Desiree Perez – Helped Establish Other Female Music Artists to Reach Success

Desiree Perez, who is the COO of the company Roc Nation, is one of the top influential directors in the industry of music. She is also one of the important people which made the achievement to help establish other female music artists to reach success within the last twenty years. The president of Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, believes that women in music industry need to progress in their professions. Performers like Pink and Kelly Clarkson believe that women in music do not need to progress in their professions because they have been doing it automatically from the start.

They also feel that when people respect and praise the ability and achievements of women, people show individuals of the future that they are like anyone else.The Academy was encouraged that it would make a mission by influencing to look over to target by conquering the open difficulties that hinder female progress in the society of music. Desiree Perez participation helped grow the hashtag movement #MeToo.Mrs. Perez has been the main influence right behind many female performers, like Mariah Carey, who aided the group for Time’s Up.

Desiree Perez helped Live Nation, which is Roc Nation’s equity partner, that authorized a touring relationship with Jay-Z for two hundred million dollars. However, thanks to Desiree Perez, his trip was sponsored by Puma, increasing more profits when he did his Magna Carter Tour.Mrs. Perez has the appeal to help keep the world of industries strong.Desiree Perez is a partner at ROC Nation where she is highly occupied in management, and category actions. She also discussed the Beyonce Formation stadium, while being involved in Samsung’s agreement with Rihanna.