James Dondero and Hippo Adoration

James Dondero is both a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. His life hasn’t been predictable or dull in ages. He does a lot of work all of the time, too. He isn’t only occupied with his jam-packed career, either. That’s because he’s also occupied with matters that involve numerous Dallas, Texas groups. He donated a significant amount to the widely known Dallas Zoo. The zoo got rid of its beloved hippopotamus area back in 2001. An older hippo called “Papa” passed away. The crew who represented the zoo came to the conclusion then that the hippo section was basically pointless. People who lived in and around Dallas were saddened by the turn of events. Despite that, the hippo section stayed shut for close to 20 years. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

People got in contact with the Dallas Zoo and bemoaned the fact that they were no longer able to look at the delightful creatures. James Dondero viewed all of this as it unfolded. It encouraged him to give the Dallas Zoo a total of $1 million. This donation enabled people to feast their eyes on enchanting hippos as they did in the past. The zoo was so grateful that it gave a part of the hippo section a new moniker, too. The moniker is “Highland Capital Management.” That’s also Dondero’s financial services firm’s name. James Dondero is now the reason that the Dallas Zoo features a couple of amazing hippos. These are Boipelo and Adhama. Boipelo is a girl who is 10 years in age. Adhama is a boy who is just six years in age.

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James Dondero is both the President and the Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management. He majored in finance and accounting during his time in college. He was a student at the McIntire School of Commerce. This was a part of the University of Virginia. He got a job in the middle of the eighties with JPMorgan Chase & Company. He after some time landed a position with American Express as well. This was a source of delight for him. He had been serious about working for American Express for a long time. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.