Nitin Khanna The Startup Flipper

Nitin Khanna is a successful entrepreneur and Indian American. He received a bachelor degree from the Lawrence School Sanawar and he attended Purdue University and received a master’s degree in industrial engineering. Nitin Khanna is currently the founder and CEO of Merger Tech. He also co-founded a company called Saber Corp in 1998 which he later sold in 2007 for 420 Million to a company called EDS. Nitin Khanna business partner is his brother Karan. Merger Tech is an investment bank that caters to startups and small businesses who want to sell their company for less than a hundred million or who need Capital to grow their company. See Nitin’s profile here

Nitin Khanna’s company Merger Tech did not start out as his own business initially. It was actually a part of another company called Martin Wolf Securities and just recently branched off and became its own separate business. Since Merger Tech has branched out on its own the company has been very successful completing 10 deals so far. The goal of Merger Tech is to raise enough capital to start its own private equity fund. Nitin Khanna’s brother Karan thinks that they have cornered a market that is a niche market but can be very profitable. The Brothers think this business model is a niche because the profit and investment margin is small enough that big investment banks will not try and compete with them.

Merger Tech is a unique company in that it has created a market and is leading in that same market. Nitin Khanna and his company have solved problems for startups and small businesses bye purchasing them if the owner wants to sell, investing in the early, and also by providing capital for them to grow. This business model does have risk involved but with this risk also comes big rewards as well.

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Eric Pulier – Creator of Many Companies Entrepreneur With Excellent Track Record

A published author and a successful entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has plenty of accomplishments to stack up. He has raised a lot of money in venture capital funds for all of the ventures which he has participated in. Some of the companies for which he has had an impact are a direct result of combinations of the best names in technology. There are also a great deal of investments and other venture capital/charitable contributions.

Eric Pulier is an expert in the field of cloud computing, with over 15 patents to his name. The patents for which he is known represent new virtualization environments aimed at deploying new software. Cloud computing is also a great option for many whom are looking for a much more efficient virtual environment for improving cloud computing capabilities. These innovations make cloud computing more secure, efficient, and scalable.

MediaPlatform is a enterprise web casting solution. More specifically, it is designed to suit the needs of the corporate environment for those individuals whom could benefit from e-learning.

US Interactive (Digital Evolution) is one of his first companies, which came out of a merger between his online agency Digital Evolution and US Interactive. Even before the agency, he began a company in 1991 called People Doing Things which had a very ambitious plan of solving social problems with technology.

As a philanthropist, he has given a great deal of money away. Mr. Pulier also has the additional responsibility of being on the board of the XPrize foundation. The XPRIZE foundation references his companies for which he was the founder/co-founder, including: MediaPlatform and US Interactive. His support of the XPRIZE foundation means that more people have the ability to benefit from the contributions that Mr. Pulier has made to the greater good of society.  Mr. Pulier’s efforts have certainly led to many great innovations in the tech world and beyond.

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