Learn More about Rick Shinto :http://www.freemotionhiphop.com/2016/08/30/innovacare-health-ceo-richard-shinto-appoints-s-bhasker-as-chief-information-officer/

Oncotarget Publication Reveals E-Cigarette Health Concerns

Aside from reports of e-cigarettes erupting into fire, and their formaldehyde-laced vapors causing throat irritations, a new report, published in Oncotarget reveals e-cigarettes permanently damage gum tissue. Almost two decades ago, we were led to believe everyone should be celebrating the non-tobacco smoking device, but it’s likely e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as traditional smokes. Several studies, like the published e-cigarette report on Oncotarget are now confirming the hazards.

E-cigarettes Lead To Gum Disease

According to Dr. Irfan Rahman, professor of Environmental Medicine at the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry, the vapors from e-cigarettes stimulate toxins, causing epithelial oral cells to release proteins that result in inflammation, ultimately leading to gum disease on scimagojr.com. Researchers have also found that the various vapor flavorings, like cinnamon, play a significant role in the damage to oral cells. For part of the testing phase, the team of researchers exposed gum tissue from non-smokers to e-cigarette vapors, and within three days, the gum tissue begin to show detrimental effects. See: https://www.dovepress.com/oncotargets-and-therapy-journal

E-cigarette Vapors Compromise Immune System

E-cigarette smoke can also be lethal to respiratory tract cells, and the immune system can become compromised, triggering multi-resistant bacteria and germs, states another study done by John Hopkins School of Public Health on LinkedIn. According to the study, e-cigarette vapors impair the immune system and thus effectively accommodate pathogens such as the bacterium Staphylococcus Aureus to swiftly spread.


Publications By Oncotarget

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