Copa Star: Home, Hotel and Hospital

How would you feel if you were taken to a hospital only to find that it was not exactly your conventional hospital but a combination of a five-star sporting creative artistic designs with picturesque scenery and the best beds you can imagine?

Well, there is one in Brazil South America, and it takes the cake on this one. It has all that and so much more. State-of-the-art equipment and qualified staff will make this a home away from home. It smells like flowers and good food in there. Frankly, you will get better just from the cooking.

The Home Factor

The walls have been adorned with several paintings done by the Japanese painting artist whose name is Yutaka. They just give the hospital/hotel/home the feeling of being in the best hands.

The best thing is that this magnificent place is built next to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Copacabana.

The Food and Environment Is Magical

Don’t you just hate it when you walk into a hospital to be met by the smell of bad food and antiseptic? Well, here, there is nothing like that. You will be treated to fragrances that please the nose. You will experience low dimmed and yellow themed lights that give you the cozy feeling of being home.

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The hotel is rated five stars, so, you can expect to have more than just food here. Its cuisines all the way from chefs who are qualified and they can really cook. The food is designed to make the patients stranger and give them the urge to eat, something that patients lack.

The State-of-the-art Equipment

The Copa Star hospital has invested in exquisite equipment so that you can get the whole package when you come here. You can be assured that they are doing everything that they can do to make sure that you get the best treatment and that you are given all chances of recovery.

Global Aspirations

The method of making hospitals a home where you can heal without having to feel the brunt of the hospital ambiance that makes many people so afraid to visit hospitals, will spread globally now and they are taking us by storm.

Soon, a lot of people will be able to adopt this system and make it happen everywhere. Although it’s a little bit pricey, the offers that you get and the benefits greatly outweigh the cost.

Crème de la crème of Hospitals

Few hospitals in the world can match the level of luxury and comfort that is afforded by this one. That is the reason why those who go here are mostly people of means, and the prices are a bit high. But, the hospital is the best in simple terms.

In Conclusion- These hospitals are a wonder, and they will change the world tremendously.

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Roberto Santiago’s Plan For Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall is planning to implement proven mall ideas in Paraiba, but with a twist. According to the entrepreneur, the mall will focus on building long lasting relationships with its clients. This concept has proven to be successful in many malls. Roberto is certain that their strategy will make Manaira Shopping Mall to be the Jewel of the town.

Manaira Shopping Mall is seeking to concentrate on the idea of leisure and fun. Roberto’s aim is to ensure that the mall is a new source of fun and entertainment in the city. Notably, the city has excellent sunsets, rich cuisine, and beautiful beaches. He hopes that the mall will also attract people into the city.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is not the only mall that is owned and operated by Roberto Santiago in the city. He owns another mall known as Mangabeira Shopping. The entrepreneur hopes to make Manaira Shopping more than just a mall. According to the businessman, the mall will have movie theaters, ballrooms, bowling alleys and food courts. Read more about the mall on

The mall’s cinema is one of the best in the city. It has 11 cinema rooms. Each room has been designed and equipped with the latest equipment. This way, clients can have fun and be entertained. In the movie rooms, there are VIP rooms and 3D rooms. Roberto has used the stadium system, which allows everyone in the cinema hall to enjoy the movies without interruptions. The design allows for the audience to enjoy better views and unparalleled sound quality regardless of their location. Moreover, the sitting arrangement ensures that viewers sitting in the front do not block those at the back nor distract them with their movements. The bar that is located close to the movie hall offers tasty candy, drinks, and gourmet popcorn. People can enjoy their delicacies while watching their favorite films.

Roberto is also bringing the first electronic amusement park to his mall. The park has 1800 square meters of floor space. He says that over 200 gaming machines will be purchased and installed in the amusement park. The equipment will allow gamers and their fans to have unrivaled gaming experience. The wide variety of gaming machines will also ensure that the park serves the gaming needs of all clients, both young and old. In addition, bowling lovers will also enjoy a modern and bold bowling lane, which is electronic.

The mall’s theater will host different live shows on a regular manner. The shows will feature actors, musicians, and comedians. With its large sitting capacity, the mall will have enough room for a large audience. People who are interested in keeping fit will enjoy working out at the gym. Roberto will ensure that every gym instructor employed at the mall is multi-lingual and has adequate experience in physical fitness.

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OSI Group: Food Service at its Finest

OSI Group is a food service company located in Aurora, Illinois. With 20,000 employees and 65 facilities in 17 countries, OSI is a pioneer of fish, pork, and dough products. In 2016, Forbes ranked OSI as the 58th largest private company at a net worth of $6.1 billion. OSI’s presence is felt across the globe; it supplies meat products to famous fast food chains such as Subway, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. In America, OSI’s origin was closely related to McDonalds. The two companies formed a partnership and were one of the first to use cryogenic food processing to maximize the quality of shipping and preservation.

To this day, OSI has been noted for its stellar quality and high standards. Its revolutionary techniques of freezing, storing, and packaging foods have been adopted by other corporations across America. OSI Group is committed to sustainability with an environmental statement that guides all procedures within each factory. In the 21st century, it recognizes the importance of issues such as animal welfare, air emissions, and overall health. Although other similar companies share these principles, production statistics have confirmed that OSI has followed through on their promises to help the environment.

In addition, OSI’s corporate division is widely regarded as professional and well-represented in many aspects. In August, it acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company that specializes in the culinary retail industry. This move was a major step for the economic growth of OSI. By merging with a European powerhouse, OSI is destined for further success in other continents as well. Its CEO, Sheldon Lavin, describes the group as “an entrepreneurial company…but we operate like a family. It was the best way for us to do business.”

By being a massive company with a small-scale attitude toward work ethics and products, OSI has simultaneously impacted both business and customers alike. They have continuously demonstrated that while the raw strength of a company matters, conducting business in a professional manner is just as important. With three time zone offices and a division dedicated to recruitment, OSI is always looking to attract new workers and grow the company into a worldwide powerhouse. In summary, they are a phenomenal company that has state of the art manufacturing facilities. OSI has been, and will continue to be, a leader in America’s food industry.

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