Freedom Pop Offers the Consumer with Many Attractive Price Options with Regard to the Internet

FreedomPop is relative to a specific market. It provides the user with free and economy minded offerings. It is not the Internet service provider for every individual; however, for the person watching his or her budget, it is very ideal. Following are descriptions of the company’s services.


Free cell phone service is offered. This service is comprised of 500 MB or 4G data. The preceding is in addition to two hundred voice minutes. The service also includes unlimited texting. There are no contracts to sign and no relative cancellation costs. The company makes use of the Sprint network.


Some persons believe that 500MB of data is low. This is relative to the individual who generally streams music into their smart phones. The service is best used by persons who are considered light mobile users. This type of individual checks his email and browses his or her Facebook page, while on the move. Once an individual reaches his last one hundred MB of data usage, inside of a month, the company charges $10 atop of the plan. This is automatic so no email is sent.


Increasing data is accomplished in three ways when a user takes advantage of free service:


1—The user can pay .02 per additional MB of data.


2—The user can invite his associates to join the company. For each friend who joins, the user is afforded with ten MB of data, monthly.


3—The user is welcome to complete offers, participate in surveys and download software applications. In doing so, he or she may earn free data from the company.


Cell Phone Services which are Paid Offerings:


The $5 monthly Wi-Fi Call Offering: The plan makes use of connections from over ten million Wi-Fi hotspots, nationwide. These spots provide text, voice and data. The option is ideal for persons living in primary city areas.


The $10.99 monthly Unlimited Plan: The user is able to attain unlimited talk and text time with 500 MB of Data. The user may choose Wi-Fi or use of a cellular network. The first month is free of charge.


The $20 per month option is titled “Unlimited Everything.” Everything inclusive of talk, text and data is unlimited.


Internet Offerings:


A deposit will allow the user to attain a mobile hotspot or MiFi device, wherein, he or she can attain 500MB of data, monthly, free of charge.


Devices range from $39.99 to $129.99. Shipping, per device is $9.99.


Data Plans include:


1—Basic 500MB which is free. It uses 4G with extra data costing .02/MB.


2—Pro offers the user 500MB. This option is $3.99 per month, after one month of free service. It makes use of 3G and 4G.


3—The Premium plan offers the user 2GB. This 3G to 4G offering is $19.99 per month after one month of free service.


Purchasing a Phone Device:


A phone device is attainable from the company. The company provides its user with a wide array of phone, tablet and other mobile device options.

Customer Service is provided by way of the company’s website. Technical difficulties can be addressed by way of phone.

In conclusion: The company offers a true free mobile and Internet experience. The business model is ideal for the budget-conscious individual. There is no commitment to the company, ever.


Notes Regarding the Company:


The company is ideal for the conservative, cost-conscious user. It has been around for several years and has an established reputation. Many persons are pleased with its free services. It is great for individuals who use the Internet for such activities as checking email and posting information on their social-networking sites.


The company is well-known for its no contract setup. It provides the user with the reliable Sprint network. A person wishing to get his or her feet wet, as it applies to making use of the Internet, can do so, when making use of the company’s services. Too: if the user ever wishes to pay for more, in the way of data, the monthly charges are reasonable. In example, the Unlimited Service plan comes in around $20.00, monthly.


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